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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 6th 2010

Alright asia, already here for 18 days or so and saw alot of stuff... i arrived in Singapore, it was hot and humid. And very different, even as it is supposed to be the most "European city" in asia. A very clean and fast working city. I still left singapore after one day as i have another two or three days here before i fly back home. From Singapore i took a bus to Melaka in Malaysia. Melaka was very different to Singapore, we had quite often the feeling that the people here dont see white people that often. It was very poor as most of malaysia but interesting. After Melaka the next stop was Kuala Lumpur. A pretty ugly place, well strange really. The CBD with the Petrona's Towers and all the hudge shopping malls ... read more
Ko Muk

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Manukau City April 19th 2010

I had only one week left on the north island. I came here with the ferry from picton to wellington. After spending one day in the capital of new zealand, nothing really amazing, and yes i did go to the national museum :P i took a bus half way across the island to taupo. taupo is a small town on the shore of lake taupo, nz's biggest lake. I spend the rest of my day walking to the huka falls. The next day i hitch-hiked back south to the tongario national park (volcanoes) as i wanted to do the one day crossing but it was really windy and the top of the mountains were coved in clouds, so I decided not to do it. I ended up doing a small easy walk around lake rotopounamu (in ... read more
tongariro crossing4
tongariro crossing4
it's autum

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Picton April 12th 2010

As I am leaving NZ soon i have to get north to Auckland. A last party in Queenstown before i started to travel north along the westcoast. After 2 hrs sleep and a scenic drive over the Hast pass my first stop was in Franz Jospef glacier. I did a nice daywalk there the next day and hitch hiked to Fox glacier. Really nice weather btw (on one of the wettest coast on the planet) The next stop was already Westport. We did stop at the Pancakes rocks so, which were worth seeing. As that was a long drive I couldn't really do anything with the rest of the day so I just done some sport. The following day I borrowed a bike from the hostel and cycled 20km to Cape Foulwind, where a seal colony. ... read more
pancake rocks

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown April 5th 2010

After a great time in Wanaka I took a bus down to Queenstown. The global extrem sport capital, wherever you go bungi, skydiving, etc, and party. It is easy to spend a lot of money here. Anyway I didn’t want to spend a lot so I didn’t do anything of this crazy stuff (even if I would really like to) and just went for some parting... After one nice day in Queenstown with freezbee golf and just chilling out I hitch-hiked to Glenorchy the next day. Some of Lord of the Rings stuff was filmed there and I did a nice day walk.. At the 30th I left Queenstown and went to Te Anau. Te Anau is south-west of Queenstown and starting point for some of the nicest walks in NZ (so in the world) it ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka March 26th 2010

I finished working in Christchurch so it was time to travel again. My first stop was Lake Tekapo, in the Mackenzie basin. After 4 hrs I arrived at this amazing place. My bus left Christchurch quite early so I had still time to go for a walk. I went on top of mount john, up there is a observatory as there is just no light pollution here. Anyway, the scenery was just stunning. I really can’t describe it, the intense bright turquoise lake at the one site and Mount Cook and other peaks over 3000m with glaciers at the other side… After this first great day with a 5 hr walk I wanted more so I hitchhiked to Mount Cook national park the next day. It was a bit scary, as I got dropped of at ... read more
view over lake wanaka
lake tekapo
dry landscape

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch March 18th 2010

The flight from Melbourne to New Zealand took about three hours and just the last 20 minutes were over New Zealand but the view was amazing. I had the luck that we flew over Mount Cook (without clouds) the scenery was amazing. I wanted to travel again but first i needed to find a job and earn some more money. My first hostel was really nice. I opened a bank account and applied for a tax file number on my first day and started to look for a job. I applied for lots of different kind of jobs, handed in CV at bars, shops, cafes and so on. I got a job after a few days but it was labour work. Not what i hoped for but better than nothing. I manly worked the last weeks ... read more
the tiger
The river

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » City Centre February 9th 2010

My flight to nz was on the 9th of February, so i we had nearly 3 weeks to sell the car. We stayed at Tom's family for 5 days before we moved to Suzanne (my parents know them). They had a lovely old victorian house in camberwell. We stayed there for 6 days and didn't really do much in the time. Went to the city a few times to put signs up in all the hostels and met a few people who were interested in the car. We cooked one nice german meal for the family (the food they cooked was always very good btw). At the last day of our stay we finally managed to sell the car, well we didnt really sell it but we had a deal with two other germans. They just ... read more
Beach in Melbourne
before and after

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » CBD January 28th 2010

Our last part of the trip with the van started at the 9th of january. Jonas girlfriend flew home that day and it was time to leave sydney. The first day we drove about 3 hours south to jervis bay. This time we took katt, a girl we met in sydney. She organized some couchsurfing in Jervis Bay. We stayed 3 nights there as it was just an amazing place. The guys we stayed with were between 22 and 28 and worked all as mechanics or electricians on helicopters for the navy. We had some crazy night at their houses and some really good days at the beach. Hayman Beach is supposed to be the whitest beach in the world (I couldn’t tell where the different was to Whitehaven beach, which was the clearest, or Fraser ... read more
australian open
the prom

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 6th 2010

We arrived in Sydney at the 21st of December but decided not to drive in the city so we could sleep in the van. Jonas girlfriends arrived at the 22nd and we picked her up at the airport. I dropped them off at their hostel and then drove up to manly (as i found out that manly is the main beach for beach-volleyball in Sydney :P ). It was really crazy driving right through the city center without anyone looking at a map. I just had to drive along city and tried to find the way from my memory. It actually worked out pretty well but still crazy. Anyway after i got to manly it was time to play some beach volleyball. It was pretty much all i did in the next 3 days, so the ... read more
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Blue Mountains - The tree sisters

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Newcastle December 19th 2009

After one night clubbing in Brisbane we were quite hangover the next day. As we didn’t get further away from the hostel as the next supermarket we didn’t see much of Brisbane. We checked out the next morning but left the car at the hostel and spend one more day in Brissie (as an ossie would say). I must say we are still proud about us as we went to the art gallery AND the modern art gallery. Most of it wasn’t that impressive but yeah it was for free. We also went in a “best of caricatures 2009” gallery which was really good (some of them we didn’t get though as we are not really well informed about Australia’s politic). After all this culture we went to West End. A nice stylish part of Brisbane ... read more
byron bay2
Springbrook National Park
a 7 mile beach and nobody there

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