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14th November 2012

Paradise Smaradise.
Here's the problem: When we hear the word "paradise" most people instinctively think of the beautiful white sandy beach. But, according to the definitions you gave of paradise, its actually more of a feeling...happiness! So maybe for some paradise is getting a bad tan and others its belly flopping with elephants. To each their own, but, for me personally, I'd rather be scrubbing the elephants.
14th November 2012

Paradise is quite individual!
Great read, it's amazing how many people comment in blogs about people not enjoying themselves on holiday or on their travels. It's such a shame as they will undboutedly come back wishing they'd made more of their trip rather than pouting on a beach all day.. why go you can do that at home! I think everyone has their idea of paradise.. each probably vastly different to the next persons. I have to say my paradise was not Koh Chang and found many many more beautiful 'paradise' places along our travels so keep looking and you'll find yours one day.
13th November 2012

love the way you write
to me Koh Chang is a paradise--I spend a week there every time I go to Thailand--you did get the best Elephant Camp--what beach were you on? I used to go to White Sands Beach--way up on the northern end--secluded-but now too expensive--now Klong Prao--much better
13th November 2012

Hope you find is out there...somewhere...awaiting you finding it. Great blog.
13th November 2012

keep telling the truth
10th November 2012

Great blog...
love the Dr. Seuss.
11th November 2012

Thanks for reading! I think I'll get some green eggs and ham for breakfast this morning. ;-)
10th November 2012

Much deserved!
We are so proud of you! Keep on soaking it all up! (I'll drop you a note soon. Promise.)
8th November 2012

Do you like my hat? I do not.
I absolutely love this entry. You really put some thought into it. You create a mental picture of a destination without bogging the reader down with too many adjectives. Just say it like you see it and with humor. That's what I call perfect. Now WILL YOU PLEASE GO NOW? :)
9th November 2012

Cat in the Hat was probably my favorite as a kid, I think I made my parents read it to me a ba-zillion times! Oh, and Green Eggs and Ham. :-) Thanks for reading again. Your comments are so sweet and really encourage me to keep writing.
30th October 2012

The Gods have forgiven you.
Thanks for the laugh. Enjoy the road. A there are times when you need to sleep in a comfortable clean bed.
30th October 2012

God of backpacking?
I think, people stay in budget places to make their travel funds stretch. There is no God of backpacking. At least, that is how it is for me, but maybe there are others out there appeasing a God of backpacking.
30th October 2012

5 stars and roomservice
I taught you well! :P
30th October 2012

Your friend
Your friend is a genius! You should listen to him more! ;)
28th October 2012

How'd I miss this entry?!
Another great tale. Every time I read one of your entries I tell myself, "ohhhh, this is DEFINITELY where I'm going next!" Your blogs are gonna cost me a fortune!!!
28th October 2012

Laughing out loud!!!
The camping pic made me cringe and the one with your sleeping travel buddy had me in tears laughing! Love it! Love it! Love it! So sorry about the phone! What a major disappointment.
28th October 2012

Hahaha! Thanks for reading! And yeah, I think I'll wait 'till travels are finished to get a new smart phone. ^_^
28th October 2012

Wow, all of that sounds and looks sensational!! Brilliant post Matt, and a stunning picture of Berastagi at twilight.
28th October 2012

Means a lot. I loved this shot most.
27th October 2012

Smiles and laughter
Your blogs always brighten my day. It makes me feel like every corner of the world should explored and shared.
28th October 2012

That's very kind of you to say...
I'm so happy my blog is enjoyed by the readers. And I agree, I hope to spend my life exploring all those corners. =)
18th October 2012

He Loves Every Place He Visits!
It's always the same story... I love this place! :)
17th October 2012

favourite place...
haha we say that all the time! sounds like a fantastic location - look forward to more posts from sumatra.

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