Ireland Day 15

Published: June 20th 2013
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Today we went to the Titanic Quarter. We were there for over two hours. It was an awesome experience. I got to see how the ship was made and where it was made. We got a little background on the company that built the ship. They had a little ride that we were able to go through that showed us how they made the Titanic. That was really neat to see. Then we went back to the museum part and saw more on how the ship was made before moving to the maiden voyage. Fun fact: altogether over 3 million rivets were used on the Titanic. It is amazing how much work went into building the Titanic for it to sink. As we continued we saw the finished ship and the room sizes for each class. Third class had it real rough. After we saw the rooms and the beginning of the voyage we got to see the distress calls and responses. Then we got to see what happened to some of the survivors. There were two boys that were known as the Titanic Orphans because their father had kidnapped them and took them aboard to run away. He was killed on the Titanic and the boys made it safely to New York. One of the boys lived to be 92 and was the last living male survivor. His brother died in his 50s after WWII, where he was a POW and never got over it. Once we left the survivors area we went to the aftermath. Then we moved to the movies that have been made. They had pictures of Jack (Leonardo DeCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) and quotes from the movie. That was cool. Then we saw a short video on the wreckage that has been found. Then the tour was over. We were able to get a souvenir ticket. After that we left and went to lunch. When we finished lunch we came back to the hotel and hung out. Several people took naps. Then I went to the movies to see Man of Steel with Rachel, Richard, and William. We had a good time. On our way back we stopped at McDonalds for Rachel and then went back to the hotel. Today was a pretty good day. Now I'm ready for a good night's sleep. Good night!


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