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August 23rd 2013
Published: August 23rd 2013
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Canar is the homeland of the Canari people. They date back to before the Inca people and, obviously outlasted them. We suspect that Canar is 97+% Canari. and the rest are mestizo. Traditional dress, especially on market day is predominant as is the Canari language. Every Sunday, Canari farmers and village dwellers flock to the market to sell everything from grain to sheep to pigs and chickens to clothing, especially the signature cinturon (belt). Actually the belts are sold from the jail for the most part and, sadly it was closed when we went. Canar is only a few minutes away from the Ingapirca Inca ruins, the largest and most intact in Ecuador. It is also a place that was originally a Canari religious site.

The day we went to Canar to visit the market had to be the coldest day of the year with freezing wind. And at 10,500 feet elevation the clothing we had on made no significant difference in our tolerance for the cold. We were, in Katy's terms, frozen to death. We were so cold, we decided not to visit the ruins because we would have to be even higher in elevation and the wind continued to increase in velocity as we perused the market.

On the other hand, Mikes goal, to gather photos of native folks was accomplished. And that is the reason for this blog, simply to share the photos of a people older in culture than the Inca.

Hope you enjoy the photos. Our next blog will be from Vilcabamba and the Izhcayluma Hosteria where we are today.


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An important discussionAn important discussion
An important discussion

One of the reasons for coming to market is to talk with friends about business, farming, family etc...
Traditional method of carryingTraditional method of carrying
Traditional method of carrying

Child, groceries,or both
Keeping warmKeeping warm
Keeping warm

We were not

Very few homemade wool socks left. These are from China and say USA. Whatever...

23rd August 2013

A Wonderful Gallery of Photos!
Mike and Katy. This is a wonderful gallery of photos! And a fascinating story!
23rd August 2013

And I only sent about 10%
23rd August 2013

fascinating faces
24th August 2013

Any idea from what material the traditional hats are made?
24th August 2013

Yeah. It comes from a palm like plant calle toquilla. Very strong and exceptionally flexible. You can roll up the hat and put it in your suitcase or back pocket. It pops right back out when yo want to wear it.

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