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Oceania December 26th 2013

On boxing day we left the cape for good and headed North. Alex decided I could drive to Cooktown, and I'm glad I did as there were some good roads to drive over! We were slightly more prepared this time, luckily, and stocked up on food before we left Mossman, as there's not much up at Cooktown. We started off heading south, before going over a lovely wiggly mountain on our way west. We decided that one of the viewpoints on the mountain was an ideal place to stop and cook pasta, however it was too hot to eat hot food, so we cranked up the aircon and headed off to eat on the way! It's quite a long drive up to Cooktown, however we kept amused with playing 'first one to see', spotting wildlife and ... read more
My first bush fire!!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City December 21st 2013

We started our Christmas adventure with a very early start to drive to the airport, before arriving in cairns around 9am, meaning we had a couple of hours to explore before picking up our Jucy campervan. We explored a Market on the esplanade and a couple of tourist information centres before grabbing breakfast and heading to collect the van. The first thing we did after collecting the van was to head to a shopping centre north of town for food and alcohol supplies. Unfortunately tiredness induced delirium had set in by this point, and we didn't end up planning the meal shopping very well, ending up with a random food selection and not many possible meals! We decided to head to a beach not far away to relax and try to catch up on sleep, to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Kangaroo Valley October 26th 2013

When driving through Kangaroo Valley recently I noticed that the river either side of the main bridge north of the town looked beautiful, and very intriguing. Just before the bridge is a sign advertising Kayak and Canoe hire, therefore I decided it would be a great place to come back at the weekend, as long as the weather was good. Saturday came around and the weather was ideal, not quite too hot, but beautiful clear blue skies. After stopping in town to buy some sweets for the trip we were off to the Kayak hire shop. We opted for a double Kayak, and after being told roughly where to stop down the river to be collected 5k later, we were off. The scenery was beautiful, as I had expected, and it was quite a relaxing start ... read more
Such a cute creature

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains October 8th 2013

As it was a long weekend I wanted to go somewhere further than usual, to make the most of the extra day free. This is how I came up with the blue mountains. I've been before on a day trip but Alex had never been so we found a list of all the walks available and on Saturday decided on a 3 hour nature circuit at Wentworth falls. At the beginning of the walk the sound of cicadas was deafening. I'd never seen a cicada before, but I've seen plenty now! There were thousands of empty cicada shells covering numerous trees too, which was quite cool to see. About an hour into the walk we stopped for a picnic lunch at a lookout, giving us great views over a valley. After lunch we continued our walk ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Arnhemland September 24th 2013

It was a very early start for the drive from Darwin to Arnhemland, but luckily I managed a good sleep on the way, whilst still waking up I'm time for sunrise. When we arrived at the boundary of Arnhemland, which is privately owned land, there is a crocodile infested river, where we spotted many crocodiles. Visiting Arnhemland is restricted to very few tour companies, and not cheap, but it was an amazing day and I'm so glad I went, especially as it had been on my bucket list for a few years. When we arrived in the community we collected our local guide, Tomo, and drove to a rock escarpment that we were to climb. We were told it would take 3 hours to get to the top for lunch, even though it didn't look too ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air September 14th 2013

Arriving on Gili Air my main priority was to find a diving company, and book a dive for the morning. After visiting a few different dive shops I finally settled with the first, and arranged a dive for 8am. Turning up in the morning I discovered I was the only customer on the 8:30 dive, so it was to be just me and my instructor. The dive was at shark point, and despite there being no guarantee of seeing any sharks, my instructor soon found me a white tipped reef shark around 1m long hidden in some rocks. It was amazing to see my first shark, just a shame it didn't come for a swim so I could get a better view! After leaving the shark I also saw thousands of fish in their schools, and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park August 21st 2013

After 2 days of jungle trekking along the headhunter trail we got to Mulu national park, and the infamous Deer cave, both the 2nd largest cave in the world and home to millions of bats. When we walked into the cave we could see small black patches on the ceiling which were actually thousands of bats. The cave is very impressive in itself aside from the bats, but the bats add a new dimension of awe. Deep in the cave were areas where the floor was deep in bat poo, an amazing fertiliser apparently but it can't be removed due to the cave's heritage status. This leads to a smelly cockroach infested floor. Luckily a raised pathway has been installed. The cave is also very fragrant the further you go in, due to the high volume ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary August 12th 2013

I wasn't planning to visit Sepilok as I would have another opportunity to visit Orangutans outside Kuching, and I wanted to do a river cruise. Luckily a couple of girls I met in the hostel were going to Sepilok and they tempted me to join them. I'm extremely glad they did! We started the day by cramming passengers into the car - just a slight squeeze - then headed off off the 45 minute trip to Sepilok. Once we got there we had to put all of our stuff except cameras in a locker so the Orangutans wouldn't steal it inside the centre. After a short walk, along which we spotted the trees shaking with small monkeys jumping around, we got to the viewing area by the Orangutan feeding station. It was already very busy, despite ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Semporna August 10th 2013

After becoming a qualified scuba diver I flew off to Semporna to increase my diving experience. Scuba junkie has a dive lodge in Semporna that is half price for divers, so that was a very convenient place to stay, right opposite the office, so I couldn't get any closer if I tried! Day 1 I had a trip booked out to Mantabuan, one of the more northern islands in the area. The visibility was amazing compared to KK, at 15-20m. This is more like I imagined diving to be when I initially booked my course! Towards the end of my first dive my dive master pointed out a turtle! To which I reacted with a very girly squeal of excitement before regaining my composure! On all the dives I saw so many varieties of fish, including ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu August 6th 2013

My first activity upon arrival in Borneo was to complete an Open water PADI course with Scuba Junkie. This started at 8:30 the day after I arrived, so there has not been much time to look around Kota Kinabalu and see what it has to offer. Day 1 was a day of theory - 5 videos, 5 knowledge reviews, 5 tests and a whole book full of information to try and retain. There were 4 of us in the group, so it's a nice small class, and everyone's really friendly which is a great bonus if we have to spend 3 days together! We all passed the theory easily, ready to start getting in the water on Monday. Day 2 - Slightly nervous about everything today, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - it is ... read more

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