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Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh February 24th 2006

Today would have to rank amongst the most amazing days of my life. I think I just smiled the entire day, literally from dusk till dawn (and still smiling). I guess you want to know why???? Well..... I think I had mentioned that I had a contact in Phnom Penh by the name of Kirk, who is one of the young Melbournians who runs and funds the Happy School, a small community school in the southern quarters of PP. Kirk showed up last night as we were having our traditional Khmer dinner at the guesthouse, and joined us for a Beer Lao, some curry, chicken and basil, spring rolls and Cambodian fried rice - delicious. He offered to take us on a spin on his moto (which he hires for US$1.50 per day), so we jumped ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh February 23rd 2006

I am very pleased to say that we have finally arrived in Phnom Penh, the place that has been in my dreams for so long, yet out of reach because of a multitude of lame excuses. But no more! What can I say? I love the place. We arrived around lunchtime from Siem Reap via bus, and I was woken my a jolt, only to find that we were pulling up at our final stop. Outside were hordes of rickshaw and moto drivers, all adamant to get out business, the $US1 that it costs to get anywhere around the city. I was the last to get off the bus, and took slightly longer than everyone else. As I finally made it to the front, the young drivers were already smiling up at me, asking 'tuc-tuc, lady?'. ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 22nd 2006

It is now 9.07pm in Siem Reap, and we are absolutely exhausted after a full day of trying to squeeze in the most of the Angkor Temples as possible. We got up at 4.15am (wow, even I can't believe it) and were picked up by our friendly driver, Sowin (he drives a Camry with automatic seat belts in the front seats! Eva was so jealous), in order to get out to Angkor Wat, agruably the most spectacular of the entire complex, for sunrise. We paid US$20 per person for our tickets (most of which goes to the oil company lucky enough to run the complex) and Sowin then dropped us at the entrance to angkor wat. Already at this time, the street vendors were trying to sell us coffee and breakfast, but we waited patiently for ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 21st 2006

We are here! Firstly, thanks Di for the only response to my sad and wonderful travel blog! Come on guys (especially the chilli eaters out there), send us back some love! We touched down at Siem Reap (pronounced See-em Ree-ep) early this morning, and have struggled through the first day (to stay awake, that is) with all sorts of adventures. We were all a little shocked to find that the International airport of Siem Reap was about the size of Armidale Regional Airport - Helyna felt like she had landed in country NSW, only with lots of humidity and African-movie like landscape. After a bumpy land, we disembarked the aircraft and were ushered around the tarmac and entry through what seemed the most indirect route possible. Once inside, we went through "customs" - two booths with ... read more

Asia » Singapore February 21st 2006

We have arrived at Singapore Airport after a tough, long flight (the plane was virtually empty, though Leens managed to get a kinked neck - Eva's comment to that: Next time we will get you five seats not three. : ) ). Will (Leena's dad) kindly drove us to the aeroporto, though we had to detour via rural Melbourne, then Brunswick, so the trip to the airport ended up being longer than the flight! Ha ha, I am so funny. After sleeping for most of the flight, e had breakfast together in our designated seats. I had the Western breakfast (eggs benedict), Eva toughed the Eastern brekkie (shredded pork with lottsa chilli) and Leens asked for fruit, then opted for nothing after some confusion with the hostess, and ended up with a Continental Breakfast. We were ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Mt Dandenong February 20th 2006

Well, the day has finally arrived on which we take off across the seas, and, hopefully, land in the depths of Cambodia to start our thre week trek through (some of) South East Asia. It all started one night at Ricci's in Healesville. My little sister, Eva, my best friend, Helyna and myself were out for dinner, and Eva decided to start quizzing us on what we are going o do with our lives this year. Leens was about to take a job at the Healesville Sanctuary (don't know how she would have gone planning functions around kangaroos), and I "wanted" to buy a pad in the city and open a book shop/cafe St Kilda style. Picki told us what she thought - get real guys - and we ended up having the biggest heart-felt session ... read more

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