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14th May 2012

Hi Michael, I'm inclined to believe that all of these are true except your being named in the forthcoming 9 a-side competition. If you have been named, you must have upped your game quite considerably.
From Blog: True or False?
7th May 2012

You need bigger balls mate.
How familiar a sight is any sort of Xmas tree in and around downtown Jamestown?
9th May 2012

I can't answer for Christmas Trees, I'll look out for them. But Christmas cards will be on sale in August.
7th May 2012

A good sport
Well, Michael, your description of Christmas in April was a work of art!
7th May 2012

Hi Mike I tried to get hold of you this morning without success......if you get this message before 9.30pm tonight we are playing skittles. If you are up for the challenge for a second time and want to join us \'alcoholics\' see you at the JT Community centre. regards Emerald
5th May 2012

Professional at work?
I'm actually rather impressed at your gap finding prowess - I seem to recall having a similar technique on the RMS however the gap I found was no where near as impressive, in fact I think I took out 30 Saints who were minding their own business having an evening drink following the BBQ.
4th May 2012

It's difficult to keep a good man down
I'm pleased to hear that you've displayed your usual verve in the sporting arena, Michael. We were only saying on Wednesday evening that our game didn't seem quite as good without you...
23rd April 2012

Top 3
I'm really enjoying the prospect of the Top three hitting St Helena Radio - Your blog is making me rather nostalgic. Enjoy!
22nd April 2012

New top 3
Top 3 pencils She will be lurking somewhere, ready for the next abandoned pencil. Think u need to be careful out there now and getting friendly with the local copper or perhaps the immigration officer would be handy
22nd April 2012

From an invisible man.
Perhaps you should offer (on a fee basis of course) to render via ukelele phone in callers top 3 tunes. But could you stand to KEEP playing Moodance without the fees properly due to you?
22nd April 2012

Top three
Well worth waiting for, Michael. I think there's a danger of you becoming overstretched, what with your horticultural endeavours, broadcasting ambitions, literary musings and, what was it? Oh yes, the job! Take care.
22nd April 2012

Hi mike, see you have settled in nicely again and glad that you have started your blog up again. This one made me really laugh, love the fact your getting more people involved in our top 3. We can have a top 3 who have played top 3 soon. Hope all is well just don't do any driving down small lanes. Speak soon Anthony
22nd April 2012

Fat Girl
Where is she with my pencil? No where to be seen
11th April 2012

Start as you mean to go on!
Loving your blog, Michael! It would be great to see some pictures too.
10th April 2012

A Little Mud!
Well Michael, it's good to know you've settled in so well. Diplomacy is all in these places and you'd make a good ambassador! I'm in a wet and thundery France where I've just acquired a Renault Megane Estate left hand drive to keep down here! French bureacracy when it comes to registering and insuring it is just as one would expect! So you have to learn to live with the locals! Keep up the blog! Ann :)
10th April 2012

your local difficulty
Brilliant to read your posts (as ever). Access problems with cars seems to be quite a speciality for you . . . Have you just arrived? Are you really there for a whole year? How was your arm twisted this far?? Have you had a potato?
10th April 2012

Car trouble?
Looks like you are settling into old ways on the island. You seem to have a. Uncanny knack of getting stuck in mud in your car. I have to confess to a pang of jealously. Hope Di enjoys her experience too. Anthony, Simon and myself were off camping in Bala for the Easter weekend. Simon encountered a series of both amusing and unfortunate events which prevented him actually coming with us. Including a screwdriver injury to the eye, his car being towed away and an electrocution while attempting a light fitting. So you see we also have adventures albeit in Bala :) Look forward to more updates Sue
9th April 2012

Michael - you've only been in St Helena for a week, and already you've tumbled into someone's garden, been involved in a boundary dispute, and you've churned up the drive with, presumably, a motor vehicle (rather than stout walking boots). I know you set out with the intention of making your mark in the South Atklantic, but was this what you really had in mind?
8th April 2012

Great to hear of your safe arrival Mike and look forward to reading more of your adventures. It's Easter Sunday and various g.ch are arriving for egg hunts! Heather x
From Blog: Try again!
20th March 2012

A Working Adventure
I can't wait to find out about what you get up to this time. I hope that you will keep in touch with us teachers in the UK.
6th December 2011

St Helena
Excellent blog here I am passionate about my island and the sucess now that the airport is going ahead I have create a new website for the community of St helena here www.clickonsthelenaisland.com it would be great to get some feedback and input to try and make it even more sucessfull
26th August 2011

Michael, Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. A presentation to the civic society some time? Bob
25th August 2011

Home at last!
What an adventure, it's lovely to have you home - I thought I kept seeing you out of the corner of my eye when wandering the house - strange feeling! I've really enjoyed your blogs, excellent writing which made me feel like I was there with you. Why don't you write travel journals like Bill Bryson? Pud. xxx
25th August 2011

Sorry that this is the last of your missives. We've really enjoyed reading about your tales from a not-so-foreign land.
15th August 2011

Pops says she misses you! Can't wait to see you soon xxx

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