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South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco July 20th 2007

Managed to navigate the bus system today to find one that would take us to Pisac. Easy to work out where to get off for the first site as half the bus were clutching Lonely Planets (in various languages) so we all piled off at Tambo Machay or El bano del Inca, a ceremonial spring and Incan bath. Next, we crossed the road to Puca Pucara (red fort). There was no sign of the famous pink colour it is supposed to have got its name from but very impressive anyway. Managed to snap a couple of photos of llamas and donkeys as we crossed although Lou got caught by the ten year old owner and made to pay! We then set off for the 8km (according to the all-knowing Lonely Planet) walk back to Cusco only ... read more
Tambo Machay
Puca Pucara
Tambo Machay

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco July 19th 2007

Arrived in Cusco after the most comfortable bus ride we have yet experienced in South America. Reclinable leather seats, and an air hostess (for want of a better word) who handed out blankets, dinner and breakfast! I could get used to travelling like this! We got nabbed by a tout as we got of the bus and decided to be lazy and go with her for one night at least. Checked into a hostal and slept for the better part of the morning. Ventured out in the afternoon to have a look around though got very distracted by the markets that seem to be on every corner here! I bought the Boleto Touristico (though the horrible woman wouldn't accept my student card and charged me double for the adult one) and found another hostal for ... read more
Incan Wall
Plaza de Armas, Cusco
Cuesta San Blas

South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca July 17th 2007

Arrived fresh from boarding the dunes at Huacachina (wow, that makes us sound so much better than 'falling over and hitting ourselves with our boards'!) still covered in sand so checked straight into a hostal in order to shower. The tout who had met us at the bus terminal to take us to a hostal (which was the top of the list in the Lonely Planet anyway so we didn't mind) was trying to sell tours of the Nazca lines. After having talked to people on the way down through Peru and considering it is high season it didn't seem too bad so I signed up for a forty minute flight the following morning. Wandered around Nazca in search of food and red wine (we'd had enough of budgeting by this point!) to end the ... read more
The plane I flew
The Monkey
The Dog

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina July 16th 2007

Spent yesterday in Ica visiting a couple of churches and a rather interesting museum full of dead people, trepanned skulls and (rather disturbingly) a preserved sawn-off hand in a jar. Not quite sure why any of them were in there but interesting none the less. Caught a taxi to nearby Huacachina (for a very reasonable amount - very glad we're out of Lima now) and checked into 'The House of Sand'. We walked around the oasis and up onto one of the dunes which took all of half an hour (Huacachina truly is tiny!) Got absolutely exhausted just going up the one dune so who knows how we're going to fare tomorrow whilst carrying sandboards! Made an early start to the day intending to have finished by ten but unfortunately didn't count on the locals not ... read more
Practically a pro!
Action shot!

South America » Peru » Lima July 13th 2007

Arrived after a horrible trip down from Trujillo on the first bus out after the strike ended. Still quite worried we'd hit rocks in the road or something but we arrived without incident at seven in the morning and asked to be taken to the hostal we'd chosen only to be told it was too dangerous to stay in Central Lima and we should stay in Miraflores instead. Fair enough we thought except this then entailed an hour's drive around and a twenty soles fare trying to find a hostal that didn't charge a ridiculous amount. I know it's high season but even the writers of the Lonely Planet seem to have some interesting ideas of what 'budget' entails putting $25 a night hostals in. Finally settled in at one which was nearer central Lima ... read more
It's culture, I promise!
Milk jugs perhaps??!!
Apparently STIs were a problem even then!!

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo July 9th 2007

Visited Huacas del Sol and la Luna this morning. Two Pre-Incan temples built by the Moche civilisation over six centuries to AD600. Managed to use our student cards for reduced tickets (unlike the horrible lady in Chiclayo who wouldn't accept them despite having 'International Student Card' written on them!) and get an English-speaking guide. Only the Temple of the Moon was open but the actual complex was huge. The temple is actually five temples, one built on top of the other. The first was buried and then the next built on top. In true Peruvian style and with a rather warped idea of preservation we were allowed to walk all over the buildings. The front facade was still being excavated but most of the inside walls were covered in friezes still with original colours. Absolutley ... read more
Mosaic at Huaca de la Luna
Weird Peruvian hairless dog!
Me and Lou at Chan-Chan

South America » Peru » Cajamarca July 7th 2007

Six hour bus ride to Cajamarca so of course by the time we got there all we could do was find a hostal (the owner of which seemed quite surprised we wanted to stay there) and then go out for ice-cream. According to the all-knowing Lonely Planet the best ice-cream in the north of Peru. All very nice but no-where near as good as Ecuadorian ice-cream. Decided we were the worst travellers in the world in that we can never be bothered to do anything so hailed a passing mini-bus and headed 8km out of the city to the 'Ventanillas de Otuzco'. These are more pre-Incan structures made up of hundreds of funerary niches built into the hillside. Basically, a lot of holes cut into a rock face. Not quite sure how they fitted the bodies ... read more
View from our window
Banos del Inca

South America » Peru » Lambayeque » Chiclayo July 6th 2007

Headed to the pre-Incan site of Sipan this morning in a rather intersting mini-van which seems to be the main form of public transport here. The site is still being excavated but the workers seem to have no problem stopping to talk to the tourists. Only Spanish speaking guides so we just went round reading the boards although the person who wrote them had an interesting grasp of English to say the least. It was actually easier to translate the Spanish than to try and decipher the English! The grave sites had been left with replicas of the bodies and treasures that had been found so you get some idea of how it looked. The finds are in the Sipan museum in Lambayeque. No idea why they're not in a museum in Sipan or even ... read more
Dead things!
Lots of pots!
Excavation site

South America » Peru » Piura » M├íncora July 2nd 2007

Arrived at Mancora yesterday in scorching heat which hasn't let up at all. No idea why everyone was telling us Peru would be cold, all my jumpers are currently residing at the bottom of my bag and look like they'll be staying there for quite some time! Caught a rickshaw taxi the 400 metres to our chosen hostal as it was far too hot to be lugging bags anywhere. We had a day on the beach although we didn't quite have the energy to join the surfers (and would probably die a horrible death on the rocks if we had tried!). I managed to step on a crab which decided to crawl up out of the sand right under my foot! Kind of off-putting! Also got invited by a very friendly Colombian guy to 'come ... read more
A friendly neighbourhood pelican
Hostal La Posada in Mancora
Lou and a new found friend!

South America » Peru » Piura June 30th 2007

After having to say goodbye to our family, all our friends as well as the kids at Adinea and the orphanage in Cuenca we were both officially emotional wrecks so took a couple of days in Vilcabamba to relax. Had a hellish start today with a 4.30am wake up call in order to catch the first bus of the morning from Vilcabamba to Loja. Unfortunatley this didn't turn up until 5.50am which meant we drove into Loja just as our 7am bus to Piura, Peru drove out. You would think buses would go regularly but no. Missing this one meant a six hour wait in Loja bus terminal in order to get the 1pm bus. Believe me, bus terminals are not nicest places to wait and we got a lot of weird looks for sitting ... read more
Setting off!
18 hours later!
A rather wobbly sunset from the bus window

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