Lindsay Weiner & MaryEllen Herman


Lindsay Weiner & MaryEllen Herman

Come along as we share an exciting voyage with you--around the world in 28 days!

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 1st 2007

Nov. 30 to Dec. 2 "Hal-lo" from Reykjavik, Iceland, where we have spent the final 2 days of our journey. Don't know why we thought this was going to be such a "hot spot". You could say that there is a lot of "night" life here, literally. Night is much longer here this time of year as we near the winter solstice. (we had barely 6 hours of daylight today). So--the nighttime "partying " must begin that much earlier'. (Actually, Reykjavik really is a "hot" young city, filled with night clubs, high end shopping and fun. ) If you plan on viisiting we advise you to go for the spring/ summer season..... Today it was dark by 3:30 pm. Our hotel starts serving breakfast at 4:30 a.m. Iceland is not as the name implies. It is ... read more
Nature Girls?
Niagara, you've got competition
Sunrise in Reykjavik

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague November 30th 2007

Nov 28 to Nov 30 "Ahoj" from Praha (Prague), Czech Republic. Arrived in this beautiful "City of Spires" to a good hotel with crisp linen. This makes us, City Gals that we are, very happy. Since we have both been to Prague before, instead of re-visiting the famous sights of the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the Old Town area, etc., we decide to strike out on our own to enjoy this charming and civilized city. We love wandering along the cobblestone laneways, and meandering through the hidden courtyards of this compact medieval centre. The brightly coloured and very ornately decorated buildings lend a fairy tale quality to this city of 2 million. We concentrate our visit on the old Jewish ghetto area. Even though we have both seen it, we are ... read more
Streets of Prague
Ghetto's famous cemetery
Beautiful buildings

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor November 28th 2007

Nov 25 to Nov 27 In DE-NILE "Marhaba" (Hello) from Luxor, Egypt. Leaving Africa took almost as long as our arrival, but after waiting (a definite plus there, as you may remember from our last blog) we were finally allowed to begin our flight to Luxor. On our flight from Nairobi to Luxor, we again cross the Equator and our very cute pilot Johann celebrates in his usual way with a slight mid-air "bump", followed by champagne toast. What a way to will be hard to go back to regular flights after being so spoiled this way. We arrive at our hotel, which is situated at the base of the Nile to a beautiful sunset view of the river from our rooms. An al fresco dinner is served on the hotel’s pontoon overlooking the Nile. ... read more
Sunrise over the Nile
Up up and away
At Karnac Temple

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Samburu NR November 25th 2007

Out of Africa (what else would we call it?) Nov 22 to Nov 25 ‘Jambo’ (Hello in Swahili) from Darkest Africa. No internet service for the last 3 days, hence the silence. We leave Dubai on a pleasant flight with the our crew dressed in mid-east headwear. (By the way, did we say how much we love our plane?) We enjoyed an exciting in-flight event. At exactly 4:38 p.m., our pilot announced our crossing of the Equator, just prior to our landing in Nairobi. We celebrate with another champagne countdown, accompanied by a humorous and deliberate little “bump” in mid-air. That was the last good time for a while, faithful reader. We headed to the small terminal in Nairobi airport to transfer to the light aircraft for our short flight to the Samburu Game Reserve. Most ... read more
Samburu greeting at the lodge
Gentle Giraffe
Waiting for our  flight --6 am

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai November 22nd 2007

HOW TO DO DUBAI or DUBAI, DO BUY...... Nov 19 to Nov 22 “Saba ‘a Alkair” (Good Morning in Arabic) After another great flight, this time over the Makran mountain range in Pakistan (which we viewed from the cockpit with our friendly pilots) we land in Dubai to sun, sand and lots of white robed, bearded and turbaned men. Strange to be here in Dubai where the only currency not legally traded is the Israeli shekel. Driving to the hotel, one cannot help but be impressed by the soaring skyscrapers and modernistic buildings. “Arabesque’ and “Disneyesque” are apt descriptions of Dubai. Construction proceeds at a furious pace here. Dubai is booming and open for business. The United Arab Republic (U.A.E.) is a union of 7 sovereign sheikdoms, formed when the British withdrew from the Gulf in ... read more
Mixology Bar at Burj Al Arab
Kids in a Candy Store
A different kind of candy store

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra November 20th 2007

Nov 17 to Nov 19 From Agra India "Namaste" (again in Hindi) To live in India, the world’s largest democracy, one must have both patience and a sense of humour. That might be why we feel like we’re in the middle of a Peter Sellers’ movie (or in downtown Toronto). Agra, with a population of two and a half million, is considered just a small town by Indian standards in this country of one and a half billion. Tourism is the mainstay of the city of Agra's economy. The ancient trades plied here (since the 11th century) of leather shoe making, marble inlay work and carpet weaving are still practised in the same traditional manner, but no new industries have been allowed for fear of more pollution harming the existing monuments..(with the exception of maybe a ... read more
Three Generations
Tonga ride to the taj
MaryEllen Dancing with Mughals

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra November 18th 2007

Monday, Nov 19 It is now exactly 2 weeks since we have left home, mid way through our whirlwind tour of 11 countries in 28 days. So here is a “time out report” full of statistics, random photos of the adventure, unusual events and other useless information. We have travelled 11,357 miles to this point and have seen 6 countries. We have enjoyed every minute of our flying time of 27 and a half hours in the comfort of our private jet. We’ve spent many dollars, yen, dong, riels, and rupees along the way for long distance calls, blackberry and email charges keeping in touch with all our loved ones. We miss you all very much. Temperatures have varied from a low of minus 5 degrees Celsius to a high of 36 degrees Celsius. Since most ... read more
Yup. that's us on Jumbo
Bargains, bargains
Bill and June from Ottawa

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap November 17th 2007

Nov. 14 to Nov 17 NAMASTE from SIEM REAP, Cambodia We arrived in Siem Reap to a beautiful pagoda styled terminal. Greeted by Cambodian girls in traditional dress, they draped colourful scarves around our necks. These scarves ( also called “Krama”---a.k.a. Shmatas) are more than just pretty decoration. The history of this scarf is important to Cambodia. The Krama, our guide informed us, is multi-purpose. It may be used to wipe one’s brow of sweat and dirt, to offer protection from the sun, shield one’s mouth and nose against pollution, smoke and smells, and finally, to offer a degree of modesty in the fields (that often serve as toilets) (We two efficient travellers have added to this multi-usage shmatas by also using them as hair ties, belts and shawls.) These scarves traditionally were checkered to distinguish ... read more
Lindsay Feeding the Elephant
Sunset at Angkor Wat

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » Cu Chi November 14th 2007

Monday Nov 12 to Wednesday Nov. 14th “Good Mornin’ Vietnam! We’ve always wanted to say that. (thank you Robin Williams) Very hot here, about 33 degrees, and humid (so a very bad hair place, but great for things such as an $18 massage and $6 french manicure---that’s U.S dollars, so even cheaper in loonies)..Note to Michael and Harvey: see how much money we are saving?) Our base, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is in terrible disrepair. The French colonial influences are present, but the heart of the city lies not in it’s architecture, but in the Vietnamese people. They are a lovely, gracious, hospitable people who have suffered much. A most outstanding feature of HMC is the traffic chaos which is composed of some 2 million mopeds (the main method of transportation) all jumbled in ... read more
Motor Scooter Madness
Harbour view
Snake--No Fake

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon November 12th 2007

Sat Nov 10 to Mon. Nov 12 (Weekend in HK) “Nihao” from Hong Kong! (that’s Cantonese for 'Hello') We boarded from Osaka to the comfort of our private jet. This plane has become our own living room, (but with better wine) Our lovely Icelandic Air hostesses dressed in Kimonos today to welcome us with the usual champagne. (I guess they got the kimono idea from us). Hong Kong has an energy and spirit unlike anywhere else. Those of you who have been here know it is a unique, glittering, glitzy city of contrasts. One is constantly overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of the streets. Like every great world city it exudes it's own sense of style and excitement. The rich are richer than anywhere else in the world. Would you believe there is even ... read more
Peek from the Peak
Us with our local guide and our leader Carl

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