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27th March 2014

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26th March 2014

Fantastic analogy
This is a suburb blog! Loved every well written word. Enjoy your affair in South Korea.
26th March 2014

Good analogy...
I think you understand the phases of marriage very well as they apply to travel. The only difference is that being unfaithful to a city or country has fewer consequences, albeit that both lead to some regret.
16th October 2013

You should've married her!
I actually laughed out loud at this blog - thank you!.
17th October 2013

Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Maybe I'll journey back to her and propose to her with a green card. Thanks for reading!
15th October 2013

I agree that cruising has its place...
and that includes the Caribbean. We've gone to the Alaska Inside Passage and South Pacific Islands, both of which are really hard to do otherwise. We also plan at least one Caribbean cruise...and easy way to see five countries in 10 days for a thousand dollars! Like you, we would try to get away from the port area.
17th October 2013

Alaska, YES!
I love the idea of doing an Alaskan cruise, that may have to be my next!
14th October 2013

Cleverly written. I really enjoy your writing style.
28th December 2012

You're alive!
Glad to see another post and hope you're feeling better. And I like the shout-out to Illinois. ;) What's next????
31st December 2012

Next I think I'll try doing something I've never done; a travel entry on a location in my home country (the good ol' USA) :-)
27th December 2012

Re: A city of superlatives...
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27th December 2012

Will do.
We're heading to China for a couple of weeks after we finish with the sub continent. Any recommendations on any of those towns away from sh you alluded to?
27th December 2012

If you're looking for something near SH, I would recommend Suzhou or Hangzhou. Suzhou is only 25 minutes by train from SH. It's a canal city and has an array of gardens to explore. Strolling down the sections of old town with its maze of canals and arched bridges is a memory I hold dearly. Hangzhou is a city built around a lake, renting bikes and cycling around the lake offers sublime views and mysteries to unfold. If you have more time and want to venture far from SH, my favorite place in China is Yangshuo which is just outside of Guilin. Overnight trains depart from SH and go to these southern Chinese cities. Have a lovely trip!
3rd December 2012

Oh man you have been traveling too long, friend.
This post made me a little sad for you, Matt. It didn't sound like you. There is a law of diminishing returns that applies to long-term travel and it sounds like you reached it, friend. We were in Koh Chang in 2009 (in the off-season, mind you) and loved it! We stayed somewhat off the beaten path though...pretty far south on the island near Hat Tha Nam (sp?). It looks like you went to Ban Kwan Elephant Camp? We did, too and I was torn about the whole experience (my feelings about those poor elephants). Although I know that they are supported by the Asian Elephant Foundation for their treatment of the elephants, so... But like I was saying, we had a relaxing time there. Now way did we want to go to Phuket or Phi Phi! Talk about touristy... “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” ~ Miriam Beard Drop me a note soon and let me know where you are going to be storing your backpack for a while... Alicia
3rd December 2012

So you enjoyed it...I think? Maybe?
Hey! Finally catching up on a few of your blogs. Can't tell if you enjoyed Bangkok or not. What can I say...Bangkok is Bangkok! I agree on one thing for sure - AMAZING street food, huh? It sounds like you had a good time, maybe? Drop me a note when you can and let me know where you are going to end up when this is all over. Miss you! Alicia
20th November 2012

Did You also visit Lake Toba & Samosir Island ..??
Hei Guys, I really enjoy reading your blog & absolutely that was a great experiences,i've red it all ,but i couldn't even find your story about 'Lake Toba & Samosir Island" Did you also visit Lake Toba ?? Or You didn't ? if Yes,tell us please ,how was your feeling when you were there ??
22nd November 2012

Thanks and yes...
I did go to Toba and it's one of my favorite places on the planet now. I wrote an entry on my time there, you can read it here:
16th November 2012

What an awesome blog!
I have read your blog and, not only do I thoroughly enjoy your writing style, your photography is spectacular, as well. Consider a follower in me! Nanci Curry
16th November 2012

Thanks for the encouragement, Nanci! It's so wonderful for me to log in and see a comment like this. :-) I LOVE what you're doing in Central America and Mexico. What a liberation! Also (between you and me) Central America is still my favorite place I've ever been to, especially CR, Panama, and Guatemala (shhhh, don't tell anyone). ^_^
15th November 2012

Not bad for a bunch of zombies
"Be curious, not judgmental." -Walt Whitman
15th November 2012

Is this Walt messaging me from the grave!? :-D

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