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July 2nd 2007
Published: July 2nd 2007
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Arrived at Mancora yesterday in scorching heat which hasn't let up at all. No idea why everyone was telling us Peru would be cold, all my jumpers are currently residing at the bottom of my bag and look like they'll be staying there for quite some time! Caught a rickshaw taxi the 400 metres to our chosen hostal as it was far too hot to be lugging bags anywhere. We had a day on the beach although we didn't quite have the energy to join the surfers (and would probably die a horrible death on the rocks if we had tried!).

I managed to step on a crab which decided to crawl up out of the sand right under my foot! Kind of off-putting! Also got invited by a very friendly Colombian guy to 'come up to his restaurant'. In his own words 'We have weed and stuff 'cos we're Colombian!' Nice to know some stereotypes are true! Had lunch at Maracuya which serves the best brownie, ice-cream and hot fudge dessert in the entire world!

We intended on going to the mudbaths the next day but being us couldn't be bothered so did a lot of market shopping instead (it's for presents- not for me, I promise!) and hanging round the pool. (Yes, our budget hostal has a pool - I love Peru!) Had another great food experience at an Austrian vegetarian cafe with apfel strudel. Always good to sample the local delicacies I say!

Watched the sunset on the beach complete with a friendly pelican who decided to join us for the view although I had to resist the urge to slap the little kid who kept coming up to kick sand all over it as it was drying to dry off its wings.

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12th July 2007

Of beach huts and pelicans
Love the hostel Kat!!! Certainly looks like you've got all the comforts of home. Swimming pool?! Next you'll be telling me you've got sky television too!!!! Nice shot of the pelican... any sign of Paddington Bear in Peru yet??!!!! ;)
12th July 2007

yet more stunning photographs....
Another gorgeous sunset Kat! I can't make up my mind if it's your photography skills or whether you just have that many gorgeous sunsets to choose from! Either way, it looks like paradise there. Lucky you!
14th May 2008

Mancora wasn't on our itinerary
But it looks like it's well worth a stop, especially for that sunset. Hopefully we'll fit it in before we get to Ecuador.

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