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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » New Forest October 8th 2017

Jean and I were up early to get packed for our 8:30am departure with Christine. We drove for a few hours until we got to the New Forest, a national park where wild horses roam around. We saw several standing in the middle of the road holding up traffic and standing on the front nature strips of people living in the villages around the New Forest. Our first stop was Buckler’s Hard, a historic maritime village west of Southampton. Hard was used to identify a hard surface on the shore, perfect for pulling boats up on. This was where several of Admiral Nelson’s ships were built and repaired at the end of the 1700s/early 1800s. We also went on a 40 minute cruise around the Beaulieu River estuary, which is privately owned and a breeding ground ... read more
171008 2 New Forest
171008 3 New Forest
171008 4 Buckler's Hard

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Redhill October 7th 2017

On Friday, we had to be off the boat by 9am so we were all up early to clear out the boat and finish packing by that time. A taxi took us from the boat to Beziers Train station for the 12:11-13:41 train to Toulouse-Matabiau train station. From there, we squeezed into a taxi for Toulouse Blagnac Airport for the 5:15pm EasyJet flight to London Gatwick Airport. London is an hour behind France so we landed at just after 6pm local time and a car service picked me up to take me to Jean and Ron’s house in Surrey, where I am staying for the next week. I arrived about 7:30pm and Jean had cooked a potato pie for our dinner so we sat and chatted before dinner, catching up on all our news. Saturday has ... read more
171007 1
171007 3
171007 4

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers October 5th 2017

This morning Benny and I got a taxi into town to visit the Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire. We were dropped off beside the Cathedral, in the Place de la Revolutione which had a lovely fountain and café. Inside was a huge organ and an amazing ceiling. There was a mass underway so we sat down to listen to it for about 15 minutes whilst we looked around the interior from our seats. After quietly leaving, we walked around the outside of the Cathedral, around the Cloistures courtyard and through a pretty garden. The Cathedral sits on a hill and from the top you have views to the south towards the Fonseranne Staircase and the aqueduct that the Canal du Midi goes over before Beziers. As it was 12pm and everything shuts, we sat down at an outdoor ... read more
171005 2 Cathedral Saint-Nazaire
171005 3 Cathedral Saint-Nazaire
171005 4 Cathedral Saint-Nazaire

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Portiragnes October 4th 2017

We were moored through town so I took advantage of this and dashed into the village boulangerie early to buy a big baguette and some croissants to have with apricot jam for breakfast. As we were very low on our battery and water, we decided to leave Villeneuve-les-Beziers and go straight through the village of Portiragnes on to the le Boat base at Port Cassafieres, where we could plug into power and fill up the water tank. Along the way, we saw the VNF (French waterway body) staff mowing the banks of the canal with a big digger that has a mower on the end. Overall, apart from a few bottles and bags, the canals have been very clean. Several times we saw VNF vans and staff throwing anchors in the canal to catch fallen tree ... read more
171004 2
171004 3
171004 4

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers October 3rd 2017

Our plan was to go down in the afternoon session of the Fonserannes Staircase of locks, rather than the 8am – 9:30am session, because there had been several boats in front of us when we arrived last night. When we were first up, as we were moving the boat to where you queue at 8:30, we saw that the lock was open and one boat was in there already so we decided to go straight in. The boats ahead of us were halfway down and there were at least 3 lock keepers so they must be able to manage several basins of boats at once, rather than having one set get through all before starting the next as you have to when there is only 1 lock keeper. The whole process of going down 7 basins, ... read more
171003 5 Fonserannes lock
171003 6 Fonserannes lock
171003 9 Fonserannes lock

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers October 2nd 2017

Overnight there was quite heavy rain but it eased off by the time we got up, although low cloud was still covering the hilltops. We managed to unmoor the boat and set off without getting wet and continued cruising along the canal. Although it is wet and grey, it was supposed to be 23 degrees, with it 16 at that point. We continued on from our overnight stop just east of Argeliers, through into Capestang. We moored over lunch and went for a walk into the village and into the cathedral there with beautiful stained glass windows. Along the way towards Beziers, we saw the French canal management people grubbing out the bases and roots of condemned plane trees. The trees that have been affected by disease are marked and cut down and the roots dug ... read more
191002 4
191002 5
191002 6 Capestang in the distance

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers October 1st 2017

We left Homps this morning and spent a long time at the first lock waiting for our turn so we only made it into Argens-Minervois just before lunchtime. As the next lock wouldn’t open for a while, we stopped and had a walk around the town, before returning to the boat for lunch. After 2pm, we set off again and passed through the towns of Roubia, Paraza, Ventenac-en-Minervois and le Somail. Just past le Somail, the canal splits into 2, with one branch leading towards Navaronne and another continuing as the Canal du Midi. We continued on, past the village of Argeliers, and moored for the night with vineyards on both sides of the canal.... read more
171001 3
171001 4
171001 5

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Homps September 30th 2017

This morning we set out about 9:15am to get to the next lock as it opened but unfortunately the lock keeper was doing something else and then boats came from the other direction so he raised their side first and we had to wait for them to come up. This took a good hour or so and we came into the next town of Homps about 11am. We needed to refuel but the port was full so we had to wait until a spot became available (i.e. another boat left) so we could back in and plug into the electricity and refill our water and fuel tanks. After walking around the town for a while, we ended up at a café by the canal where we had lunch. Benny and I both had a Croque Madame ... read more
170930 2 la Redorte to Homps
170930 3 la Redorte to Homps
170930 4 Port of Homps

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Homps September 29th 2017

This morning we cruised through Marseillette and stopped at the Fonfile lock, which is a triple lock. The lock keeper stopped us all there as there was not time to get a group through all 3 of the locks before his lunch break! It takes about 25 minutes to get through the lock in each direction. Consequently, by 2pm when he resumed the opening, there was a queue of about 7 boats waiting. The locks in France are oval shaped and can fit 4 small canal boats or less if any are bigger sizes. 2 big iron gates have sliding panels that the lock keeper can raise to let water through when the gates are shut. The inside edges of the gates are big planks of wood, which as they are wet, expand to seal together ... read more
170929 3 Trebes to Marseilette vineyards
170929 4 Trebes to Marseilette vineyards
170929 6 Trebes to Marseilette olives

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Trebes September 28th 2017

This morning we cruised from our mooring through 2 locks into the town of Trebes. It had a beautiful bridge over the canal that had flower pots hanging from the grillework. Joe had been stung by a wasp in Bram and had badly swollen eyes so we walked into the village to find a doctor and then a chemist to get some prescription lotion and tablets for him. Lunch was at a restaurant beside the marina complex. After a long lunch, Benny, Ann & Joe went shopping whilst I headed back to the boat. When they returned, we set off but ended up in a queue 2.5 hours long to get through the series of 3 locks leading out of the town. Luckily, we were in the last group that went through before the lock closed, ... read more
170928 3
170928 4
170928 5 coming into Trebes

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