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Europe » Spain » Castile & LeΓ³n May 23rd 2017

Good uneventful 250 mile journey today, until, when giving final instructions to the campsite, Margot(The Good Life) the SatNav, decided to take us down a narrow country road, off a roundabout!! Graham had to reverse the caravan out onto the roundabout, with me directing-I think the air was possibly blue inside the car! We're on a lovely, very quiet site, with the aroma of thyme wafting on the gentle breeze. The position of the site is down a road towards a river, with the little towns castle and fort perched on the hillside above. 29 degrees, so having our meal, then taking a walk up to the village as the air cools. A beautiful little overnight stop before Santiago tomorrow.... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro May 22nd 2017

Drove into Haro today to get some photos of the beautiful church, some of the Bodegas and a number of storks nesting, then a shop at the Simply supermarket, where, at the checkout, we discovered we had a large pack of nappies in our trolley!!!! Grahams fault, filling someone else's!!!! Of course!!!! Afternoon spent, sheltering from the 29 degree heat, while packing away awning and other items ready for an early departure tomorrow, heading 250 miles nearer Santiago de Compostella. 31 degrees forecast for next couple of days. Such a shame that the lovely large swimming pool on site is empty!!!!!!! Obviously not warm enough for the Spaniards yet!... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro May 21st 2017

Day 4-Haro. Today, 27 degrees, Pamplona, 82 miles. Walked the famous rout of the bull fiesta-Encierro- where 6 bulls are released each morning to run the cobbled streets of the old town. Graham was most upset that he'd got the date wrong, as he'd planned to push me out in front of the way of getting the weight off I suppose!! sampled a local dish for lunch, lamb Navarra, a lamb casserole.....let's just say, I think the lamb must have been chased all around meat left on it! On journey back to base , stopped at a pretty village, Puenta la Reina, on route to Santiago de Compostela, which has a five arched bridge-several pilgrims were walking the route! Also saw storks nesting on the spires of a church. See photos on Facebook. Last ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro May 20th 2017

Day 3 in Haro. Another lazy morning soaking up the warm sun and in the afternoon, a trip to Santo Domingo de la Calzada , travelling through valleys of vineyards, with towering mountains beyond....and still a little snow on the summits. On to San Milan de la Cogolla, where there's a beautiful monastery nestled in the foothills, surrounded by the most amazing Bodegas, all making and selling their Rioja!!! The buildings and restaurants are definitely a match for the ones in South Africa!! Am still unable to upload my photos and Graham has decided he can't stand the strain of helping me and has left me at the bar on Saturday evening... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro May 19th 2017

Day two. Haro. Lazy start to the day as we decided to put up our new, THIRD awning, in four years......each one chosen is an easier option! There was a quick aborted attempt last night, when after half an hour Graham decided that some vital parts must have been left out and so we wouldn't be able to use it for the whole trip. Fresh start this morning and success......apart from it falling on Grahams head once and him walking into the cross bar twice, before we'd raised it high enough πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This afternoon we visited a lovely old town Vitoria, which has two cathedrals, one from 12 century and the other completed in 1873. We got back to the site to find that our quiet little area has been filled with young Spanish families, here ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro May 18th 2017

After a rocking and rolling crossing up to about 2.30am-while Graham slept peacefully, I eventually slept fairly well. We had a happily uneventfull disembarkation at Bilbao and the satnav didn't let us down. Temperature dropped to 7.5 and rain at one stage as we came through a couple of high mountain ranges.The site where we'll be for our first 5 nights is in Haro, which is a very important wine producing rioja region . There are many beautiful bodegas in the town, all lovely buildings and some decorated with vivid coloured flowers. Glad to report that as we settled down to dinner and wine this evening the sun is out and we can see that there's a lovely mountain range towering up from just beyond the caravan site. A successful first day.....and I made a note ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England May 14th 2017

Three sleeps to go before we set off on our six week adventure around Spain. I'm not a fan of ships/boats, so am hoping the current windy weather will settle by Wednesday and Thursday as we sail through the Bay of Biscay. Graham's lists grow longer each day and most of our equipment is already packed, so really just want to sail away now. Said goodbye to the three grandchildren this morning and are hoping that number four stays snug and does not make an early appearance before we're back. David(Green), have picked up a tip from your latest travels and have the walking poles packed, not just for walking, but also to protect us from any mad dogs we should encounter!!! That's all for today and tomorrow I'm sure we'll be onto list number 4,5,6!!!!! ... read more

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