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6th May 2019

Always welcome.....
Always a great fun evening when we can sit around the table and break bread and share a glass of wine or 3 with you all...… We look forward to more fun reports and hope to catch up with you soon on one of your adventures..... Steve and Anja
21st April 2019

Greetings in Pagosa Springs, CO
It was great to visit with you at the bike shop in Pagosa Springs. As always it is fun to chat with other people who live "out there" and know that wanderlust is not a medical condition. Have fun in the UK. If you remember, check out my journals on, "Unleashed" is the trail name.
8th April 2019

Maybe funniest one yet
Ken and Fi, The lost are always interesting and funny but you were on a roll this time! RV water buffalo migration?? Fantastic. I’m jealous you’re in AZ! Our favorite place to camp. Gilbert Ray was one of our top 3 favorites. We’ve been settled down for 3 months in Highlands Ranch, CO and it’s been a good rest. But I do get a little itchy hearing about your adventures. I know you’ve been in touch with Jeff, and I think you’re in CO soon! Thatd be cool if one or both of us saw you! We shall see. Onward, soldiers. Emily of Emily and Jeff of Sedona, AZ experience ?
8th April 2019

End of a chapter
Love reading your blogs and continuing our journey vicariously! Sad to see the end of this trip, but I've love to be back in those amazing US camp sites (maybe sans meet-the-fookers tho!). Can't wait to catch up with you again soon. P&J
7th March 2019

Porque no Colombia
Recycling waste water: sounds delicious. You should have explored the escape tunnels, you may have found a body but it probably had fists full of cash.
From Blog: Colombia: Part 2
12th February 2019

You’ve got a place to stay
You guys know we have extra rooms so if you want to stay with us you are more than Welcome.... We may come and go but the place is open any time....
From Blog: Colombia: Part 2
12th February 2019

Homeward bound
What an epic trip - can't believe it's coming to an end. It's taken us 6 months to come to terms with not being on the road, and I'm not sure I'm fully there yet. BTW we recognise one of the vans from your photos but suspect it has new owners by now. Can't wait to see you guys again, or come and visit when you get settled properly!
From Blog: Colombia: Part 2
9th February 2019

Start writing that travel book
From Blog: Colombia: Part 2
9th February 2019

Ken almost 4 years since you told me of your plans! Anyone who can dream big and actually accomplish their dreams has already won! Safe travels and look forward to more adventures!!!
From Blog: Colombia: Part 2
8th December 2018

Please stay in touch either with this blog or something else. Watch out for the yellow jackets in France and say hi to CERN for me.
28th November 2018

You Guys Look and Sound Great!
My household has expanded by one. In the meantime, my best friend Charlie, died unexpectedly in his home in Ohio. He had five German Shepherds. I drove Zoey to Ohio and brought Mama Nikki back. It seemed the only sensible way to transport an elderly GS across the Great Plains in the heat of summer. She remembered me immediately and gave me a slurpy kiss. She is almost 13 and most Schutzhund line GS make it to ten......but she has made remarkable improvements since coming to Colorado. Her corneas were very clouded.....I thought she navigated more be smell than sight......and they have almost entirely cleared. Some cloudiness may be seen if the light is just right, but what a surprise. Her hips have improved with supplements and gentle exercise, so I anticipate having her around for more than a few months. Ski season has started, I haven't made it up to the ski area yet.....hopefully Monday after the next big storm. The Clerk of Court strongly urged me to apply for the municipal judge opening.....since it is her shop, I figure her vote will count alot, so I will put in for the part-time is enough to keep me in Zoey payments, so what the heck.......I am going on a two week silent meditation retreat December 30. Patty and Nikki will go to the Wilkinsons.....I take care of their three horses, two dogs, one attack cat, three birds, and forty wild turkeys when they are away......Patty used to not to want to come home from their place. Now she has Nikki for company and she is fine with hopping in the Honda to go back home. She was really lonely......and me, the silly human, did not realize it. I figured out I have enough frequent flier miles to go to I am thinking about a trip for my birthday the end of May. Everything is basically fine in Pagosa......I am delighted you found a place you really like....As always, I appreciate the updates and the spectacular photos. Vicarious travel is a wonderful thing! Stay safe, healthy, and happy in your travels....Gayle
7th October 2018

Good to hear from you!
wow! It sounds like you may have found your new home! Good for you. So, if you closed on the house here in Pagosa, is it safe for me to stop checking your mailbox? From what I can see, that mailbox is still assigned to you. Just wondering if you closed your post office account here permanently. Things here are relatively the same. We have finally gotten some rain and I noticed this morning that the mountaintops had snow on them. The first snow of the year. And I am so grateful for the much-needed moisture! Other than that, nothing's really new. I may be traveling up to Aspen this coming week but my dad is in the hospital with some problem with his pacemaker and I might have to swap Aspen for New York. I should know by tonight. As always, it's so good to hear about your travels and I'm so happy that you may have found a place to live! And just remember, if you're coming through Pagosa you are always more than welcome to stay here with me. Paula
1st September 2018

Good to hear from you. Sounds absolutely fantastic. Love Hilda xx
15th August 2018

Coffee Guy
Did you get to meet Juan Valdez?
15th August 2018

The name Cartagena actually has an interesting history. Of course the Colombian version is named after the Spanish City. From there it starts to gets interesting. The Spanish city is a hispanicization (I think that's a word like Anglicisation) of the Latin Carthago Nova (or New Carthage which the Romans gave after conquering the city during the Punic Wars), because, the city was founded as a colony of ancient Carthage who were the mortal enemy of Rome. It's founder Hasdrubal was the brother-in-law of the famous General Hannibal Barca. The Carthaginian name for the city was simply Carthage (or New City) the same as the original North African Carthage; unlike the Romans the Carthaginians decided not to name it New New City (the Romans apparently didn't care or probably thoughts it was funny). The Spanish on the other hand got the hint and abstained from naming the Colombian city as Nuevo Cartagena which would have an etymology like New New New City (fortunately the Spanish didn't get that carried away). Of further interest is that the original Carthage (the one in North Africa) was founded as a colony of Tyre, the ancient Phoenician city now in Lebanon. This city famously started off as an island, but, was connected to land by Alexander the Great during his siege of the city and forever since has been just a peninsula. Tyre itself simply means rock in Phoenician (although the similar sounding Latin word Tyro means new person like a novice, but, this is just a coincidence). But, Tyre itself was considered a new city to its shoreward neighbor Ushu, which was called the old city. Who knows what Ushu means but it sounds almost Mesopotamian, which of course means...never-mind. (And unfortunately there is no Nuevo Mucho Caliente Ciudad). Anyways sorry for the above. Glad you both are doing well and I wish you the best of luck.
20th July 2018

Glad you're doing well!
I'd been wondering about you guys! I love reading your updates and learning a bit about other parts of the world. We've been pretty busy here at The HUB and miss having you both on staff. Take care!
20th July 2018

Good to hear from you!
Thanks for the post! I wonder how you're doing every time I pass your house! Still at it still tries to go in there every day when we walk by. I tell her you're not there but she doesn't seem to understand! Glad you're having a good time! Things here are going well. We're finally getting some rain! Things were so bad that they actually closed the national forest to everyone and all vehicles. The Durango train set a giant fire that has burned about 70,000 Acres. Thank goodness for the rain! They're hoping the fire will be under control by the end of July. Other than that, nothing really new. Just enjoying the warm weather! Keep in touch, and glad things are going well!
29th June 2018

What great adventures you are having!
Things are quiet in Pagosa......but the forest is burning outside Durango....35,000 acres.....only 37% contained after two weeks of efforts. I staffed the Red Cross Evacuation Shelter for five Zoey had her first Red Cross deployment. Went to the Dulce UFO Base Conference on the Apache reservation......and camped in Bigfoot country. Did not see UFOs, did not see BigFoot. Still looking.....Patty sends a wag!
10th June 2018

Safe Travels!
Have fun on the new adventure!
31st May 2018

lodging salida co
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2nd May 2018

Come for spinach quiche when you are back
Patty and I would love to see you again. Your travels helped inspire me to buy a small rv. It is named Zoey.......but really “The Zombie Apocalypse Escape Vehicle.” Patty’s first trip is this weekend to Navajo Lake State Park. Safe Travels.
26th February 2018

Have a good trip
After you just left I read your latest blog while still enjoying my morning coffee. While reading I realized that you are probably one of the two couples Sharon and Roque talked about when we met them at Casa Roya del Sol. We spend two very restful days with them at the beach. Have a good trip and hopefully our paths will cross somewhuin the next couple of weeks again. Ute & Ralph
26th February 2018

I'm so excited to hear that you've maybe found a spot to call home! Even for awhile. I definitely know what it's like to be in search of it.
12th February 2018

Drunken butterflies and Mole
I’m enviously enjoying your posts guys! I wanted to share a bit of butterfly knowledge with you regarding Ken’s dad’s comment about them “flopping around”. They may or may not have mentioned it but it’s a defense mechanism. They specifically suck down the fermented juices of fruits that have fallen off the trees, which makes them a little “drunk”. This “floppy” flying prevents their predators from catching them. (Similar to how you’re told to run zigzag if you’re ever chased by an alligator.) : ) And I’m so jealous you are heading to Oaxaca. Such a beautiful place. In the capital is very nice botanical garden. And Oaxaca is known as the land of 7 moles. Delicious mole can be found in many of the markets and restaurants. And their have a very nice queso as well. Enjoy! Can’t wait to see and hear all about your next adventures! -Michelle
10th February 2018

About that puppy!
Patty and I think you should have adopted that puppy.....but there will be more pups in your future. Love the updates on your the Monarch sanctuary is on my bucket list......Safe travels.

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