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South America » Ecuador » West » Manta August 2nd 2013

Last week found us lounging on lovely Pacific beach in Manta...well sorta. We were both still down with awful and long lasting head and chest congestion. Lowering elevation did not help, nor did antibiotics, nor rest..juices..chicken soup etc. The good. The guest house is very nice, with a comfortable layout, good furniture and fixtures and a splendid view of a long , quiet sandy beach. Views of breaking humpbacks, fishing fleets, kite sailors and families enjoying the water were a daily treat. Breakfast at the palapa restaurant was very good with excellent crepes, eggs, fruit, juice and coffee. We slept or read most of the time. We walked the beach a bit but our colds would act up every time we did. The young Managers fro The Netherlands and Canada were lovely people, taking time from ... read more
Fishing Boats
Vincenta's Hats
Flowers outside our room

South America » Ecuador » West » Manta July 28th 2013

Hola todos ustedes! This is just a short note to let you (especially those of you who sent comments asking if we were OK....bless you) know we are still alive. Our trip to the Amazon was wonderful (more detail and photos to come later this week) since we had little free time and no internet. Only problem was Mike came down with an even worse cold the night before we had to fly back to Quito. We only had one day in Quito and he slept through it. Then we flew to Manta for 4 days on the beach. His cold got a bit better and Katy caught it. So she is reading and resting and watching Humpback whales breaching far from the shore while Mike is going swimming and walking. We will be here all ... read more
Night bird
Impenetrable canopy
Hikig in the jungle

South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca July 24th 2013

Hey, This blog is quite long and took a few days with travel and illness intervening. Sorry it took so long to publish and we do hope you enjoy it. There are almost 80 photos attached so don't give up too soon. Well, we went to El Oriente this week after having promised ourselves we were not going to Malaria/Dengue fever country. We have made these kind of promises before (In Thailand we did not take hiking boots and found ourselves hiking the Burma Border in sneakers after a similar we are not going on a trek in the jungle). Ya think some day we might learn. At least we were equipped for this one and...for what it's worth, we did not catch either Malaria or Dengue....whew!!! Our trip started with getting up at 0530 ... read more
Oil rig
RIver Boat Hotel for Tourists
Motorized River Canoe

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 22nd 2013

Our last day in Quito before the Oriente and we decided to spend it the way most Quitenos do...with family (the 2 of us of course) in the park. Strolling, meeting friends and making new ones, buying trinkets (in our case it was a bit more that that), trying out the food stands, listening to music, watching a mime and just liking the sunshine while you sit and watch others. The photos tell more than words and it is late and we have to get up early to catch a plane. Ciao amigos mios............... read more
A smile for all
Pretty lady
Indejena seller

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 20th 2013

Today we finally got up and out early enough ( our normal one hour of coffee watching the hummingbirds and listening t NPR had to be cut short...choices, choices) to get up the Volcan Pichincha, once very active but now at least a bit dormant even though it is monitored. We walked about 1/2 way to the bottom of the Teleferico (3-4k) and took a taxi the rest of the way(recommended by all travel experts because of a plethora of malo hombres near on the way to the ticket booth). The place was full of locals and touristas. We stood in line for a ticket for about an hour and got in for the Abuelo (old folks) price, then waited another 30 minutes for a car to go up. The trip up is about 25 minutes ... read more
The clouds below
Cayambe in the distance

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 18th 2013

We took a very long walk today to a Museum we can see from our apartment. It was a pleasant walk along a divided avenida with condominiums and restaurants on both sides. This is in an area called Bella Vista and the views from the condos are wonderful. It is located up hill from where we live (of course) but our destination covered a goodly number of up and down hills as the streets navigate around steep ravines. We finally quit when we realized we had another couple kilometers straight uphill to go and that allowed us to make contact with our 1st woman taxi driver. She said there are only a few and it is a very recent development. Oswaldo Guayasamin is both a famous and infamous artist from Ecuador. The museum is his collection ... read more
Madre y nino
Self Portraits
Studio (2)

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 17th 2013

This market is one of the best we have ever been to anywhere, but we usually say that every time we find a market we like. Tired of paying the high price of food, especially for local veggies and meats, in the Ecuadoran National chain...Super Maxi, we decided to head for the old and venerable Mercado Central. Open for a very long time...some say 100 years and almost every day of the year, this market proved to be wonderful. It is an indoor market, owned by the city. It is located near the old town square in an area of warehouses and commercial buildings. Vendors rent stalls to sell fresh flowers, fruits, veggies, healing herbs, spices, meat, fish and, most important to our stomachs, small stall sized restaurants serving traditional foods at unbelievably low prices. As ... read more
Salcichas mas
Carnes Fresca
The rest of the pig

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 15th 2013

This is a really short blog about how the altitude has affected us beside's getting acclimated to using less oxygen (still working on that a bit). So let's start with the overall. We are two weeks into our stay in Quito and have walked up and down uncountable hills and steep grades and around Quito and other outlying places almost every day. On only one occasion did we take a taxi in and out of the city and that is because of Mike's so called "cold". So the good news is that we have both lost a couple more pounds (may be due to altitude and it's effect on eating) from strenuous walking. Our muscles are in very good condition and should stay that way. The not so good news is that damned cold that, until ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 10th 2013

Yesterday started with what was a minor head cold the day before but seemed better and ended with a really nasty evening of coughing etc etc.. In between however was a wonderful tour of Jardin Botanico in the La Carolina district of Quito. Instead of risking a walk and worsening of Mikes cold, we took a taxi north and west of our apartment...very smart idea as the day was a bit cool with very threatening clouds in the never did rain however.The Jardin has a wonderful collection of trees and flowers native to Ecuador, including carnivores and spectacular orchids (many of which are protected species) and interesting cacti. We walked for almost 3 hours with a continuous sense of wonder at the colors, shapes and sizes of these incredible plants. For instance, this Bolivian Fuscia, ... read more
Mikes favoite Orchid
Purple beauty
A chain of orchids

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 7th 2013

This afternoon became a time for rest, reading, washing clothes, grocery shopping...and, of course, blogging. This photo of the volcano Cayambe is from our front window as are those of the deep ravines and valley below. Quite incredible for a couple of desert flatlanders of late. We realize more and more how much we miss the green, mountainous Pacific NW. Lots of reminders here.... read more... read more
The valley below
On the edge of the ravine

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