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South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 30th 2013

Today is our last day in Cuenca. The sun is shining; it is reaching the end of August and the cold rainy stuff we have become reluctantly used to is gone. It is warm and the streets are full of South American and European turistas, locals just loving the warmth and folks with big smiles for the end of the short winter. We decided we could not leave without publishing just one more blog. This blog is a simple walk in the parks, streets and sidewalks of Cuenca, with camera in hand. Cuenca is truly a beautiful city and well deserving of its international reputation for stunning architecture, super clean streets and parks (sidewalks are swept day and night and power washed twice a week and there is a waste disposal container on every corner). It ... read more
A little Cuencana
One of a dozen Churches
Typical early 1900's home

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 27th 2013

On our walk around the city yesterday, we found ourselves in the middle of a rather large demonstration of Indigenous folks in Parque Central in front of the Province of Azuay Administrative building. A pretty fiery speech and speaker condemned the Government for signing the oil drilling legislation, argued it was in part the fault of the USA and demanded the saving of Yasuni National Park. We understand that there were similar and larger demonstrations in other arts of the country as well. Here is the story in brief from Ecuador Times: Protests in defense of the Yasuni in several cities" (escrito el agosto 28, 2013 / 13:43 a las 13:43).* Hundreds of farmers and indi... read more
The crowd
Ecuarunari Flag
Azuay and Canari People

South America » Ecuador » South » Vilcabamba August 26th 2013

This blog looks to be about the last one until we get back to Arizona. We are back in Cuenca today and have lots of those just before we leave things to do. We head out on on Saturday for Quito and then USA on Sunday. Home Sunday night late. Our last little jaunt was not one we had thought of till we got here and began talking with folks. Vilcabamba was on our original research list of places to visit but seemed to fall victim to the cities. Once here though, the cold and rain helped us to decide to give it a whirl. After all, it's only a 5 hour bus trip to Loja ( the driving is known as "careening down mountain roads and it fits our experience), a change to another bus ... read more
Local transport
View of Valle Sagrado
View from our room

South America » Ecuador » South August 23rd 2013

Canar is the homeland of the Canari people. They date back to before the Inca people and, obviously outlasted them. We suspect that Canar is 97+% Canari. and the rest are mestizo. Traditional dress, especially on market day is predominant as is the Canari language. Every Sunday, Canari farmers and village dwellers flock to the market to sell everything from grain to sheep to pigs and chickens to clothing, especially the signature cinturon (belt). Actually the belts are sold from the jail for the most part and, sadly it was closed when we went. Canar is only a few minutes away from the Ingapirca Inca ruins, the largest and most intact in Ecuador. It is also a place that was originally a Canari religious site. The day we went to Canar to visit the market had ... read more
Beautiful young woman
An important discussion
Traditional Woman

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 21st 2013

Before leaving for Ecuador, we tried to see if and where we could fly fish for trout or other fish..but preferably Trucha. After much frustrating search with no finding, we wrote to a fellow who has lived in Cuenca for many years and asked him. After all, Cajas National Park has over 100 lakes and people eat trout everywhere in the country (farm raised of course). So with out any evidence of the existence of wild or even planted trout, we left our fly gear home. As our anniversary got closer we thought we would like to spend part of it in Cajas NP even if we could not fish. We looked at Lonely Planet and other guide books but could only find day trips. As we walked by a tour company, we noticed their list ... read more
The fishing "rod"?? Really
Dinner for 2
The dinner

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 16th 2013

In out blog about the Amazon and Yasuni National Park we said we thought it would not be long before the Sani lost the battle with big oil. Well it came a lot sooner than we expected. We are sending this link so you can read it for yourselves: Please take a look at this. Just copy and paste into your browser. The USA was one of the nations that declined to help keep the oil in the ground and therefore will be complicit in the eventual loss of one of the most bio diverse places on earth. We can only be grateful that we got to see it before it disappears forever. Ciao....... read more

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 14th 2013

It really is hard to believe that we have been married 49 years and that we both still have enough grey matter inside our heads to be able to accurately count them. We have had many adventures during August and celebrated our anniversary in one form or another depending on where we were. The craziest was a canoe trip in BC where we lined the canoe through a very cold stream between 2 lakes. We arrived a bit wet and cold and started to set up our tent when a huge rainstorm hit, swamped our tent and left us low and wet. When we finally got the tent up, we tried to use our little gas stove to dry it but burnt a hole in it and had to stop. Along came another couple and we ... read more
49 beautiful roses

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 12th 2013

Today was a glorious day to walk and walk we did....all day! First we were off to the Pumapungo Archeological Park, a place where first the Canari people and later the Inca developed an absolutely wonderful hilltop setting (hopefully to become the Cuzco of the north) overlooking the entire Cuenca valley, the Tomebamba river and surrounding mountains that now define Cuenca(means bowl in Spanish). The entire hill is crossed with terracing where LLama feed, a beautiful flower and vegetable garden grows and a small lake sits. All of the plants grow here naturally and, combined with an almost permanent excess of water there were a stone irrigation system, warming pools for bathing and (still today) clean drinkable water. We started out from our place on Gran Columbia and walked down to the steps that reach the ... read more
Walk to the river
Stately home
Tomebamba river

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 12th 2013

We had the most fun dinner last night, the kind only a few expats can have when they get together to eat and share stories about travels and travails. Our landlady (sounds kinda strange now) Bev, an expat from Seattle and her partner Omar, a wonderful Ecuadoran guy and local neurosurgeon invited us to their condo for dinner....Ecuadoran style. Our rental apartment walls are covered in wonderful original paintings by both Peruvian and Ecuadoran artists. Turns out that Omar once ran an art gallery and has a pretty large collection of paintings at the condo as well. After admiring out loud the stuff in our place, well they just had to have us come over and see the rest. Wonderful. We wished we had thought to bring our camera so we could share some of the ... read more
Cooking crab
Dinner is ready

South America » Ecuador » South » Cuenca August 9th 2013

Ever had one of those days when nothing really worked out like you planned it or thought it would? Well, today was one for us. We finally started feeling better a couple days ago after a long walk to the Museum of Culture (sorry no photos allowed) and spent a few hours. Had a nice lunch at a small place called El Maize (Corn). Wonderful roast pork and sweet potato pancakes. Delicious! Walking back we ended p in a place called the “Coffee Tree” and finished the day with cappuccinos…very good ones. We came home and decided we would get up early (before 9am) and catch a bus to two towns south of here, Gualaceo and Chordeleg. Gualaceo is noted for it’s outdoor Artisan Market and Chordeleg for its silver and gold jewelry making. So began ... read more
Laundry Day 1
Laundry Day 2
Laundry Day 3

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