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12th August 2011

Safe journey home...
...I bet Much Wenlock features in your top three places to visit soon?
12th August 2011

Homeward bound
Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about those exploits that you felt you couldn't share publicly. I checked, and there's still a drop of Campari left behind the bar...
6th August 2011

Top Three albums
Michael Mmm. Today's choice - in date order: 1. Five Live Yardbirds, live at the Marquee, and featuring Eric 'Slowhand' Clapton. Hank Marvin was my guitar hero until I heard this on my brother's Dansette mono record player. The album is now available on CD. The opener, 'Too much monkey business' is electric and still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up whe I hear it. Now where did I leave my Strat copy? 2. Al Stewart's 'Orange'. I was at a mate's house and was handed a thick cigarette and a pair of headphones and told to listen to 'The News from Spain'. Instantly converted ... to Al Stewart. 3. Bruce Springsteen's 'The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle'. I had already been turned on to the boss by the 'Born to Run' album in 1975. I purchased this is a record sale in Newport Gwent one day and was completely captivated ... Bob
5th August 2011

Just returned from cruising the delightful inland waterways of Wolverhampton (smell and colour disgusting, didn't taste salty) and eagerly catching up on your adventures which sound remarkabley similar to our own. Is there no end to your talent? Now master of the seas and all it's creatures, immersed in your favourite music, bribed with jars of honey ( let's gloss over the rally dancing and line driving affairs ) If there is a local cricket team as Hannah suggests you will no doubt be invited to open the batting. This place sounds even more of a Brigadoon than MW does, peopled with lovelly souls. I had assumed that you might be bored during your 'downtime' but the days must be racing by. Meanwhile, back in the real world, you seem to have been absent from the green for months, our bowling skills are reaching new highs and you may feel a little intimidated by our prowess on your return. On a more positive note, whilst we were cruising Mary noticed a gin palace for sale that she thought would be just right for you and Di in light of your renewed interest in nautical matters. It's convniently moored opposite a pub and a photo is on it's way to Di. We'll try and wrap the deal up before your return. Stay safe - no more risky linedancing and ignore David's remarks about your blackened teeth. PS The Haven polo shirt (XL) looks great. PPS Why didn't Daisy open a Phillipino restaurant?
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3rd August 2011

You Old Sea Dog you...
..I suppose you sang Rule Britannia as you headed towards the horizon?
3rd August 2011
Skipper at the Tiller

You look great Captain!! xxxx
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2nd August 2011

But can the Saints bowl?
Sounds like you are having an adventure filled time. But what I want to know is are there any decent fast bowlers on St Helena? It strikes me as the sort of place that should have a local cricket team, but perhaps the chance of any visiting teams being able to get there is unlikely to say the least. I'm assuming you're keeping track of the test series? Half way through the series and we have a 2-0 lead against India. It's been fantastic and so exciting - who said test cricket is dead...? Enjoy the spring (or is it Autumn?) weather and will try skyping again soon x
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2nd August 2011

Ay ay skipper!
All your dreams are coming true! Well, many of them, at least. You certainly look as thought you're enjoying yourself at the wheel, but I would thought that a smelly waterproof, a greasy cap and a blackened pipe clenched in your teeth might have captured the mood rather better than what looks suspiciously like a Haven polo shirt (L). Keep the news flowing!
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2nd August 2011

A new career? (pun unintended)
Michael I think you should get in touch with Kate Adie and offer this piece for 'From our own Correspondent'. I can also see a possible double act with another Wenlockian raconteur ... Bob
1st August 2011

Glad to hear it's not just me who is a liability whilst abroad! So it seems the tables are turning and your daughter is becoming a more responsible mother, and home owner (we're in and the carpets are down!) whilst you are making a fool of yourself on your overseas adventures! Pleased that it was just the car that got a scrape. xxxx
31st July 2011

Look on the bright side...
... At least you can still look forward to visiting the Boer Graveyard on another occasion. And speaking of insurance.. I spotted Di checking your life policies....
31st July 2011

Crisis? What crisis?
I reckon that the roads in Shropshire have been somewhat safer these past four weeks! I hope you sort it all out without your CDW being impacted too severely.
31st July 2011

Our man in St Helena
Your blog posts are beginning to resemble Graham Greene's "Our Man in Havana". Are you sure that you've gone to the South Atlantic in the service of HM Government for the purpose stated?
29th July 2011

I've been missing out...
...but today I caught up with all your blogs to date...imagine YOUR life flashing before MY eyes - no don't. Any road up (and it seems you have a few of those on St Helena)please add me to your list so that I can receive the episodes one at a time?
28th July 2011

Steady on old boy!!
Dad, this is hillarious!! I wish I could've seen you stumbling accross those poor women's feet at the dance! Thoroughly enjoying your stories, please keep them coming. Looks like we're getting the keys for the house tomorrow!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx Miss you xx
28th July 2011

Hi Mike More envious than ever - am plodding on with Arthur Grimble to be with you in spirit. Ah the Byrds. The trouble with Top 3's (and I think the apostrophe is correct in this case) is that they seem to change whenever one remembers a particular song eg Eight Miles High. Also lurking as an occasional entry is Ballad of Easy Rider which Roger McGuinn wrote and recorded for the fillum (Scot.) Apparently (trivia point) Bob Dylan was asked to contribute a song but demurred and suggested that Roger McGuinn would be a better bet. I also lurve the Byrds version of Bells of Rhymney - and forgive the common mis-pronunciation of the town's name as Rimney rather than Rumney. Just been on YouTube - a fabulous creation and found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8gBysv5gYQ and a comment that "The words were written by Welsh poet (and erstwhile coal miner) Idris Davies in 1926 in response to the failed 1926 general strike by the miners in Wales and England." Bob
27th July 2011

What a mover!
Good to speak to you a moment ago on the modern miracle of Skype and great to hear your news. I'd have to say that your views about Gram Parsons et al strikes a chord!
26th July 2011

Fishing with that pesky eel
Hi Michael: Very impressed with your fishing skills especially with your battle with the conger eel. Talking of fish, Bill and I went to the Whitstable Oyster Festival on Sunday; I don't think I've seen so many oysters and they were delicious! It was a great day although very busy and lively. Do you remember when we were children we went there for a holiday; since then it has become a bit of an 'in' place. You sound if you are having a wonderful adventure in St Helena and its great to get your blogs. PS I had good news regarding my biopsies - they are all benign so life can begin again! lots of love Sandra x
26th July 2011

relatively threatening!
But not as threatening as those monsters from the deep I conquered. Bring on Grendel!
26th July 2011

Thanks for all the blogs
Hi Michael, You are having an interesting time - what an experience. Isn't it amazing that the technology allows such easy sharing of information. Elaine and I are off to Canada for a holiday later this week so may be out of touch for a while. I'll catch up on your messages when we return. Have a fantastic time (including the work of course!) Colin
25th July 2011

Great sky
Great sky - it looks more threatening than your pen portrait...
24th July 2011

I wasn't when you announced that you were heading for the South Atlantic, but your description brings it to life. I want to visit the place (but I don't think I'd better dance).
22nd July 2011

I'm not in love
But I did dream the other night with the devine (and our) 10CC song 'I'm not in love' as the background of whatever was going on. Surely that record needs to be in or close to the 'Top 3'.
22nd July 2011

In the hood
Hi Michael Thank your for your blogs - very envious. I think the schools finished today for the summer. So lots of happy teachers aboout. My Oxford course is over in the sense that I have submitted my final assignment; I now have to wait until late September for the mark and overall course mark. The high point will be next March when we get our diplomas at the Sheldonian - and I can claim to be an Oxford Man. LOL! It will be good meeting up with my fellow students, some of whom I met in Woodstock but others only electronically. The News International rumpus is providing splendid entertainment and shows no sign of fizzling out. I am getting involved in the Neighbourhood Plan - and hope you can join us when you return. Keep up the blobs Bob
22nd July 2011

Tea Dancing
Now mind you behave yourself Mr Theo - remember we met at a dance and you swept me off my feet! I'm sure you're inspiring the teachers with your wonderful ways and dazzling charm. x

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