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18th June 2009

Berlin, my love!
Dear Maria, I should really support your love life and am seriously thinking how to do it to make you happy and join the two lovers. Your blogs are again capturing and intruiging, food for the brain again. Like French Champagne, you want more after you taste it!. I am re-living this wonderful time in Germany and with the most precious people in my life. Thank-you for putting my fondest memories in such beautiful words...Mum
29th May 2009

I love Berlin!! It's one city that truely has the most amazing energy and fascinating people.... great to read your blog, you just transported me right back there, thankyou Maria x
From Blog: Berlin
10th May 2009

My favorite memories of Munich are from the beer gardens. The wheat beers are almost like a meal all by themselves. You brought back pleasent memories.
From Blog: Ein Bier, bitte.
7th May 2009

Hey Maria! What a beautiful post, so true. I learnt a new word this week: palimpsest. Something that shows its history. We are all that, so are the places around us. Some more than others, of course!
6th May 2009

im hungry
hey i hope your posting me some of those rolls express!!! .....and leave the hair alone, all the best german hairdressers move to sydney!!!!!! Tschüss, fürs Erste, das Sie zwei verrückte Deutsche… wie ein Filmtitel klingen!
6th May 2009

thank you
bring on more, the posied exterior clearly to often portrayed is fast dissolving. And you've only hit the bakery - what more delights does the great country shield? Keep going
5th May 2009

hey maria...ohh im sooo jealous, im hopeing that i can be there in september... i want some broetchen now, and malz bier :) Wo seit ihr denn gerade??? hoffe ich werde euch noch dieses jahr sehen :) Eure tine
5th May 2009

nice blog Maria! awesome to read and as for your description of German bakeries, man, you could sell Sand to the Arabs! I'm sold anyway. hey, is Franziska on your blog list? I know she'd appreciate reading it. looking forward to the next installment, Lib x
5th May 2009

And the stories begin once again. :-) Can't wait to read another beautiful account of your travels over in Germany. Hugs to you, Eva and your lovely mama xxx Nikki
From Blog: Check in Time
5th May 2009

You'all have fun now. 'funny', i picked you for the real organised type Maria, you must be an oldest sibling hahaha, remember to schitdown and enjoy the trip - Bazza from Narri-Warren.
From Blog: Check in Time
28th February 2008

Being an avid follower of the blogs on this site, it really is hard to pick a favourite article for the contest. However, I'd higly recommend the writings of 'Me in the Monsoons', particularly the latest blog entitled 'Something never to forget' diary=186339 The basis of her observations of the beggar man are universal and can be seen not only in India, but in our very own backyards.. We are all capable of giving and receiving love, of stretching out an open hand to those in need, so why does it remain so scarce? Love is free, powerful, uplifting; yet it seems to have become a conditional commodity based on a "give and take" rationale. Not only are Maria's blogs informative and insightful, they also subconsiously force you to think outside the square and have truly changed my perceptions of the world, its people and places for the better. Her posts also provide a welcome relief from mediocratic work and feed my inner travel bug... A must have in any "Best of" collection..
28th February 2008

To be able to step outside your own personal bias and comforts provides the most honest picture for those of us that are stuck in the more mundane. Mazz has a beautiful way of doing so.
28th February 2008

The goosebumps and tears well when reading:Something to never forget. Funny how words on a screen can effect many of us all across the world.
27th February 2008

TB: [diary=182593]
Love this story and your self expression..
26th February 2008

hola maria, i guess in your last travel to mexico you here that..hola maria!!! anyway i just want to tell you that mexico is such a magic country i have friends for uk and they just have no words like you as well, i think mexico have the special "touch" for those that have a good apreciation of life, we are not like paris or like italy but we are very proud of our history or our culture (meal is soooo cool) well i just think that my comment wil fit very goog in your eyes. please add me adios
3rd February 2008

hey maria......havent written to you in a long time but just want you to know that I have been following your beautiful blogs....please keep going on as I am eager to hear more about your experiences with the people.......i LOVED your cuba blogs. i am enjoying travelling to these places thru you....cheers.
From Blog: A circus...
23rd January 2008

maria maria, you remind me of a west side story....
23rd January 2008

I may be a bricky from narre-warren but I got culture and i reckon you're a bit of alright. All this travelling and stuff must open your eyes to a lot of things...maybe we could meet at South Lands or something when you get back???
23rd January 2008

This Gordito guy sounds amazing, just like a bloke i know from ringwood..he's amazing.
23rd January 2008

you are a prinzessa
hi, my name is gordito and i have also travelled to cuba in the past, but more importantly, i think you are a prinzessa (spanish for princess) and i am wondering whether you would go out on a date with me??? I am from ringwood.
23rd January 2008

I tend to agree.....excellent. xox
19th January 2008

Illuminating. Cuba is a place I want to visit very much and the contradictions make me ever more curious. Beautiful yet harsh. A country that is free whose people who are restrained. It's an odd concept, bordering on doublethink. Your words about Renee are the best, I think. Touching stuff. Thanks for letting us see into your life.
From Blog: Ebb and Flow
6th January 2008

Maria, I think the three of you would have that effect on men anywhere in the world.
From Blog: La Habana.....
5th January 2008

Love you
Hey Beautiful, Great to hear from you, i so love getting your emails, i feel as if i am traveling with you. Dont ever doubt your ability to write you are so brilliant at it, when it comes so naturally. Cant wait for the next update. Love you. Lyna
From Blog: La Habana.....
1st August 2007

your last blog....very intense and very beautifully written. You appealed to the readers to have the courage to give him a helping hand. Did you do it? just curious. And even if you didnt its okay cause I wouldnt have had the courage to do it and I feel sick of myself when I say that. I am sure that India must have been an awesome experience for you and I am sure that it has left you quite moved. I hope that India has now given you a better understanding about yourself and I am sure that so many things that were extremely important to you before visiting India have become less important. I am very happy that you are one of the very few persons who have been able to appreciate India in the way it should be and I hope that this India experience has given you wisdom, knowledge and a sense of well being. Bye and best of luck in your future travels.

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