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Katie Morrison

I am studying abroad in Ireland. I am so excited!

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin June 24th 2013

Hello! Today was the last day here. We had a brief lecture with Dr. Meehan this morning. That was fun! It was more of a discussion. We told her about things we saw and asked questions about different things. Dr. Meehan was my favorite lecturer. After the lecture we went to Carroll's for souvenirs and then went to eat lunch. After lunch we came back to the hostel and hung out downstairs for a little bit. We got Claire addicted to Candy Crush! Then I went upstairs and watched a movie. After that it was time to go to our farewell dinner. We had a great time at dinner. We talked about the trip and what we are looking forward to when we get home! After dinner we came back to the hostel and said goodbye ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge June 24th 2013

Hi again! Today was another free day. This morning everyone in my room got up and got ready to go to Wicklow. They were going horseback riding. I decided not to go. After they left I watched a movie and then got ready to go. I hung out downstairs for a little while. Then Claire and some of the others came in. We read our books and talked some. Claire, Richard, and I decided to go shopping. We left and went toward Graften Street where most of the shops are located. Claire told me I had to eat so we went to McDonalds. I ate all my chicken before she and Richard came to sit with me. Then they started eating my fries and told me that I needed to eat more. I thought it was ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge June 22nd 2013

Hi! Today was a free day, so I took full advantage. Last night I didn't feel well so I went to bed early. I slept in late and then got ready. I hung out downstairs for a little while before other people came down. I still did not feel well so Claire told me to rest today. I went back upstairs and got back into bed. I slept for a little while and then I talked with Brooke and Brooke when they came back from lunch. I did not leave the hostel until Claire came and asked me if I wanted to go with her to get dinner. We went to the store and got stuff to make hamburgers and brussels sprouts. We came back to the hostel, fixed dinner and hung out with other people. ... read more
Not liking Brussels sprouts

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge June 21st 2013

Hello again! Today we went to Kilmainham Gaol. I have never been to jail before so this was a neat experience. We got to see where key people of the 1916 revolution were held. We were also told about a couple who got married just before the man was to be executed. They spent 10 minutes together as a married couple. Then he was executed. A few years later she was arrested for opposing government forces and held in prison there. We were also able to go into some of the cells and see what it was like. That was pretty neat. I know that I never want to be in prison. After the tour we were able to go through a museum and see some of the history. After Kilmainham Gaol we went around an ... read more
Kilmainham Gaol Cell

Europe » Ireland June 20th 2013

Hi! Today we left Belfast and came back to Dublin. On our way we stopped at an archeological site and saw a mound, Knowth. That was pretty cool. The mound was really big and was used as a pagan burial site. We got to go a little way inside and on top of it. That was neat. The view from the top was beautiful! I really enjoyed my time at Knowth. After that we headed for Dublin. When we got to Dublin we rested and got ready for dinner. Tonight was Ashley's last night so we all went out to dinner. We had a good time at dinner. We talked about our favorite parts of the trip. After dinner a group of us went to get gelato. I tried it for the first time and I ... read more
View from Mound

Hey! Today we went to the Titanic Quarter. We were there for over two hours. It was an awesome experience. I got to see how the ship was made and where it was made. We got a little background on the company that built the ship. They had a little ride that we were able to go through that showed us how they made the Titanic. That was really neat to see. Then we went back to the museum part and saw more on how the ship was made before moving to the maiden voyage. Fun fact: altogether over 3 million rivets were used on the Titanic. It is amazing how much work went into building the Titanic for it to sink. As we continued we saw the finished ship and the room sizes for each ... read more
Souvenir Ticket

Hello again! Today we are in Belfast. We took a taxi tour of the city. We went to a Protestant neighborhood, the Peace Wall, and a Catholic neighborhood. While we were in the Protestant neighborhood we saw several murals. They were really cool. One mural had a picture of a man in a ski mask holding a gun. The cool part was that the gun pointed at you no matter where you were. That was my favorite part of that neighborhood. Then we went to the peace wall. The peace wall is an actual wall that divides the Protestants and Catholics. Many people have written on the wall and I joined them. That was pretty cool. I enjoyed seeing the peace wall and reading some of the comments on the wall. After the Peace Wall we ... read more

Hello!! Today we left Derry and headed for Belfast. We made a few stops on the way. The first stop was at Dunluce Castle. The Castle was pretty cool. It didn't take long to go through it. My favorite part was the prison like room. That was pretty cool. It was a small round room. We also got to go under the castle. That was neat. After Dunlice Castle we headed to Giants Causeway. That was fun! We hiked along the shore and listened to the history of the Giant Causeway. When we got to the middle of the causeway we were able to climb some of the rocks. That was fun except it was real slippery. When I was coming down my foot slipped into a muddy puddle of water. I continued on the path ... read more
The Girls

Hello again! Today we left our hostel in Donegal and came to Derry or Londonderry. On the ride to Derry I had an interesting conversation with Claire and Alicia. I learn a lot when I talk to Claire. We always have interesting conversations. Once we got here we met up with our tour guide, Adrian, at our Bed and Breakfast. He took us on a bus/walking tour of the city of Derry. He did a wonderful job! Derry is a very interesting place. There are many historic events that took place here. I am lucky to be able to have this experience! We took the bus around the outskirts of town so we could see more. Our tour guide was telling us about the history and the struggles of the city. He told us about the ... read more
Bloody Sunday Monument

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Donegal June 15th 2013

Hello!Today we left Sligo and headed for Donegal. When we got to Donegal we had a walking tour. We learned about the history of the town. That was pretty interesting. It was a fairly small town. The tour did not take long. We saw a couple of churches, a castle, and an old school. The school had one class downstairs and the teacher lived upstairs. When the tour was over we went to the castle and looked around. That was cool. It was small, so it didn't take long to go through it. After the castle we went to lunch and then shopped for a little bit before we had to go to our next place. We went to these beautiful cliffs called Slieve League Cliffs. The walk up to the cliffs was brutal but the ... read more
Sunset at 10:30

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