Matthew Matuszewski


Matthew Matuszewski

South America » Ecuador April 1st 2015

So I headed to Latacunga. After telling a cab driver trying to rip me off two dollars I arrived at my hostel and began searching out the first restaurant in the area. My prayers were answered and 20 minutes later I was ordering pasta carbonera. My stay essentially consisted of me eating Mexican and Italian food, sleeping and hanging out with some other Canadians. All in all it was a great trip, except when the bus back to the village made a pit stop so the gringo could go and pee in the side of the dirt road. That is the last time I ever ask if there is a bathroom on the bus... I made it back to the village a new man. Monday started and I was happy to learn that my friend at ... read more
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South America » Ecuador » Centre March 31st 2015

Been missing for a while, but there is so many new things happening. I arrived into Malingua Pamba Saturday the 21st and was greeted by a series of handshakes and enthusiastic introductions. My biggest question was, who are the people who run the hostel I'm staying in, and where is the cook(the two people who I want to keep on my good side). After meeting Paulino and Elvia(the couple who run the hostel) I felt much more comfortable and was looking forward to getting to know this new mountainous region. I explored a little with our driver, Bob, and a couple other team members. After some more handshakes with the locals and staring at the livestock everywhere, it was time for dinner. Throughout the next few days I would REALLY come to understand that potatoes, soup ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito » Historical Center March 16th 2015

As I wrap up the weekend, I decide to head to La Basilica del Vito Nacional in Quito. This was a nice break from studying and a chance to put some of my Spanish to the's getting better. I saw so many things this weekend; "La Casa de Presidente", "La Plaza Grande", "La Basilica Presidente" and a few cafes for some espresso and food. I'm realizing now that Quito is a very noisy city with pockets of absolute silence. I swear that cars and trucks will beep their horns if they feel it is too quiet, or maybe a horn is simply the reasonable alternative to a stop sign. As I walked through the market on Saturday, every other vendor guessed where I was from. According to the very petite men and women selling fruits ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver March 12th 2015

Thanks to Kaitlin and a psychotic bus driver I've made it on time to grab a quick coffee before my flight!... read more

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