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15th November 2019

We have missed you!!!
Thanks for the update, and welcome back. We await your blog(s) about Egypt!
15th November 2019

I’ve missed you too!
So glad to hear from you, thanks for the love. Amazing Egypt stories coming soon :)
14th June 2016

Hi Kelly... Thanks a lot... I will get in touch ... Thanks once again...
14th June 2016

Hi there, where are you staying in thailand?? Might be visiting in July and would like to see if the option of couch-surfing is still available??
14th June 2016

Hey there!
Hi Arnold, I am always up for hosting couchsurfers, but unfortunately this blog was a goodbye memoir....I'm back in the US for the next 6 months! But if you do find yourself in either Phuket or Koh Tao, I have lived both places and could reach out to friends who may have a couch for you! Feel free to e-mail me at or find me on facebook with the same address :) happy travels!
7th June 2016

My guess would be that...
this experience is better than teaching English in Thai schools!
From Blog: Turtle Island
12th December 2015

Great to see you back on the road again...
and am looking forward to reading tour blogs!!
11th December 2015

Each drop of rain gathers to create a stream. Each experience helps you grow somehow, whether you are aware of it or not. And together they provide the momentum to push you on to your next adventure. Keep on truckin'! I love you!
17th September 2015

I guess it was better for you to concentrate on the positive...
the negative is both mentally and physically exhausting. I hope on slow days you get to dive and do other neat stuff.
From Blog: The Boat Mom
13th September 2015

Your dream job doesn't sound...
that mentally or physically must be the parties. Anyway, congratulations on living the dream!
From Blog: The Boat Mom
17th September 2015

It doesn't sound like it...
...because I didn't mention the less glamorous bits like: holding sea sick bags while passengers vomit, carrying piles of dirty linen up three flights of stairs to the washers while the boat is cruising along the rough winter seas at 25 knots, running around the boat to collect signatures for the manifest before we move the boat, or trying to serve meals and promptly clean up after 50+ people on a busy day! I play housekeeper/bartender/waitress/doctor on top of my admin duties, so I'd say it's pretty full on!
From Blog: The Boat Mom
8th July 2015

SOunds like you are having quite an adventure...
glad that you found the perfect job. I'm looking forward to your tales from the Great Barrier Reef.
8th July 2015

Thank you for NEVER doing acid.
Just saying. And when you catch your breath, shoot us another entry on your reflections on all this activity! Love you tons! Mom.
18th June 2015

Bethlehem Academy
Why did you leave out the ghost we both heard at Bethlehem Academy? You may be inviting trouble, they don't like to be forgotten...
3rd March 2015

MOVING to Australia! I can't wait to read the adventures you will have. Make sure you connect with TBers there.
1st February 2015

Other than the quick trip to Hong Kong...
it's been awhile since you've had an extended overseas trip. I'm looking forward to your next great adventure.
From Blog: Taco Tuesday
11th February 2015

And an even shorter trip to Mexico...
You are telling me! I am also very much looking forward to my next international adventure :) Thanks for the support!
From Blog: Taco Tuesday
24th October 2014

Congratulations on you new apartment...
and diving job at Sea Life! And sticking it out made it happen.
30th October 2014

Thank you!
I'm learning the power of "sticking it out"...
24th October 2014

and Awesome!
I think that lizard really digs you! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished and suffered through. I feel good that I told you to stay there a while. Can't wait to see you here for a visit! Love you tons, mom.
4th September 2014

Good Times!
Lovely writing! Aren't you glad you are still in California? Keep those adventures coming! Love you tons!
4th August 2014

few quick questions
Hey man. Loved your blog, well written and gave me a few good laughs. My partner and I recently moved to Bangtao and I was just wondering where this gym was located? Is it directly behind a small bodega on a really small side street about a 10 minute walk from Nok & Jo's? There are only 2 gyms I have found in this area but I am looking to start muy thai but I went to this one gym right around the corner and he was trying to charge me 600 bht per 1.5 hours. His English wasn't great. Anyway, just curious which gym it was exactly. Thanks!
6th August 2014

That's the gym!
Hey Brianne, welcome to Phuket! Wonderful place to live. Bang Tao Muay Thai is in fact where I went, the instructor's name is Rang, he is a sweet man and an incredibly talented athlete. Tell him you know Kristin and John (the American English teachers from soi 8) and he may cut you a deal. Also, if you are ever in Nok and Jo's please send them my regards! Absolutely fantastic people, those two. I hope you have a blast, feel free to shoot me a personal message at if you need anything else at all...
6th July 2014

Great Blog!
Bob and I travelled from the South Rim to Phantom Ranch and another time from the North Rim to A campground and hiked to Phantom Ranch. We took the Colorado Raft Trip for a week with hiking friends, but have never heard of Piano Alley or Cheese Grater? Great Bog Enjoy Hong Kong. talked to your grandfather, he is recouping after knee replacement...seems to be doing well. Have fun in Hong Kong! Stay safe...Love and a hug...Aunt Maureen
13th July 2014

Thank you
That's sounds like a great trip, I would definitely love to go white water rafting in the canyon sometime! You've probably never heard of the trails we took because they are only known by the people who actually work in the canyon (it was like a VIP access tour!). I will be writing about blog about Hong Kong soon Love to you and Bob <3

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