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August 14th 2013
Published: August 15th 2013
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It really is hard to believe that we have been married 49 years and that we both still have enough grey matter inside our heads to be able to accurately count them. We have had many adventures during August and celebrated our anniversary in one form or another depending on where we were.

The craziest was a canoe trip in BC where we lined the canoe through a very cold stream between 2 lakes. We arrived a bit wet and cold and started to set up our tent when a huge rainstorm hit, swamped our tent and left us low and wet. When we finally got the tent up, we tried to use our little gas stove to dry it but burnt a hole in it and had to stop.

Along came another couple and we sat in their dry tent. He was a pharmacist and had brought along some excellent straight grain alcohol which he mixed with lemonade. We had a freeze dried gingerbread cake which we put on the stove to cook. We got a bit loose and thought the cake was the best we had ever eaten.

The most elegant was in our partially built
49 beautiful roses49 beautiful roses49 beautiful roses

And 49 adventurous years together
home on the beach at Sandy Point. We think it was our 25th. The house was basically a frame with some plywood on the walls. A construction ladder was the only way up to the main floor. Our neighbors loaned us a picnic table and chairs and we put them in the dining area to be. A very good friend and chef named Hank, agreed to cook us a multicourse meal in the to be kitchen. He had just started a catering business and thought this would be good practice since it was likely to be the hardest one he would ever do.

When we arrived, the table was covered with a white linen cloth, the table setting was silver and cut glass and, since there was no electricity, there were candles everywhere . There were 6 courses overall, each with a different wine. Can't really remember what we ate, partly due to the amount of wine we drank, but the meal was incredible and the sunset over the islands was sublime.

Tonight it is an Italian restaurant overlooking the Tomebamba river. It has an excellent wine cellar and our previous lunch there was the best meal we have had since we arrived in Ecuador. The roses were delivered this afternoon, fresh picked today, 48 red and 1 yellow (the florista would not sell us a white one because they were not fresh). Total cost...$6.50 including delivery. This celebration is a bit more subdued than many others but we think it may be because we are getting a bit more subdued...well maybe just a little.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Love ....us


15th August 2013

You guys are awesome!
What role models you are - living life to its fullest and keeping that spirit of curiousity and exploration alive. You make me tired, but also inspired....can't wait to see what you have planned for #50! Love, J&J
15th August 2013

Plan to be alive and somewhere on or off the earth.
15th August 2013
Still happy after all these years

Congratulations. The longest I ever had was 16.
15th August 2013

You are great! I have had three marriages and this last one is going on 30 years! I so love your posts. I read them all and love them. I do wonder though how any four people could eat 30 crabs!!! I am thinking they were very small.
16th August 2013

Thanks for sharing memory lane, I loved it. Could you get them to deliver the same roses at the same price for our 55th this Octobre. Chria A.
16th August 2013

I could try but I don't think it will fly.

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