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26th May 2009

living in Ghana
how hard it is to live in Ghana for say about a year? If I were an USA citizen? thanks.
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14th June 2008

Thank You!
Kelsey, Thank you so much for all of your wonderful blog entries from start to finish of your trip to Ghana. I am planning to study abroad there in August and your blogs have been amazing in helping me to have a better idea of what to expect. I don't know what I would have done without you and the other students there who blogged about their experiences. Thank you!
2nd April 2008

Good times gonna...
Heya, Sorry about beinga terrible friend and not sending any messages or anything. I've been terrible lately with everyone--caught up in my own little world. Anyways, don't get sick again. And keep enjoying your free time out there. I'm jealous--mostly jealous of the thought of being away, of exploring and adventuring. Soak it up! Take care, Andy
25th March 2008

I can't even imagine!
As I am looking at your pictures in the mountain area, I can't help but wonder what kind of creepy critter is out there in the jungleish area you are walking in! I sent you an email. Hope you get it. You go girl! Take good care of yourself!
24th March 2008

African Mountains
Hi Kelsey, climbing mountains in hot Africa is quite the challenge, isn't it? I climbed in Mali, in Burkina Faso, in Ghana and Ethiopia with my brother who is a mountain guide and even from his point of view, simply because the trails are not so well done, and they go quickly up and are quite the challenge even for people with experience and the sweat is incredible... I really know what you mean, I've been through it all but remember the feeling once you got to do it! If you get to do some african dance, you might get the same feeling, I've never sweat so much in my life, I was dancing 3-4 times a week, 3 hours a day, with Gasco's group and as you know, ghanaian dance is quite intense when you really get involved! Thanks for the pictures, it feels good to get away and reconnect with Nature... You are lucky you have your group, I came alone 3 years ago, and so I've been living a different experience, almost strictly with ghanaians, it's been amazing, and I actually never miss home, but I did miss having a friend who could truly understand me and I did come accross a few foereigners who made my day a few times!!! Happy Easter, here in montreal, we are celebrating it under 4 feet of snow at least!!! Cheers, Bella
9th March 2008

OH SWEET Ghana, and Gouda Music
Hi there, this is funny, I was looking for Threeleaf's blog (Kent's group in Ghana from Texas with Gouda' Group) and I found your blog and I'm happy to see your pictures, and your stories, it's amazing to see how different people go to Ghana and I really wish you the time of your life!!! I will be back in a few months, I'm a friend of Gouda (and the wife of one of them, haha) and a friend of Natalie, so I feel connected to anyone who have the chance to meet my amazing friends!!! Say hi to them from Bella!!! Small world!
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18th February 2008

Nice going sweetie,
I almost wished I could be with you. However, I am not in favor of leaking refigs. or toilets. Keep us posted, stay safe and I love you. Oh, the pictures are great.
12th February 2008

Missing the Snow?
Hey Kelsey! Hang in there babe - enjoy the warm 85 degree temps and think of us as we continue to shovel! I wish I was with you - have fun and I look forward to following your journey.
6th February 2008

You'll have the time of your life....
You are right to be nervous about your impending trip but you are also right that this experience will enrich, educate, and enliven your life in countless, unimagined ways. I envy you the experience you are undertaking. Happy travels and best wishes!
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