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12th December 2017
Breakfast time

Not an easy kill
Don't think it was an easy kill. You have earn it the hard way! Their look appears to say this to any onlooker!
6th December 2017

Lake Malawi
You sound as if you are on a safari truck Lucy. If you are still by the shore of Lake Malawi you may be able to see the best lightning storm over the lake you could ever see...and it does not have to be raining. Please let me know if you are lucky enough to see one.
From Blog: Lake Malawi
29th November 2017

Amazing safari
Hi Lucy, I've just read your safari blogs and I'm amazed at how many excellent sightings and encounters you've had. Your pics are fabulous, especially those hyenas :)
7th December 2017

Thank you
Thank you very much, we were indeed very lucky with the sightings!
28th November 2017
Breakfast time

Great photo
Breakfast good these three may not mind if they miss lunch.
7th December 2017
Breakfast time

Thank you
Thank you, we were very lucky to come across these hyaena eating very early in the morning. Unfortunately we missed the kill as the crater wasn't open, but sitting quietly and hearing the crunching of bones and squabbles over pecking order and who got to eat was an amazing experience that will stay with me for a long time!
24th March 2014

This photo is of a grown up and my Lucy promised she never would !! Keep safe - be happy xo
25th July 2013

Australian Boy Friend ?*?*?*
It really has changed since I lived that way. They have even changed the names of all the places !! Stop press - You are down for Rescue Boat crew on Sunday so get your *** back here Seriously though, I am glad you are enjoying it. Lots of love - Jack ox
15th May 2013

Bucket list
It is very exciting to read your list. However, I hope you will visit all 7 continents. Antarctica is lovely. Mint tea in Morocco is wonderful. We like your list.
18th May 2013

Thank you
Once I have done 6 continents I may look into doing all 7, especially as I have done 5 already. I'm glad you like the list, if you write one please let me know! I am always looking to add to mine!

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