Katie Haverty


Katie Haverty

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Valldemosa September 4th 2011

Day 2 in Mallorca! After only a half day yesterday, we had a lot left to finish on our To-Do list before we left the Spanish Islands. Fish Spa We headed out into the downtown district of Mallorca and while walking around we came across "Fish Spa". This 'Spa' gets rid of dead skin on your feet and smooths them not by pumice stones or by a traditional pedicure, but literally by having tiny fish eat at your feet... Sounds so gross... but we had to try it! So we paid (only 8euro for 15 minutes in the 'spa') and found our spots; right in front of the spa window. There were hundreds of little fish in every tank and you could tell they knew it was feeding time! This was the strangest experience I've ... read more
Mallorca Cathedral
Our Catamaran

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Valldemosa September 3rd 2011

We got into Mallorca this morning. Not totally thrilled about the hotel. Its pretty far outside of town and the buses only come every 20 minutes. It works though. When we got in, all the rooms weren’t ready yet so we decided to head to wander around and head to bellver castle while we waited for our rooms to be available. Bellver Castle The entire city of Palma is built on a hill that leads down to the port or up into the mountains. We headed up the steep narrow roads towards the castle, taking note of all the tiny allys and beautiful flowers. When we entered the gates of the castle’s land, I could tell the original owners probably did not have too many dinner guests. Steps upon steps upon steps. It took us about ... read more
Bellver Castle
Palma from Bellver Castle
Me on top the Castle

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca » Valldemosa September 2nd 2011

When I heard ferry, my first thought was that thing you catch to Mackinaw Island. Just seats, all open, nothing to do but sit & watch the water. Of course I understood these "ferries" would be an upgrade from that. After all many of them include sleeping quarters, have room for cars to be parked below, and have restaurants. What I was not prepared for was that "ferries" are cruise ships that take you from Point A to Point B. These things are massive. (Because I am late writing this, I will include my ferries both to and from Mallorca). On the way there, we got in late but had a cabin for our group. 4 girls in one, 3 girls in another, and the 4 boys in one. I roomed with Steph & Sharon & ... read more
Our Room on the Ferry
Deck Top Pool
Bay Panorama

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia September 1st 2011

Today we made our journey east to Valenica from Madrid. After only about 4 hours in the bus, we arrived in the seaside city and began to explore. I decided to break away from the group and do my own touring day. I had a lot I wanted to see. With a plethora of intertwining small streets, Valencia provided quite a busy day! First I made my way to the attraction I wanted to see the most, The City of Arts and Sciences. This 1 and half mile complex is made up of 4 buildings, one dedicated to art, another to history, another to music, and the last to animals. From the entrance to the city I was able to walk there in their large park that runs along much of the main highway. This park ... read more
City of Arts and Sciences
View from the Belltower
Tiny side street in Valencia

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 31st 2011

I decided to write a separate entry about our nights out in Madrid. Both nights I went out with Stephanie, Nick, and Hayden, 3 austrailians. Our first night we headed to the Mercado de San Miguel. This is a huge meat and produce market that doubles as a nightlife spot! People buy all sorts of fresh food, wine, drinks, or beer and sit at one of the many stools around the market. There were people here of all ages and it sure was busy! We had just eaten dinner with the rest of the group so just went for Sangria and Beer (funny that a pint of either costs less than a soda!). After people watching a bit in the market, we went to sit at a table outside. When we got our bill for outside ... read more
All of Us on the Rooftop
Market in Madrid

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 31st 2011

I love this city! Today I met up with Brady who is my unofficial tour guide of Madrid. He had the day off work and wanted to take me to see the things most people don't. I've already been to the Royal Palace and seen the Prado Museum, and while I could have gone again, I really wanted to see the parts of Madrid that most people don't. We met at the Puerta del Sol. One of the largest squares in Madrid, there are always tons of people and things to see here. Brady was telling me about some protests where literally people camped out in the square for months. I love how passionate people from Spain are. No campers this time, but plenty of booths for different causes. It seems that while the Plaza ... read more
Bush Wall
Inside the Train Station
Retiro Park

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 30th 2011

Australians are flippin crazy. Met my tour group tonight & naturally, I am the only american. Many of the people on my tour had never met an american and I likewise have never met an Australian so we some interesting conversations. Top 5 things I learned? 1. American Music is King. Think Louis XVI King. One guy paid 160 Australian dollars for lawn seats for a U2 concert.... each. 2. Everything is expensive in Australia. They pay about $3 a liter for gas .. thats about $11.37 per gallon...... to get a decent hotel in a no nothing town? At least $250 a night... 3. Australians are EVERYWHERE. Life & travel is too expensive in their homeland so they leave. I don't blame them. 4. America is King. Sorta like the above except the culture as ... read more
Bull Fighting Ring in Madrid
Bull Ring
Puerta de Toledo

North America » United States » Michigan » Romulus August 28th 2011

I have always loved to go on adventures. When I was young, my parents would plan trips every year to places across the country. From Independence Hall in Philadelphia to Tombstone in Arizona to Taquaminah Falls in Northern Michigan, we explored the vastness of our nation. Throughout my youth I also heard of many far off countries that my Grandmother would visit. Bangkok, Egypt, China, London, etc. I saw pictures, heard stories, and hoped that one day I too could travel the world. Its no wonder to me that when the opportunity presented itself, that I took this excursion. A mix of cities and beaches, this trip takes me from Spain to Italy to Greece. I left Detroit this afternoon and have already had more interesting experiences than I expected. The Bags When I checked in ... read more
My Poor Lost Bag
Basically the Same Size
Brady and I in Toledo Airport

North America » United States » Michigan » Ann Arbor August 22nd 2011

My mother asked me to write a blog for this trip. Make sure to note, this is NOT my idea. Anways. Not ready. At all. I have shopping to do, people to see, classes to enroll for, work to be done, oh yea.. and I'm leaving in 5 days for Europe for 2 months...... read more

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