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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai July 28th 2013

After reading through the must see places in Thailand we were intrigued by Sukhothai, a city with a Unesco site park that you can cycle around the visit many temple ruins. Despite the rain we set of to the old city - a short bus journey from the new city where we are staying, and rented two bikes for the day - for the grand sum of 30 baht each (less than 70pence). The historical park was very easy to navigate with the map we were provided, and split up into seperate zones that were 100 baht each to enter. We chose to stick to two zones, the main inner city and the northern zone. On our way back from visiting Wat Si Chum, a 13th century temple famous for housing an extremely large buddha statue, ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai July 25th 2013

We have finally left Chiang Mai, after extending our stay twice! We met some great people and the hostel was lovely, so it was hard to leave! On monday morning, the day we left, David, Kai, Jess, an Australian woman from our hostel and I all got up at 5:30am to see the monks walking around the town receiving food offerings. Aree had told us that because it was the first day of Buddhist lent that there would be lots to see, and the best place would be the Wat on the other side of the old city - furthest from our hostel. Whilst we did see monks walking round the city receiving many food offerings, it wasn't quite as spectacular as Aree had made it out to be. David's constant moaning, idiot abroad style, did ... read more
View from the hostel

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 21st 2013

Our first full day was spent exploring Chiang Mai, visiting many temples in the city, as well as Doi Suthep, a temple quite far up a mountain on the edge of the city. Doi Suthep is reached by climbing 309 steep steps, or there's a cable car for lazy people, which I resisted! The view from the top over the city is well worth the climb though, as well as the temple itself being stunning, and the altitude meant that it was pleasantly cooler than the remainder of the city. That evening we wandered over to the night market after it stopped raining where we bought a few pieces, ate dinner and tried to find the cabaret that a group of people from the hostel were going to. We found a cultural show, and presuming it ... read more
My graduation photo
Steps to Doi Suthep

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 17th 2013

Tuesday - The day of the dreaded night train. Jess and I didn't book the train until Tuesday morning, by which time the only space left was on the 14.5 hour long 10pm train, in a seat in fan class. This is not a prospect we were looking forward to at all, but was the only train option for 2 days, and still a preferable option when compared to the buses. We were however not looking forward to the journey at all. Fortunately we were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the seats on the train and the copious amount of leg room - it was more comfortable than my flight! Luckily all the windows on the train opened too, and being late at night this provided a nice cool breeze. The only problem was ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 16th 2013

After 15 hours, 2 flights with no TV, 1 hour sleep, losing my Kindle, being returned my Kindle by the very efficient Vietnam airways staff, and a train and a taxi, I've finally arrived in Bangkok! My first day consisted of sleeping and sweating mostly - the humidity is ridiculous, however I ventured out in the evening after meeting up with Jess, an old schoolfriend, for the first time in years. After strolling down memory lane, seeing how the streets I was familiar with during my stay in 2009 have changed, we found a table outside for dinner - none other than a version of Pad Thai! After dinner, and as it was Jess's birthday, we headed to good old Koh San Road for a few cocktails, where after a few drinks we got chatting to, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Framlingham May 13th 2013

I set out to create an ultimate bucket list before my next trip, quickly writing down 20 things that I want to do, however I soon hit a brick wall. I see this as an ongoing project, for which I need more inspiration. After reading through other bucket lists thanks to Google I have extended my list to 58 items, however this not enough to aim for in a lifetime of travelling!! Here is my list so far, but please can people suggest many more things to add! If anyone reading this has their own bucket list I'd love to see it too for inspiration. My Travel Bucket List: 1. Learn to Scuba dive – Booked 2. Visit the volcanoes in Hawaii 3. Parasail 4. Christmas on the beach – Attempted but it rained, maybe this ... read more

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