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We love travelling and we love capturing photos of what we've seen. Rather than subject you to an enforced "viewing", we thought that you might like to dip into our travel writing and images when the fancy takes you

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire November 27th 2012

The night was stormy and we awoke with some apprehension about what the day would bring. It is Mary's birthday and we wanted to go for a walk along the cliffs. Breakfast was excellent, although there was no-one else eating throughout our meal. The hotel seems very quiet... Having agreed to meet up at 10:30, we we pleasantly surprised to be on the move by 11:00. The cliff walk to Tenby has stunning views. It also has stunning hills, some of which were eased by steps on the footpath. They were still steep, so we stopped frequently to admire the view and to catch our breath. Eventually we caught sight of Tenby from the coastguard communications hut, the sunlight playing on its pastel-coloured higgledy-piggledy houses. Whilst this was a welcome sight, we could tell that there ... read more
Sunrise over Saundersfoot
Barry searches for his car keys
Cliff view - Pembrokeshire coastal path

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire August 25th 2008

Michael suggested some weeks ago that we could cycle along the towpath of the Shropshire Union Canal from somewhere near Telford and turn off at the junction of the Llangollen canal with the aim of going to Llangollen! Having been caught when my defences were weak I duly agreed and today we semi-dismantled our bikes (well, took off the front wheels) piled them into Jen's can and headed for Wheaton Aston. After some difficulty in, first, getting the right wheels on the right bikes, the correct way round, we then had to cope with misaligned brake blocks. For natural engineers, such as Michael and me, this was the work of but a few moments. The tow path was of variable quality throughout but, for most of this first section, it was freshly-mown grass with surprise bit ... read more
Norbury Junction
Tied up
Tiny telegraph pole

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho February 19th 2008

This morning we left our hotel by boat for the Can Tho floating market. Words can barely do justice to the bustle and life that we witnessed and I recommend that you see our photo set on Flickr™. Wares are advertised by examples being strung from the top of a bamboo pole so that all can identify the boat they need to buy their melons, their turnips or their candies. The authorities were out sticking trading licences to the side of the boats. A lone European tourist was canoeing amongst the jostling craft, much to the amusement of the traders. We bought a couple of cans of cold drink from a young boy out on a boat with his mother, all without our boat slowing! The streets were also fascinating with shops that specialised in very ... read more
Floating market

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho February 18th 2008

We said goodbye to Saigon for the last time this morning and headed east along the road. The first setback was at the end of the new dual carriageway when there was the mother of all gridlocks. Imagine buses, lorries, vans and cars all sounding their klaxons as they move forward and backward, drivers out of their seats assessing their chances of bettering their position and, amidst all this, mopeds wriggling between the vehicles in all directions! We escaped eventually and headed out of the city through Chinatown and the roadworks that reduce the road to a bottleneck every 500 metres. After a couple of hours we made stop at a roadside rest stop that was better than any service area we've ever seen - anywhere. Spotless tables, high ceilings, different dining areas, immaculate gardens and ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat February 16th 2008

We woke to a slightly overcast day looking over the lake at Da Lat. Ostentatious service in the dining room with the same view and then we headed off on foot through town to the Crazy House - the creation of the daughter of one of Ho Chi Minh's protégées. In generally very poor taste, the rooms are available to rent but look none too clean and all feature mirrors on the ceiling! The photos do it greater justice than can any description. We then took a fairly kitsch trip around the town in the hotel's 1953 Citröen traction-avant which was, nonetheless quite entertaining - especially when our driver attempted to double de-clutch in inclines! We started with a visit to the Bao Dai Summer Palace which is a 1930s construction in what, in England, we ... read more
Citröen traction avante
Japanese steam locomotive - Da Lat

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City February 13th 2008

A bustling vibrant and steamy city, Saigon is a feast for the senses. Visually fascinating, the energy of people going about their everyday lives is in sharp contrast to the historic French colonial architecture. The backdrop, however, is a skyline increasingly dominated by skyscrapers and familiar global brands such as Sheraton, Standard Chartered and HSBC . English is widely spoken. We are staying at the Grand Hotel in District 1's Dong Khoi Street right in the heart of the action and we arrived in the middle of Tet - the Lunar New Year. The whole country, and certainly Saigon, takes a week off to celebrate and the streets were ... read more
Saigon pagoda
Saigon pagoda
Reconciliation Palace

Middle East » Qatar » Doha February 10th 2008

Flight en route from Manchester to Ho Chi Minh City. We stayed at the SAS Radisson at Manchester Airport on Saturday evening, avoiding a very early drive from Shropshire. We had a so-so meal with Jen sending her fish back (of course) and middling service that meant free coffee and liquors and some of the cost written of. We'd have rather paid full price for what could have been a perfect dinner... The Servisair lounge at Manchester couldn't find the paperwork to charge us for Jen's entry so both of us were admitted on the strength if my IoD card. This meant that we could settle down with Saturday's newspapers, Jen could buy accessories for her new iPod and we could have a modest breakfast before our 0915 flight. The Qatar Airways flight was fine - ... read more

South America » Peru November 3rd 2007

For the tourist, two drinks dominate his consciousness - pisco sour and Inca Kola . The first is cocktail of one part lime juice to three parts of the url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backus_and_Johnston pisco eponymous national brandy made from Quebranta or Muscat grapes. Whilst the strength varies a little, we have enjoyed both the ones we paid for and the (not necessarily) weaker complimentary ones we received. Inca Kola is, however, an acquired taste that we have yet to acquire. The sweet flavour reminds some people of bubblegum. This beverage is yellowish-gold in colour, and has been successful to the extent that it drove Pepsi-Cola from Peru and has been able to tie up an advantageous joint venture with the less dominant Coca-Cola. The extent to which this drink pervades Peruvian society - apart from advertisem... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores November 2nd 2007

This morning we embarked on a Lima city tour at 09:00. We were the first on the ‘bus and by the time we had finished the round of the hotels it was 09:50. In fairness, there was a slight delay due to a suicide - an individual had apparently flung himself or herself to their intended death from a high-rise block in a busy side street. We started at the slightly tacky Huaca Huallamarca - a Maranga adobe pyramid describing the history of Lima 200 BC to 500 AD together with some mummified corpses. We moved on swiftly to the city centre where we saw some magnificent balconied Spanish colonial buildings until we got to the Cathedral. The forerunners of this magnificent building had been destroyed by earthquakes and the current edifice dates from 1755, although ... read more

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