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Kelsey Dalrymple

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon June 14th 2008

Hi Everyone, I cannot believe that I am leaving Ghana tomorrow night. I've finished my exams and more and more people from my program are leaving everyday. My first housemate left on Thursday morning, my roommate left on Friday morning and all but four of us are leaving tonight. It is so difficult for me to say goodbye to all the close friends I've made and it will be hard to adjust to life without them. It will be sad not to have Brendan walking around shirtless, Lizzy experimenting with food in the kitchen, Suni and Pete bantering, Natalie asking advice for what she should eat, Megan preaching about everything that's wrong with the U.S., Jessie complaining about all the Ghanaian guys that want to marry her, and Stephanie doing her best Ghanaian impressions. But I'm ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo June 3rd 2008

On Monday Jordan and I had planned to go to the Egyptian Antiquities Museum and so got up early and worked our way down Tallat Harb to one of the main squares in Cairo: Midan Tahrir. From the square you can see the American University in Cairo, where I almost studied abroad, along with both fancy Hilton hotels, a Sheraton Hotel, an Inter-Continental Hotel, Cairo's main public administrative building, and of course the museum. The building was bright pink and as we approached the gate and bought our tickets, masses of tour groups gathered outside the main entrance. We decided to forgo getting a tour guide seeing as how we pretty much know most of the facts about the artifacts and decided to explore on our own. The museum was well organized with two levels and ... read more
another view
drinking our Turkish coffee at Felfela's
the delicious Om Ali we had for dessert

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo June 3rd 2008

Hello Everyone, I hope this post finds you all well. I myself have some very exciting things to report. My friend Jordan and I got back on Thursday evening after spending an exotic week in Egypt! After weeks of stress, sending countless faxes and being put on hold by grumpy travel agents, we found ourselves on and EgyptAir plane flying to Egypt on the 22nd. We arrived in Cairo around 8:30am on Friday morning after our sleepless flight. After paying the $15 for a tourist visa and exchanging our money into Egyptian Pounds (exchange rate about 5.3 EGP to 1 USD) we searched for a man holding a sign saying Ramses II Hostel who was supposed to pick us up. But of course we didn't see him, however, there was a coffee shop to our right ... read more
more of Cairo
our beds at the hostel
me eating Cinnabon in the mall

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon May 18th 2008

Hello Everyone! I apologize for not posting anything last week. Unfortunately I had o pictures to put up and nothing noteworthy to report. This past week however proved most interesting. It was the last week of classes and so I spent my time running around making sure I didn't miss anything important regarding my classes and finals, seeing as how oburonis are usually the last to find out that their finals dates and times have been changed. However, in between running around, I received some great news. About two months ago I applied for a grant to a UK based organization to get computers sent to the Today's Choices school so that the girls could learn how to type and use basic computer software programs. I had not heard back from the organization for quite some ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon May 6th 2008

Hello Everyone, Not much happened this past week. Hot, dry weather, classes, the usual. However, Wednesday was the last real day I got to spend with the girls at my internship. Hopefully I'll be able to visit them once or twice more before I have to leave, however, just in case I took lots of pictures and said some informal goodbyes. After distributing some school supplies and candy we brought for the girls and putting up a badly needed world map, I informed the girls that they would later be receiving some school supplies sent from high school teachers, students, and Lodi, Wisconsin community members. The girls were so overjoyed that they insisted I take a whole group picture of them for all the people at home who are working so hard to help them. I ... read more
Jordan with Deborah and Lisbeth
Jordan putting up the map we brought the girls
Me with Mary and Dora

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon April 28th 2008

Hello Everyone, First off I want to apologize to those of you who have sent me comments on my blog. If I have not responded to you it is because I figured out how to respond to messages, but not comments and have just realized it. But thank you just the same for sending them, I love to read them. This past week went by frighteningly fast. On Monday I pulled myself out of homesickness by listening to catchy tunes by Queen, Crosby Stills and Nash, CCR, and other up-beat bands. At my internship I was very entertained by the girls as they competed in spelling bees that I set up for them. I was amazed at how competitive they were and at the end it was the word "perspective" that stumped them. The learning curve ... read more
some of the cloth in the Adinkra village
the Adinkra stamps
Stevie making her print

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra April 20th 2008

Hello Everyone, I hope this post finds you all well. This last week proved to be a bit stressful. I assumed that my previous weekend of travel would recharge me, however, due to my menstrual cycle, two midterms, and getting drenched in torrential downpour every other day, I started this week with a flare up of homesickness. Even though I absolutely love Ghana and wouldn't change this experience for anything, it's the little things from home I miss. Things like making cooking with my mother, having dinner-table conversations with my family, and taking hot showers and not starting to sweat immediately afterward tug at my heart-strings sometimes. This past week a few students' parents came to visit. This also reminded me of how much I miss my family and made me realize what a large part ... read more
Stevie actually looking at the camera this time...
Pete being lame and not looking at the camera...
Stevie popping the cork...

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon April 13th 2008

Hello All, Not much happened this week. Classes, registering for next semester, midterms, etc. However, I did have an inspiring experience at my internship. Wednesday's we hold praise and worship due to the fact that the school is run by a reverend and his wife. Usually there are some songs, a sermon, and a lot of praying, although, on some days we are graced with a performance by the choir. This past Wednesday, the choir sang three songs and they were all enjoyable in their own ways, however, the last song was sung by a soloist. She is a girl appropriately named Happy, and one of the girls I've become close with at the school. I am used to some of the girls getting emotional during praise and worship services, however, when Happy began her song, ... read more
another angle
one of the shops at the waterfall tourist center
our waterfall tour guide on the trail

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon April 6th 2008

Hello Everyone, I cannot believe that I have hit the halfway point here in Ghana. These last two months have absolutley flown by. Looking back on what the first few days were like when I first got here, I can't believe how far I've come. In those first few weeks, it seemed that when into the future there was only the dark abyss of time and the unknown. Now looking into the future, I can see the end of the tunnel. I have to register this week for classes for next semester at home, and that has made me realize that I really will be leaving here in a few short months. It seems that everyone in my program has changed and grown at unbelievable rates. Some people have gained weight, some have lost weight, some ... read more
the choir at Today's Choices singing their beautiful hearts out
a guest speaker preaching to the girls
Lizbeth pounding fufu, a staple food in Ghana made from cassava

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Legon March 30th 2008

Hello to All, Unfortunately this will be a shorter blog seeing as I am extremely tired and the internet cafe is going to be closing soon. This week proved enlightening. After my last blog entry I received quite a few messages about me being a little homesick. All of them were extremely supportive and uplifting. It's so wonderful to know that I have such a wonderful and caring support network back home. I realized this week, after most of my frustrations had drained away, that during my time here I have grown and am continuing to grow so much. My perspective is getting increasingly larger every day and I'm gaining experiences that I will carry with me my whole life. Sure I'm rethinking some future ideas that I may have once had, but when things get ... read more
me curled up in my hotel bed, not wanting to get up
Lizzy and I getting psyched for the canopy walk
Sklar and I with our nifty caonpy badges

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