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13th February 2018

Presence of a deity
Certainly a deity can never hurt. Looks like they are on the path to prosperity. Once again enjoyed following along on your trip.
31st January 2018

Digging deep in Bangkok
I'm always eager to see what off the beaten path location you have discovered that no tourist has ever heard of. Travel guides should pay you to find the next great nook and cranny to explore. Thanks for the history lesson to keep things in perspective. Happy travels.
31st January 2018

Digging deep
Thank you for your kind words. And I would happily be hired by any travel guide or magazine editor to research cool places. (Um that's a hint, if anyone reading this is an editor of travel books....)
22nd January 2018

Bangkok by water
I can picture you hoping off the taxi backpack in hand. I always love your off the beaten path museums. I always feel like I need to return to some of these locations. Like the sounds of the palace. Thanks for taking us along with you.
22nd January 2018

Water Taxi
Well, it was more of me lurching off the boat than hopping, but I'd do it again. It's a cool way to get around the city, and in retrospect I wish I had done more of it.
17th January 2018

Klong Taxi
You did it! I’m glad you got to experience the klong taxi. It was my favourite means of getting around when I lived in Bangkok before the subway was built. I also love how you seem to kind quirky places to visit.
17th January 2018

Water TAxi
Yes, and thanks for the tip. If I lived in Bangkok I'd probably use them extensively as well - except when it was raining. I'm not as agile as I once was, and I think I'd probably end up in the canal in wet weather.
17th January 2018

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8th January 2018

Minor Temples and Major Temples
Indeed a plethora of temples are to be had in Bangkok. Good seeing you on the road again. I'd like to find 6 tons of gold. Now that would be something. I can imagine what they were thinking when it was discovered.
8th January 2018

First thought..
I'm sure the first thought was something along the lines of "Oh, s@#&! We dropped the holy statue, are we gonna get in trouble!" But Buddhists tamp down their desire for material things, and besides, it was too big to steal.
6th January 2018

Tracking Jim Thompson
Love your blogsand the telling of this story.... love hearing the history of the Silk Trade and some back story about Jim Thompson. Really enjoyed this.
29th December 2017

he Golden Buddha!
Hello Karen! And Happy pending New Year! Your write-up of the Golden Buddha was fascinating. Wow! Think how much poverty the worth could rectify for their country. Take care!
26th December 2017

I was a high school student in the Cameron Highlands in 1967...
and we spent three days walking jungle paths in search of Jim Thompson. For our efforts the Thai Silk CO. donated 400m of silk to cover our yearbooks. Earlier, my Dad has helped Jim Thompson find the villages in northeast Thailand that still wove silk cloth. You can read about this in my blog covering that time. Thanks for the memories.
26th December 2017

Thank you for that memory. The Jim Thompson story has always fascinated me, and it's great to hear from someone who has a personal connection to those events.
25th December 2017

Klong Saen Saep
Have you been on these canal boats? This is my favorite way of getting around Bangkok, especially when I lived there during the pre-subway days. The westbound boat gets you directly to the Golden Mount, and the eastbound boat (you have to change boats at Pratunam) takes you to the aircraft graveyard.
25th December 2017

River Ferry
I haven't ridden the canal boats yet, but I have used the commuter ferry - it's a great way to get up-river, or down-river as the case may be.
14th September 2017

Some US banks still think the sanctions are in place...
... before I left the US, I called my credit card companies to inform them where I was going. BarclaysUS told me I would not be able to use my card there due to sanctions. The agent in the phone insisted they were still in place. True enough, I tried to use my Barclays card and it got rejected. I have had no such issues with Citibank or my credit union.
19th July 2017

Impressions of Tokyo
The Lolita thing seems a bit out there....well for me. Cell phones come in handy for many reasons. Glad the negotiations went well. I agree with Ren on the hygiene issues of these cafes.
17th July 2017
Owl Cafe

That poor owl!
I love cats, but I seriously don't like cat cafes. I don't mind the ones that help to rehome cats, but I just can't get past the hygiene issues. I've heard of rat and guinea pig cafes too - I don't understand how food standard authorities allow them to operate...
18th July 2017
Owl Cafe

I'm with you
I also cringe a little at the hygiene issue as well. My understanding is that the owl cafes do not serve food, just drinks, so that helps a little. I've been told that the owls here were all born in captivity and hand raised, so I guess it's not much different than keeping a parakeet.
15th July 2017

Credits cards
Thanks for the heads up on the credit cards. Barclays and Citibank both informed me I cannot use my cards there....
15th July 2017

Possibly Useful Info
Glad to help. Since you have done quite a bit of travelling, you probably already know this, but make sure your immunizations are up-to-date, including tetanus, diphtheria, and hepatitis A & B. People tend to forget the common ones.
12th July 2017

Free Hugs
The world would be a better place if more hugs were given and how wonderful he was attempting to come out of his shell. Great that this young woman decided to lend him some support. Fabulous story. Turksih food is loved everywhere...never enough kababs. Traveling slow you've uncovered a lot of gems. This tips will be saved for our future trip.
12th July 2017

Free Hugs
My great frustration in Tokyo was my limited ability to talk to people due to my almost non-existent Japanese. The interactions I did have were all interesting.

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