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Fairbanks to Denali National Park 124 miles Days 18-19-20 August 3,4, and 5 (Saturday, Sunday Monday) We had another delicious country breakfast in a little diner with some friends we have met in the group before hitting the road to Denali National Park. The drive was beautiful crossing several bridges, one over the Tanana River and catching glimpses of Mt. McKinley, North America's highest mountain (elev. 20,320 Ft.). We unhooked the car 2 miles out of town in a pullout beside the Nenana River then crossed the Hornet Creek Bridge. We stayed at the Denali Rainbow Village. It was so exciting when we arrived because Stan and Georgann our friends from Lago were waiting for us. They have been on a tour of Alaska also with three other coaches. They have taken a different route than ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks August 9th 2013

Day 14 Cont. Tuesday July 30 We finished our cleaning by 5:00 just in time for the bus for dinner. We went to the Alaska Salmon Bake, an outdoor all you can eat buffet. We ate delicious salmon, halibut and prime rib with all the sides at picnic tables. We walked around the little village and looked in the shops until the show at the Palace Theatre. A wonderful musical performance telling the story of the beginning of Fairbanks. Day 15 - Wednesday July 31 The next morning we boarded the bus again for a cruise on the Riverboat Discovery down the Chena River. Before boarding the boat we went into a room that was -40 degrees. Brrrr. The three hour cruise is run by a family in Fairbanks and the captain is the forth generation, ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Tok August 9th 2013

Before I tell you about the trip to Tok (pronounced Toke like poke) I want to tell you a few things about Chicken, AK. We stayed at the Chicken Gold Camp RV Park. Chicken was named when the early miners wanted to name their camp Ptarmigan, after the state bird, but couldn't spell it. The population is 37. Now think about it, we have 23 coaches with two occupants, that just more than doubled the population and the campground was completely full. When I mentioned that to the owner he said not only that, but in the winter there are only 3 people who stay. The post master, her husband, and an old-timer that will probably die there. Now that's what I call chicken, but finally some honesty about the winters. They have to bring in ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 8th 2013

Days 9-10-11 July 25-26-27 Dawson City, YT Whitehorse to Dawson City 336 Miles the longest day of the tour 14 Miles out of Whitehorse we turned off the Alaskan Highway and headed north on the Klondike Highway. This route began as a trail used by miners and trappers in the early 1900's. We passed by Miners Range named by George Dawson on an exploration in 1887 for the "miners met by us along the river" noted in his journal. This is Yukon's immense plateau country with forested dome-shaped mountains and high ridges, many lakes and Yukon River tributaries. We stopped at Braeburn Lodge home of the "Cinnamon Bun" as big as my head advertised to feed 4. It is also a check point for the Yukon Quest sled race. We also made a stop at the ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska August 8th 2013

Today in real time is Wednesday August 7, day 39 of the overall trip and day 22 of the tour. We can't believe we have been gone over a month. We've been having such fun filled action packed adventures in places we have never heard of each full of its own charm and history. Add in the normal mundane activities of chores and I haven't taken a minute to blog. That's why I'm glad Leisel wrote about the amazing ferry ride and the Top of the World Highway. So let's back track to some places leading up to that. Last I wrote we stayed over night in Teslin. The drive from Teslin to Whitehorse was 106 miles. Whitehorse - Day 6-7-8 July 22-23-24 The capital of the Yukon Territory since 1953, Whitehorse is on the upper ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska July 29th 2013

leisel here moms cleaning an inch of dust off everything in the bus and dads outside cleaning the car i couldn't wait for mom to catch up to tell y'all what happened today mom will catch you up on white horse and dawson city tomorrow she hopes i knew the day was different when they didn't attach the car and mom took me and chained me to the seat again we went past the little city and right to the edge of the water they were putting rvs and cars on a little bitty boat they called a ferry and floating them across the yukon i was scared to death mom and i went first connie was on our boat and dad and jim and spot in the buses one minute a lady is talking to ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 26th 2013

Day Three: Friday July 19 Fort Nelson BC to Liard River Hot Springs, BC Provincial Park 191 Miles This was our best day so far to see wildlife as we traveled. Today we spotted a bear, sheep, and a fox. We are just amazed at every turn at the beauty. The aroma in the air of the wild flowers and the pine trees is intoxicating and so refreshing. We had to unhook the car across the street from the camp grounds this time. Our camp site was one that I had always longed to get, completely surrounded by trees you couldn't even see your neighbor. We took about a half mile walk on the boardwalk to the Liard Hot Springs. They felt so good ranging from temperatures from the 90's to over 110. I was so ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 25th 2013

When we got to Northern Lights RV Park we were greeted by our Tail Gunner and his wife Phil and Karon. They put group stickers on the front and back of the RV and our number is 21 alphabetical in the group. We also have a sticker on our car. It helps us identify each other on the road. The Wagon Master Duane and Marlene came over and gave us a packet of information, our trip log, Alaska Highway Milepost, name tags, pins, a hat for Pat and a bag for me. We started meeting everyone in our group and met Jim and Connie and their dog Spot from Indianapolis. Jim and Pat had been communicating on line for about 6 months. Jim figured out they were on the same tour from a question Pat had ... read more

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ok leisel here they went to shower and i only have 4 minutes thats how long they say the showers last and i want to have time to troll the kitchen and counter to see if they left anything out they've been battening down the hatches ever since the cinnamon roll incident gotta say it took 3 days to get over that binge we headed over to alberta coach early and it was really rainin cats mom was leading in the car and dad in the rv i was chained to the seat mom turned on the seat heater had my favorite blanket and lamby got to go it was really scary heres the low down on the hot water there aint any till oregon the box has a crack in it so we have to ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Stony Plain July 15th 2013

We have been in Stony Plain since Thursday the 11th. A great RV park managed by the same family who started the Bow Rivers Edge Park. Friday we went in search of items we needed to protect the Jeep in Alaska. We have heard the roads are fair, with a lot of construction and the rocks are an issue because of the hard winters. First stop, a Jeep dealership across the street and sure enough they had a bra they could order and get delivered overnight. Yay. The one we ordered from home was on backorder and won't make it to us until Anchorage. Next, on to the RV Redneck store here in town to get a "Mustache" to mount on the trailer hitch to catch some of the flying rocks thrown up by the RV. ... read more

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