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Europe » Estonia » Parnu June 24th 2017

Youpieeeee : sommes descendus de latitude donc à nouveau la télévision... ca fait du bien quelque part le soir pour se reposer... et s'informer ! Sommes en Suède pour quelques jours puis rejoindre le Danemark... ceci est écrit le 26 juin mais l'Estonie c'était encore début juin... Départ de Riga... nous irons plus loin... et ce sera l'Estonie ! 69èm pays... Nous commençons bien le voyage puisque quelques kilomètres après la frontière nous sommes arrêtés par la police (sans doute frontalière...) - Rassurez-vous... tout va très bien Madame la Marquise et son copain Pollux... Le permis de conduire est bon et les papiers du véhicule sont en ordre... A voir le passage de la frontière, ce ne devait pas être jojo par ici avant que l'Estonie ne rentre dans l'Europe... Nous voici à nouveau dans un ... read more
Nous y voilà...
sur le chemin de l'Estonie

Europe » Estonia » Parnu June 28th 2015

We biked 36 miles today for a total of 336 miles. Today was partly sunny all day. I wore a T shirt, while others wore light biking jackets. No threat of rain. Our best day so far. Near perfect. Good biking weather. We left our hostel in Kastna at 9:30 am, earlier than usual. We had an excellent breakfast prepare by our hard working hostess. As we biked away, the owner's friendly dog followed us down the road for 3 km. We eventually called her and met her half with her dog in tow. Stopped a few churches, mainly Orthodox. Stopped Lindi bog - interesting natural area with sandy bogs with low nutrient need plants, due to the sandy soil draining so quickly. Had lunch at a local bar just we entered Parnu. I will probably ... read more
Flowers are very plentiful in Estonia - they are everywhere
Inside of old Orthodox Church  - this section is called the Iconoclast
Stone Orthodox Church

Europe » Estonia » Parnu June 27th 2015

Today we biked 40 miles for a total of 300 miles it was partly sunny with brisk, but not overwhelming wind. Spritzed a little rain on us sporadically. Never truely rained on us. Left the winery, but discovered Bobbie had a deflated rear tire. Attempted to refill the tire with air, only to find a hole in the valve stem. We quickly changed the tube in the tire. Reinflated the tire and we were on our way. The winery is at the end of a bumpy packed dirt road, leaving we enjoyed the same bumpiness going away. We hustled down the road, but missed our ferry. Fortunately, they leave every 30-35 minutes. Went from Kuivastu to Virstu uneventfully on the ferry. We cycled down south along the coast and later inland to get to our new ... read more
Stork nest on Utility pole
Eurovelo 10 sign - we followed this for most of route
Panoramic of road near Kastna

Europe » Estonia » Parnu August 23rd 2014

Blog for Friday the 22ndAugust That was a serious day of riding. It had everything, super strong winds, heavy rain, bright sunshine, painful legs, and exhausted mind. But although a lot of the day was spent in serious hurt, I still enjoyed the experience (however, I wouldn’t recommend 125 kms on the first day to anyone else). The morning was filled with a tinge of sadness, having to depart and therefore say goodbye to the Esinurm’s who for the last week and a half have been absolutely brilliant. They’ve taken me places that I wouldn’t have seen on my own, paid for meals at restaurants, taken me riding through the beautiful forests surrounding there house (with their two lovely kids) and put me up for free. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have the extended family in ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Parnu August 14th 2014

Parnu Estonia 14 August 2014 We arrived in Parnu in time for lunch. This is a resort seaside city, with a small harbour in the South-Western part of Estonia. We again visited the very helpful Tourist office which is built onto the restored Town Hall. We have some fantastic books on the country which makes it really interesting to look around a new area. This town has lots of restaurants and cafes as well as accommodation. The beech is of clean sand but the water is not very deep at all and we saw people walking a long distance from the shore and still only up to their knees in water. The city is famous for its spas, in addition to its beach and beautiful parks. It is also a popular place for conferences, theatre performances ... read more
Parnu west coast of Estonia (4)
Parnu west coast of Estonia (55)
Parnu west coast of Estonia (5)

Europe » Estonia » Parnu July 7th 2013

It had taken the BBA V2 just over three months to make its way to the northern most point of this adventure and now it was time to start the trek southwards and eventually westwards.Our journey today was a bit short of 200km and will take us down the E67 to a location near the coast just south of Parnu,Estonia's third largest city.The weather remains fine and sunny and after a couple of trips up and down the 5 flights of steps loading the car we walked to the fruit and vegetable market just down the road from the apartment to buy some fresh produce including more strawberries which were absolutely delicious and so sweet.Being Sunday the traffic on the road out of the city heading south was very quiet and we motored smoothly through the ... read more
Produce market near our apartment
The apartment block the flat was located in
Stream on our orienteering trail,Uulu

Europe » Estonia » Parnu July 4th 2012

Was heading south this morning so there was no dawdling and, after packing the suitcase, I went for an early breakfast. After checking out, I loaded my bags on to the bus and, carrying my 5L bottle of water, boarded. By 09h00, the bus was heading across Estonia for Parnu, known as Estonia's Summer Capital. With its leafy streets and pastel-coloured wooden villas, it's easy to see why this proved so popular with it's recent inhabitants - most of whom have returned eastwards! By 11h00, the bus was parked outside the Hotel Parnu and I had several hours in which to view the Red Tower (closed and white), the Tallinn Gate (open and pink) and St. Catherine's Church. I also managed to get to the beach via the Art Nouveau Villa Annende. Lunch was at a ... read more
Tallinn Gate, Parnu

Europe » Estonia » Parnu June 21st 2012

June 21, Parnu's official first day of summer This morning Heli prepared yet another amazing breakfast. (I will have to fast for months when I return home.) This time she had prepared hard boiled eggs, cheese and meat and some special salty local herring from the Baltic sea (we learned that the Baltic has much less salt than the ocean and because of this many of the fish are unique to this area.) We were instructed to eat the herring with our unsalted hard boiled egg. Delicious! I washed all this down with my kefir and coffee and we were out the door for another tour of Parnu. Heli showed us the little house on the sea where she lived as a child with three other families, one bathroom and one room for each of the ... read more
Amazing therapy room with salt on the walls, floors and ceiling
The beautiful Ekaterina Church
The super charged health capsule on left, massage table on right

Europe » Estonia » Parnu June 16th 2012

ESTONIA PART II PARNU Heli picked us up at the Parnu bus station and began our orientation tour of the lovely seaside spa town that she calls home. Parnu is the ancient home of the Estonians. The first humans settled in Parnu between 9000 and 8500BC. Later Parnu, even before Tallinn, played an important role as a member of the wealthy Hanseatic League. This is reflected in the charming old villas and houses decorated with “wooden lace” that are everywhere throughout the city. Today Parnu is best known for its spas and health centers, its white sandy beaches and its beautiful parks. After a quick drive pointing out her old school, the school where she teaches now, the Old Town center and the spas, Heli suggested a coffee at the beautifully restored Art Nouveau Ammende Villa ... read more
Heli with her Estonian dinner featuring the delicious "fur coat" (center of the table)
Overview of Old Parnu at the Parnu Historical Museum
Heli and Lembit's daughter Margrit and grand daughter Kirke

Europe » Estonia » Parnu July 29th 2011

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