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South America July 12th 2009

Day 1 early start for a 7.30 pick up, made easier with the help of jugo de mango for breakfast from a street stall. After our very colourful truck broke down mid way to the start we were kept entertained with fresh watermelon, pineapple and the Colombian Military which passed the time. The toughtest day by far which we are still feeling the effects of 6 days later........ it was hot, hot and had a really steep ascent up to our first camp for the night......... hammocks!!!! The trek took 4 hours and we were all relieved to see our camp and take a swim in the river, after a fab dinner (we even had oreo biscuits for afters) we were sleeping by 8pm..... or at least we were trying to sleep to the sounds of ... read more

Oceania May 6th 2009

So i am now on my own for the next couple of weeks, after leaving Naila in Kuala Lumpar to head to Oz and so far so good. After succesfully getting myself on the plane, from the airport and in to a decent hostel i set out to book my Livaboard trip and went for a walk around the city. Cairns is not that big and you can easily walk around the city, the esplande when I'm staying is very pretty overlooking the water with the harbour 5 minutes walk away, there is a small night market, loads of fancy restaurants along to choose from (managed to find Nandos too....yay) and even a Woolworths. The weather is against me and it is really grey and about to rain any minute, the forecast for my trip was ... read more

Asia » Laos » North March 28th 2009

Before reaching the land of elephants (laos) we had to take a 27 hour bus journey to luang prabang - we had booked a sleeper bus so we thought it must be ok as we have beds and would be able to sleep....but as always you get what you pay for! The bus was made up of 40 beds three rows of bunks all the width of a seat - we were on the top in the middle and the bus was full!!! We all tried to make ourselves as comfortable as possible, some got a little too comfortable - yes we've almost seen it all on this trip and its only been a month!!! People were smoking, drinking throwing their chicken bones peanut shells all over the bus...they really made themselves at home...as usual we ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming March 25th 2009

After another train wreck - 36 hours on triple bed bunk with 2 screaming babies with split pants!!!....dont ask.....almost drove lou to smoking!! we arrived in kunming in the yunnan province our "free" pick up to the hostel was somebody coming to meet us from the hostel to make sure we got on the right bus! we made it ok to the hump hostel and no its not what you think;)...and they very kindly renovated our room for us although we were intoxicated by the all the paint smells and general city pollution. We were staying right centre of kunming which meant we had 24 hr access to macdonalds and kfc!! Kunming is famous for its green lake park, stone forest and across the bridge rice noodles! The first we visited the lake and it ... read more

Asia » China March 22nd 2009

Yesterday I spent the day the visiting the Terracotta Army in Xi'an which was pretty amazing even though it is not fully uncovered still. What made the day even more nicer was going around with one of the hostels guests, Rachel and her family from New Zealand of 11, including 8 children from 14 to 2 years old and their grandpa, who did the first six weeks with them and went back home, only to sort some things out and come back out to the the last 8 months together again. There are really no reasons why you can't travel now and they are proof. They too are taking a year to tour South East Asia and making there way through to Mongolia, Russia, Europe and London. The father Rob is on a years sabitical, the ... read more

Asia » China March 20th 2009

After visiting the 100th temple / palace we decided to leave beijing and visit another city in china called xian - home to the famous terracotta army...we jumped onto our next train or rather ran for our train - traffic in beijing is horrendous what was meant to be a 30 minute journey ended up taking us an hour....being typical travellers we decided to try the hardsleeper or second class!!!! not as bad as it may sound it just means you have to share a carriage with about 100 other people and a compartment with 5 people and sleep on the top bunk of a triple bunk with no room to move....and if you are wandering what 3rd class is like its a hard seat literally!!!! it was an experience to say the least I (naila) ... read more

Asia » China March 18th 2009

5am wake up call!!! - but it was worth it....after a 3 hours bus ride we arrived at Jinshanling the best preserved part of the great wall in inner mongolia for our 10k trek past 32 crumbling watch towers....in 28 degree heat and fighting off postcard, t-shirt, beer and other useless overpriced souvenir sellers. At first it was hard to enjoy appreciate the walk, scenery and peacefulness with mongolians on your case to buy stuff but we soon cottoned on that as soon as you said no money they disappeared!!! There was alot of walking up and down - 100 steps up and then 100 steps down, some parts had no steps at all and you somehow had to make your way down on crumbling rocks on all fours...at time it seemed never ending but you ... read more
authentic chinese cuisine

Asia » China » Beijing March 17th 2009

It is just like Katie Melua sang, there are more bikes than people and we have yet to see any dogs, although i don't know if that is a good thing or not. We have only been here a day and a half but have been to Ti an men Square, Forbidden Palace and the Summer palace which is amazing. We have experienced the bus and metro system which has been made a lot easier as eveything is also in english and only 20p a ride. The city is HUGE and takes 20 mins to walk just one block but is covered with smog, no wonder many wear those clinical looking masks. The people have been very friendly and are always smiling, even when no one understands us- thank you Lucy and Ross for the picture ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar March 15th 2009

Having spent a couple of chilly days in outer mongolia we were looking forward to heading to warmer climates..and offloading our siberian winter gear for good! Another day and half train journey to china with another long tedious boaders crossing...but this time we had pot noodles to look forward to instead of soup:). The train was a bit of a let down after our luxurious cabin to mongolia- but our chinese roomate made up for it.....we were quickly befriended by lian juan jiun who turned out to be our guardian angel within hours he had cured my cough and him and his friends kept us entertained throughout...english vs chinese lessons, we taught him how to use a digital camera and in exchange he taught us how to write our names in chinese. Lou also managed to ... read more
juan jin

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar March 13th 2009

After spending 12 hours at the Russian border, we arrived in Outer Mongolia with our new Danish friends at 6am and were greeted with minus 18 degrees, nice. We went straight to our Ger Camp which would be our home for the next 24 hours. We were dropped off at Buuviet Am Camp in the middle Tereji National park (AKA in the middle of nowhere) Apart form the nomad family, sheep and yaks we were the only residents there, we should have figured by then that there was a reason no other tourists (or sane human beings) would want to stay there in the middle of winter. We were surrounded by beautiful scenery, snow capped mountains and horse droppings...... Our actual tent was a quaint little round felt tent with a real wood fire, two beds ... read more
ger camp2

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