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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 11th 2013

As we were driving from Great Falls to Calgary, we had planned an easy Interstate 15 trip all the way to the border. The day was beautiful and all was going great. About 15 minutes into the trip, we came upon construction and I15 became a very narrow 2 lane highway with no shoulder on the right and no center line. Just a little moment to really get one's attention. Babs was going along very well and I was admiring the beautiful mountain views and telling Bernadette how Blessed I felt when.....all of a sudden there was an orange construction sign that said "exit 35mph". I really don't remember a thought process at all, I quickly exited and Bernadette was as startled as I was ( did I say startled? I meant scared! and Leisel just ... read more

North America » United States » Montana July 9th 2013

Yesterday, Pat and I jumped up from our nap to the sound of thunder and raced outside to pick up the chairs and the other stuff and quickly put them away. We didn't want them to get wet before we stowed them for today's trip. When we finished we came inside to wash the dishes. The counter was sticky and full of brown sugar and a wadded piece of plastic wrap. I threw it away and looked at the drain cloth also full of brown sugar and it hit me, Leisel had gotten into the bag from Stella's. She didn't get into Pat's birthday pie, nor his muffin they gave him as a present, nor the pumpkin cranberry bread, no she got into a 4"X4" square of cinnamon roll and eaten the whole thing. Her stomach ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Billings July 8th 2013

ok shhhh this is leisel mom and dad are taking a nap i wore them out with my birthday surprise for dad i waited patiently for them to get back from church and breakfast at a place called stellas downtown i heard them say note to self they left a bag on the counter check it out later i planned a whole morning of hike and bike hike at zimmerman park on the rim it was great even though we saw the watch for rattlesnake sign then we went over to riverfront park and biked around the yellowstone river and over a bridge it was great fun now im headed to see whats in the bag :-P... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Billings July 6th 2013

Before leaving Colorado Springs the Aqua Hot system went out, it runs the hot water in the RV. It was a great opportunity to reminisce being at my grandma and grandpa Grossman's house in Chokio, MN back in the 60's. They didn't have any hot water in the house, in fact they used the old pump at the kitchen sink and heated the water on the stove. So that's what I did to wash the dishes. We also went over to the camp showers and bought a 4 minute shower for $1.00. It started out as cold as in the RV but soon warmed up. I've never had to consider, "how long of a shower do I take?" July 3 we stayed for just an overnight at a KOA in Casper, WY. On our way we ... read more

The days leading up to our leaving were full of emotion; excitement, sadness, anticipation, happiness. First it was Pat's retirement luncheon at work on Tuesday. A small reception on Friday where all the kids came in. Saturday was spent loading the last of the supplies in the RV in 107 degree weather. Sunday June 30, 2013 Fr. Don gave us a 40th anniversary blessing. Nicole and Jason and Renee' and Will were with us at this very special occasion. We had a quick breakfast, loaded the bikes on the car, did the last minute checks on the RV and left Lago about 11:30. Sunday was our longest day, we got in to Amarillo around 10 exhausted and ready for bed. I have to say that each day brings adventures and challenges, constantly presenting opportunities to make ... read more

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