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MISSING June 19th 2015

Biked 25 miles today for total of 25 miles.Woke to overcast skies that never really let loose with rain. In the evening was actually sunny to top off our beautiful day.We decided to go for a bike ride today. We ended up traversing up the Viimsi penisula east of Tallinn. We passed by the incoming ferry and cruise shipyards. Found a Russian monument "Russalka monument" memorializing the sinking of the Russian warship Rusalka, or "Mermaid", which sank en route to Finland in 1893. Later we stopped briefly at a multi-tenanted set of buildings up above the coast - Maarjamae Loss.We then made it to the Singing Revolution grounds. This is a sweeping open huge amphitheater that played an integral part in Estonias departure from the USSR. They basically sang their way to independence.Per Rick Steves, ... read more
Russian memorial to something along sea coast.
WW II Memorial to anti-fascist fighters
WW II Memorial to anti-fascist fighters

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 18th 2015

Spend our first whole day in Tallinn learning about Estonia. All with a background of rain. It mainly rained very lightly, but all day long. Dryed up in the early evening though. We took a walking tour of Tallinn, called the Free Walking Tour, as you pay only what you think they deserve. Mart who led the tour, offered pointed commentary of the current and past political and cultural scene in Estonia. It was an excellent ongoing lecture. It's history is similar to Poland's, has they were(are) situated between stronger more agressive European states. The people had been treated virtually like slaves in some ways. The Germans, Swedes, Danish and of course, worst at least in recent memory , the Russians. The Russians continue to taunt the Estonians. The Estonians are tightly aligned with the European ... read more
Street and wall of Tallinn
Medieval row houses
Street life Tallinn

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 17th 2015

We got up late and had to make a run for our ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. Got To the ferry dock 20 minutes before it left. The ferry is about the same size as the SS Badger (Manitowoc to Ludington ferry), but taller. It has multiple restaurants and things to do. It is a recent vintage ship. As we made our way across the Gulf of Finland you could see the shores of Estonia and Finland. There were several container ships plying the waters around us. We did not get a cabin, but had "deck" seats. It cost us 36 euros a piece for the ferry . Tallinn is an old medieval walled city. The old towne is mainly the walled portion, filled with many good restaurants and of course souvenier shops. It really has ... read more
Pam in ferry ship dining area
Pam about to go up stairway in tower at St Olaf's Cathederal
View from top of tower looking over old towne Tallinn

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki June 16th 2015

Flight was in uneventful from Chicago to Helsinki. Helps when it is direct flight. feeling a bit jet lagged, but wandered around Helsinki. Went down the sea-edge and the Hesinki Lutheran and Finnish Orthodox cathedrals. Had great dinner that included scalloped beets and live music. We are staying a modest studio apartment along a side canal that we rented from Airbnb.... read more
Finnish (Russian) Orthodox Cathederal
Pam with steer
Enjoying a local band with a glass of wine

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago June 15th 2015

Today is Pam's birthday. Had nice lunch downtown and ate some chocolate, otherwise it would have been nice to do something more for scholtz. Dodged rain for most of the day, but when the sun was out it was nice. E are currently waiting for our shuttle to the airport. With all the thunderstorms and a tornado, our flight may be delayed. We will see. Hope to see the Baltic Sea in the 14 hours.... read more
At Millineum Park bean

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago June 14th 2015

Spent another night in Chicago. Successfully attended the Chicago Blues fest, this time. The rain held back. A Willie Dixon tribute band played a lot of old Dixon's tunes. It is amazing how many have been covered by other bands. Also saw some up and coming blues acts. Went to the Polish Museum of America. Very interesting as I am part Polish and traveled to Poland a couple years ago.Had dinner at a neighborhood bar - Rockwell - in Ravenswood Manor. Had a great time with my cousin Ann. Tomorrow at 10:00 pm we leave for Finland.... read more
Flying Hussar
Chicago Blues Fest stage ( Dixon tribute band)
CTA  (Chicago Transit Authority) track

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago June 13th 2015

We will be staying in Chicago for a few days prior to flying Helsinki on June 15 2015. We drove uneventfully to Chicago, except for summer slowing, crawling, stopping summer construction delays as we made our way down the Tollway. We (Pam and I) will be staying with my cousin Ann in Ravenswood Manor neighborhood in Chicago. It is near the Chicago river. It is surprisingly pretty, cleaned up and with several parks. We made an attempt to go to the Chicago Blues fest, but rain altered these plans. Walked around downtown, near the Art Institute - whose lions, whom guard the entrance to the Institute, had Chicago Black Hawk helmets on. The Black Hawks are currently battling Tampa Bay for the Stanley cup. There is a interesting shiny silver horse with a replica of the ... read more
Hockey lion At the Art Institute
Waiting for a train

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Madison June 2nd 2015

A little explanation about our trip. Pam , Bobbie, Gary and Myself - Terry, plan to eventually meet up in Tallinn, Estonia ( capitol of Estonia) for a bicycle trip to the western islands of Estonia. Then to Latvia and ending in Riga (capitol of Latvia). From there we will probably part ways with Bobbie and Gary, and continue on to Lithuania, staying in it's capitol, Vilnius. The temperature is probably going to be cooler than southern Europe, but will have an endless supply of daylight, various types of marine food and interesting sights.... read more

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