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June 27th 2015
Published: June 28th 2015
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Today we biked 40 miles for a total of 300 miles

it was partly sunny with brisk, but not overwhelming wind. Spritzed a little rain on us sporadically. Never truely rained on us.

Left the winery, but discovered Bobbie had a deflated rear tire. Attempted to refill the tire with air, only to find a hole in the valve stem. We quickly changed the tube in the tire. Reinflated the tire and we were on our way. The winery is at the end of a bumpy packed dirt road, leaving we enjoyed the same bumpiness going away.

We hustled down the road, but missed our ferry. Fortunately, they leave every 30-35 minutes. Went from Kuivastu to Virstu uneventfully on the ferry. We cycled down south along the coast and later inland to get to our new home. We road through several national parks and forests.

Had a picnic at a nice bus stop.

Eventually made it to our new home in Kastna baas. It took some negotiating to find, as the first person we spoke its did not good English. The road to our new seaside home was dirt and bumpy again, but ran along the Baltic Sea, very pretty.

Met our new hostesses. This large complex is adjacent to the Baltic Sea in a bay. The shore is mostly small granite and dolomite pieces rounded by the sea, somewhat similar to the Lake Superior shore. We did see a dead gray seal along the shore.

Our dinner made by our hostess, included grilled smoked salmon ( she smoked the salmon for 2 hours earlier today), potatoes, 2 salads and vanilla ice cream with wild fresh strawberries. This was agreed by all, to be one of our better meals.

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Selfie near KastnaSelfie near Kastna
Selfie near Kastna

I know it is upside down, stand on your head.

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