Fiona Morgan


Fiona Morgan

Retired and loving the chance to travel.
The bucket list is growing and we're having a great time working our way through it!!
The roving and meandering in the caravan in the U.K. and Europe and all other journeys far and wide too.

After an excellent, shorter by one hour, flight with Virgin, we hit the ground running! Hotel in good location close to Fisherman’s Wharf and as only 3.30p.m local time but about 11.30pm uk time, we had to get Out and about, so visited piers 41-44. Very early night, but up at 5.30am. Tuesday 15th. Day of bus touring today!! Complete tour of city and then various hop offs until we went out to Golden Gate Bridge. Transferred to tram to cross bridge and then walked back across it....wonderful views and so glad we did it. Next, bus to Golden Gate Park for tour. We found that we had a personal tour guide as only two on the bus! Another transfer to get back to the Wharf and this bus took us through Chinatown, which they aren’t ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset May 13th 2018

First schoolgirl error. Of course we're travelling through 4 states not continents 😂... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset May 13th 2018

Tomorrow we set off on our next adventure-4 US states in 24 days!! A celebration of our 45th wedding anniversary on 1st September and us both reaching 65!!!!!!!... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro June 30th 2017

Having set our alarm for 7am as a bit concerned about possible road closures due to the procession of the battle of Rioja at Haro, we were rudely awakened at 06.45 by fire crackers and groups gathering around the site all in their white with red kerchiefs and clutching containers of red wine!! Locals as well as the organised groups on trips from U.K. we're heading out of the camp, so we were up and leaving ourselves, by 8.45. It appeared that there were coaches ferrying all taking part in the battle to the area where it takes place......there were going to be some very sore heads that evening as after the battle, the fun would continue all day and evening. We arrived at Bilbao 5 hours before sailing time and I was already nervous as ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro June 28th 2017

Last two days in Haro . Yesterday we drove to a small town Miranda de Ebro, passing through the fields of vines and lower slopes of the mountains. Not many people around.....done know where they all go as it wasn't the weather for hiding in the shuttered homes from the sun, although it eas 26-28 degrees, in between a few real torrential downpours rolling in and out over the mountains. In the evening we walked out to the largest bodegas to take photos of their amazing buildings and to get a different perspective of the town on foot. Today , after very heavy showers late evening, and more promised today, we drove in to town and walked many of the old streets of the town, again realising what a very pretty place it is! The town ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro June 26th 2017

Yesterday we visited Valladolid.....Graham wanted to pay a visit to another of the towns where"Sharpe" is set!! To be honest, it hasn't Got much else going for it!! We wandered the Plazas and took photos of the various ancient churches and watched the Sunday ritual of Spanish families promenading -the ladies in their posh frocks and the children all scrubbed and turned out in their Sunday best!!! I've also noticed the number of sons taking their elderly mothers out for coffee or lunch on a Sunday, so, Adam, Olly and Ben, dad has said he'll quite happily draw up a Rota for you to take me off his hands😄 Today we headed back to Haro in the beautiful Rioja region, for our last three days, before we set sail from Bilbao on Thursday. We were warned ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Tordesillas June 23rd 2017

We spent our last two days relaxing at the caravan in the shade, except for a trip to the beach for a swim to cool off. On tuesday the waves were slightly less fierce than monday so in we went. Suddenly I was knocked backwards and submerged...much to Graham's delight. I"d been wondering whether to wash my hair, so that decided it! 😁 Wednesday, our last day at Manilva beach and we found there were only two other couples there...set up our chairs walked towards the sea and saw scum and lots of rubbish floating in we'd had our last swim in the med ...on tuesday. Thursday, off to Granada, not looking forward to the high temperatures. Arrived about 12.30 and the owner told us, in broken frenglish we needed hats and long sleeves as ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Estepona June 19th 2017

We're now on a campsite with a pitch 30 seconds from the pool and the beach/sea just over 2 minutes. Over the last five days we've been in the Med many times to cool off and it's great walking just a few paces and being up to you waist, so no hovering about, you just get straight refreshing, and, beautifully clear- yesterday we saw shoals of fish swimming on the surface a couple of feet from us and as waves broke, they could be seen in the waves!!!! We've found that the days we haven't gone exploring, it's too hot to be at the beach all day, so we go for hour stints at a time, cooling off a couple of times with a swim in that hour, but the best time of day is ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia June 14th 2017

Monday was a day of 32 degree temperatures and gale force winds. We attempted a swim at three different beaches but, at one, the tide was crashing onto the cliffs and the other two were so rough that coast guards were keeping swimmers out. That evening and into the small hours the winds were so strong that, even though it was uncomfortably hot, we had to close all windows and skylights and the caravan was really taking a battering-the worst we've been in.....even worse than Autumn in South Wales 😄 Luckily on Tuesday morning the wind had dropped to gusting, from galeforce and we went to Tarifa, on the Southern tip of Spain, near Algeciras, a town named after a Moorish commander Tarif Ben Maluk, who landed his forces there during a Moorish conquest in the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Vejer de la Frontera June 11th 2017

On Friday we visited one of the most beautiful of the Pueblos Blancos, Vejer de la Frontera. It's perched on a hillside at the end of a long winding hill climb, passing a white windmill on the way. With the aid of a map from tourist information and lots of hesitant english and very rapid crosses all over the map, we did more ascending, slowly in the rapidly rising temperatures and came upon a wonderful view from a promenade, lined with small restaurants, all beginning to set out their tables, chairs and umbrellas ready for lunch or just cafe con leches!! We came back to one for lunch after we'd meandered through all the delightful narrow winding streets of dazzling white buildings and, in the centre, a square, with a fountain of Spanish tiles and sheltered ... read more

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