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Europe » Spain » Andalusia June 8th 2017

Day trip to Gibralter today.were advised to park at the border and walk in so we wouldn't have to queue. Very quickly through and onto a bus to the square....what a shock. We found it very builtup, with lots of highrise apartments, building going on and also a very long main street like any tired town of shops-all the same as uk!!! Luckily , the views from the rock, once we'd gone up on the cable car were absolutely spectacular!! There was some cloud whipping by but it didn't impede the stunning scenery and we could also make out North Africa which is only 8 miles away. Below us the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship set sail and also we watched a large cargo ship being manoeuvred by four tugs. As soon as we stepped out at ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Conil de la Frontera June 6th 2017

Graham's birthday and he suggested we go to Cadiz.....he has loved reading the Sharpe series and had a vision of the old town in his head. What a beautiful city! We drove through the modern section and straight to the old town, with wonderful statues and monuments. We had to drive a few miles along a peninsular, with a long sandy beach to our left, to reach Cadiz, which is surrounded by sea on three sides. There were cannons along the sea wall, gardens behind them, with the largest rubber trees I've ever seen, some very old pale coloured stone buildings, which definitely had a Moorish influence, but then we had lunch at a very nice seafront restaurant, overlooking the harbour full of small boats bobbing on the gentle sea and a few people swimming off ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Conil de la Frontera June 4th 2017

We've had a lazy couple of days, glad of the more bearable temperatures...still 28/9 but accompanied by breezes. We're on a lovely spacious site about 3 miles from the wonderful wild stretches of beach and Atlantic ocean. The site has a beautiful pool, which is open!!! Had a great reviving swim when we arrived. We've explored along the coast and found many beaches, stopping at one which had terrific surf. We kept well away from the surfers and because there was an undertow, only went in close to others and not too far out...great jumping over and under the waves. This coastline is quieter and wilder than the other Costas and not nearly as much development for tourism.Yesterday Graham wanted to visit Cabo de Trafalgar, a headland, off which Nelson defeated a Spanish and French fleet ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia June 1st 2017

Moved on a day early from Caceres , to do Seville and get nearer the coast for cooler breezes. The journey was good, leaving behind the arid plains, for sunflowers, Olive groves and more vineyards...but this time, grown for sherry, as we were nearing the sherry production capital, Jerez de la Frontera. All the time, the central reservation was ablaze with deep pink, red or white oleander bushes. We had a little detour, thanks to Margot(satnav) when, as the Seville road was temporarily closed, she took us into a quaint little village, which Graham amazingly managed to negotiate us back out of, while I was exclaiming at the avenues of orange trees we were driving through....I was surprised he didn't notice them! Arrived at the Seville site which was like a large, very crowded and badly ... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura May 30th 2017

A late start today as I was up for a couple of hours during the night, feeling unwell. We headed into Trujillo, with the temperature climbing to 27.5 and nearing midday........mad dogs and Welshmen have something in common with the English!!!! Found a car park and set off. The old town is on a hillside, as they all tend to be, but we kept to the shade along the narrow streets, climbing upwards, until we came to a large Plaza......wait for it.....Mayor.....not very imaginative , the Spanish,when it came to names, but then, centuries ago, they probably didn't know that about 50 kilometres away, there was another old town, with a Plaza Mayor!!! 😊 Surrounding the square were a few of the usual restaurant/bars but also, on almost every available tower, chimney or corner of a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Extremadura » Cáceres May 29th 2017

Great short journey today, 130 miles, through a wonderful mountain range where heavy clouds were draped over the highest peaks and we saw glimpses of snow....the temperature did drop to 13 degrees, but as we neared Caceres it climbed to 25. We pitched camp, so easy as we have a good size pitch with our own stone built cubicle with toilet, wash basin and shower-every pitch has one!!! Also water and electric and this is a municipal site. Quick lunch and in to Caceres old town. There have been many films made in and around the old town, the latest being an episode or two from the new series of Game of Thrones, on our tv's in July!! Really the film crews wouldn't have had to alter very much at all as many of the churches, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Salamanca May 28th 2017

An easy day yesterday, strolling along the riverbank in the morning before a BBQ steak lunch and relaxing read in the hazy sunshine in the afternoon. Today, guide book out and into Salamanca Old Town, in search of the elusive little frog which sits on the Universidad facade!! We saw the Catedral Vieja and Catedral Nueva, the old, built in the 12th-13th century and the new......16th-18th not that new!!!! In the Plaza Mayor, a rather grand cycle race was about to begin and it seemed as if every competitor had brought their mothers, fathers,cousins, grandmothers and great aunts twice removed, to cheer them on their way!!!!! A good Sunday morning outing obviously! We passed the Casa de las Conchas, a mansion adorned with scallop shells which are a symbol of the Order of Santiago-these shells ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Salamanca May 26th 2017

After waking at 7am to a thunderstorm, with heavy rain, we have had a long days travelling, over 280 miles, coming through mountain ranges and torrential rain, on occasions. I'm afraid to say we did break into song...."The rain in Spain......" and thank goodness it did!!!! The last 30 miles the temperature climbed from 19-29.5 degrees.....back to normal!!! We are at a site on the river Tormes, quiet and only 3k outside Salamanca, such a pleasant relief from the madness of the last site.....Graham likes the fact that it is called Don Quixote!! If I were a cyclist and, if we'd brought bikes, we could cycle along the riverside, into Salamanca-those who know me will realise what a silly comment that is, as I would probably end up IN the river!! Far safer to get the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela May 25th 2017

Well, It's been a funny old day today Gggggranville!!! Early at the Praza do Obradoiro and Cathedral because of the heat. Such a wonderful atmospheric place, with so many nationalities and the exultant weary travellers reaching their destination. We saw four young Americans, very sore-footed but delighted to have made it!! Of course, they may have only travelled from McDonalds 2k away 😊 The cathedral, Praza and old town were beautiful. A little dampenerwas put on the morning, when, on taking a photo of a quaint street, I was assaulted by an old lady, who slapped my arm as she thought I was taking her photo! Maybe she's on the police wanted list! Discovered today's a holiday-only in Santiago- after visiting two supermarkets, both closed. An incredible thunderstorm right overhead, raged for a couple of hours ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela May 24th 2017

Glad to report that Margot behaved well today and got us here. The most amazing mountain ascents and descents for mile after mile and hardly any other traffic for most of the journey. The site was a bit challenging, in that we have very steep roadways and the pitches are on terraces,but in 33degree heat, we managed to find some welcome shade to pitch camp. It is now 7.45pm and 31 degrees-could be sleeping in the awning tonight!!!! Have decided that the best way to visit Santiago tomorrow(which is to be 31degrees),is to get there at 9am and back to base by 12pm. For all the shopping fans,we are within walking distance of a c&a,primark,Zara !!!! Forecast rain,so I know where I shall be!!!... read more

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