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25th April 2013

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10th April 2013

Dear Michael, I seem to have mislaid your E-mail address. Assistance requested. Hope to see Di and your good self in Penzance. Kind regards, Adam.
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4th April 2013

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30th March 2013

Congratulations Mike
Hi Mike Many congratulations on completing what I understand has been a hugely successful venture. Much of your blog has taken me back to my time in Jamaica- thanks for that. Look forward to meeting up on your return- and maybe getting together with the ukes!! x H
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29th March 2013

Welcome home
A lovely conclusion, Michael. You'll find Wenlock quite a contrast to the South Atlantic. Although it'll be over a week before you get back to Shropshire, you'll still be able to see the piles of snow - it's melting only very slowly.
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29th March 2013

Thank-you Michael, for those few moments when you took me away from Nuneaton - Hub of the Universe though it may be - and into a world of future possibilities. I shall miss the entries.
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10th March 2013

Sweaty Times!
That was an interesting entry Michael. How it reminded me of Tarawa, in Kiribati, when the airport was newly opened and the first local flight arrived. The government prided itself on the purchase of a new(well....third or fourth hand!) Boeing 737, which was painted in the colours of the national flag - i.e a frigate bird and the setting sun over the waves. When it landed at Bonriki airport, nearly the whole island turned out to see it. The cheers turned to hoots of laughter and derision when the smartly dressed, locally recruited air hostesses descended the steps! They wore hats, high heels and stockings and were adorned with red lipstick. The islanders had never seen anything like it! There was an outcry! How dare these foreigners change the culture of a lifetime! Gilbertese women were not meant to look like this! They had been 'westernised'! And how much of the country's precious GDP been spent on this useless status symbol when there were already three other countries who ran a plane service to Tarawa! (Fiji, Nauru and Hawaii). Needless to say, the plane fell into disrepair as there were insufficient funds to maintain it, the air hostesses were re-assimilated into the local culture and plane services continued to be as erratic as ever! Hot pants in parliament! And indeed, perspiration reaching the parts even Air Tungaru could not reach!
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10th March 2013

As you know, Michael, a compelling headline is needed to ensure that an otherwise apathetic audience lifts a finger to click the mouse to "read more". Thanks for sharing your observations with us. I think that your perception, humour, obvious rhino-like skin and keen political antennae make you ideal for civic duty. The Town Council's nominations for the May election close on 5th April. Shall I put your name down?
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12th February 2013

Your review of matters broadcast and traffic brought a smile to my lips! Do you think that the Saints are missing a big opportunity in denying Shropshire's male equivalent of "Sally traffic" access to the South Atlantic airwaves?
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20th January 2013

As we freeze in Shropshire, with slippery roads and the prospect of a diet of closed schools and road blockages on the radio tomorrow, I can't pretend that I don't envy your evening stroll. You're very well-informed about Jimmy Savile's alleged fellow-travellers. I may be out of touch, but I hadn't realised that Uncle Mac was in the frame too - but I wasn't privileged enough to listen to the radio in the 50s, so he's not featured in my consciousness. "Consulate" brings to mind television cigarette advertisements featuring waterfalls - I hope that the ladies in the hostelry are from the same mould as the those I remember advocating the healthy attributes of nicotine when shielded by menthol. Keep the bogs coming...
14th January 2013

partner in crime...
I can't be alone in welcoming your return to the island; oh, of course I'm not for your "girl band" has bemoaned the fact that you will ever leave... Forget African Spice: Michael's wicked spice perks many a quiet week on SH. Can't wait for Friday's "soap" at Donny's...
14th January 2013

The Prodigal returns
Sorry I missed you over your brief return. I thought that if you were only back for a short time then there would be far more important people for you to be spending your time with. the change in results looks spectacularly impressive - only going to show that it isn't and never was the issue with the children. It would be interesting to hear the response to that transformation. Also interesting news about the future funding - I expect that someone will say something at some point about what happens next. Until then we carry on with life as usual. Hearing about Scotland, Rosemary Plain etc brings back memories of lovely drives around the island even down to the South African memorial for some of us. Take care.
13th January 2013

Long time no speak!
Hi Michael good to hear you're still enjoying yourself! I should be busy doing more school work but it was a welcome distraction to know there is life beyond Muxton! The school extension starts tomorrow- if the snow doesn't arrive first! The completion date for the building work is 8th August - I don't think so!! This will be phase 3 of Muxton Primary! We willsonn be 420. How many children did you open with?If I know my slowly increasing ICT skills allow this message to get to you, I might keep you entertained with the building developments!
13th January 2013

Understandable touch of gloom
Glad to hear you're safely returned - albeit to some cloud and a realisation that what you have so admirably done for education on St Helena may be all too soon forgotten! This, I discovered in Kiribati after we left. The indigenous population sort of drifts back to its usual way of doing things! And yet you know that you have made a lasting impression and certainly a worthwhile contribution. Enjoy your last few months there and I look forward to the book of memoires when it comes out!
13th January 2013

New Term
Good to hear that your all-too-brief sojourn in Shropshire has not dulled your enthusiasm - articulated to me so eloquently in the very early hours of 2013. I look forward to further insight into media matters on the island in due course.
13th January 2013

Copy that
Hi Michael Thanks for the news. Tony Blair used the expression 'joined-up government'. It was an aspiration then and it is still an aspiration now, both here and there! C'est partout! - comme on dit en Pyrannees-Atlantiques. Local news: We had a packed meeting on Wednesday for the Much Wenlock & District U3A Branch inaugural meeting. I shall find something for you to engage in on your return! Also, an excellent turn out for our Neighbourhood Plan 'final' consultation meetings yesterday. Decision time beckons for the steering group ... Bob
20th December 2012

Merry Christmas
Hello Michael, You will by now be bound for Cape Town I think. We hope you enjoy a happy Christmas in the bosom of your family, come on Scrooge, you know you will! We are now in Ao Nang in Thailand, ourbase for the festive season. So far our travels south through Vietnam and then north through the Malay peninsula have been great fun. The young backpackers have been kind to us, we have a novelty value and one Essex lad rang his Mum to tell her she should do what we are doing! One of the only frustrations has been Travelblog. We seem to have no end of trouble accessing our site and when we do publish only some people seem able to access it. Ann is currently cursing quietly at the adjoining computer. It may be because we are always at a different computer, having to make do with internet cafes where we can find them. They are a dying breed in this part of the worls, all i-phones and i-pads. Anyway, good to read your blog and know you are well, raise a glass for me in the George and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from us both.
16th December 2012

Che Guevara's cruise to 'Saint Helena'
Hi husband We're all very much excited and looking forward to seeing you soon here in the UK - for those confused you are taking a cruise to Cape Town not SH! A typo I guess rather than senility! See you in a week xxxxx
24th November 2012

Interesting and informative
Jen and I chuckled over lunch as we read your latest epistle from South Atlantic. I do hope that the authorities fully appreciate the wide appeal of broadcasting your mellifluous tones - Thames Ditton's answer to Hubert Gregg!
24th November 2012

.and all from the comfort of your own home.
Once again you have brought St Helena to life! Using my once feritle imagination I can picture the bugle playing the flags flapping the seagull droppings and so on.Its everything I imagined it would be.The big question for me is given all the tourists which will be arriving will there be enough public toilets? Thank you for tasking the time out to let us all know. Sorry you will miss my 65th birthday binge at The Feathers on 19 December. I'm glad I will be there myself however. Gordon.
15th November 2012

Sounds like perfection! I envy you walking to music in your ears (as apposed to the sound of moaning/crying/general repetitive whining!!) xxxx
7th October 2012

Broken silence
Good to hear your news. You'd been so quiet that I thought Di had spirited your laptop back to Blightly! We await the next episode of Radio Wars with eager anticipation.
4th September 2012

..............more a different way of life
Thanks for keeping us all so well informed.I had almost but not quite decided to emigrate to SH for peace and quite until I heard about the rave up at Donny's.At least in CP we don't get rave ups at Donny's. Village hall perhaps. Gordon.
1st September 2012

You'll be sad to leave!
But when you do get back there will be a ball in your honour! From Ann's invitation to join them (in case you have not received it): Wenlock Olympic Celebration Ball on Saturday 29th September at The Edge. The tickets are £48 , which is quite high, but it is not a fund raiser so all money is being ploughed into the event which should be excellent. I do hope you can come since I've been helping to organise it! So put on your glad rags and dancing shoes, yes you Geoff Rose, and come along. There will be a 4 course meal preceded by drinks and canapes, live band and disco until 1am. David Moorcroft and Jonathan Edwards (president of the Wenlock Olympian Society) will be there. Let me know if you want me to get you a ticket.....meanwhile keep on enjoying St Helena! Linda

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