Ireland Day 14

Published: June 19th 2013
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Hello again!

Today we are in Belfast. We took a taxi tour of the city. We went to a Protestant neighborhood, the Peace Wall, and a Catholic neighborhood. While we were in the Protestant neighborhood we saw several murals. They were really cool. One mural had a picture of a man in a ski mask holding a gun. The cool part was that the gun pointed at you no matter where you were. That was my favorite part of that neighborhood. Then we went to the peace wall. The peace wall is an actual wall that divides the Protestants and Catholics. Many people have written on the wall and I joined them. That was pretty cool. I enjoyed seeing the peace wall and reading some of the comments on the wall. After the Peace Wall we went to the Catholic neighborhood. We saw a mural and the Shin Féin headquarters. That was pretty cool. Then we moved to a spot that had several murals along a wall. That was pretty cool. I think it is neat to experience this in person. I am getting a better understanding of things. I am loving this experience. One way I can use murals in my classroom is by having my students draw a mural that represents a part of our history. That would be interesting to see what the students would come up with. After our tour we had a free afternoon. I went with Claire, Richard, and Ashley to find a cupcake shop. After we left there Claire and I went to run some errands and Ashley and Richard went their own way. When we got back to the hotel I took a long nap. Then I went out with Brooke, Brooke, Rachel, Hannah, Lacy, and Whit to eat. We had a good time and then we went downstairs to the pub area. We had a good time. We ran into the waiter the girls had for lunch. He was really nice and we had a good conversation. Belfast has been a lot of fun! Now I'm ready for bed. Good night!


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