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17th June 2014

Golden Triangle Tour With
Really Helpfull.....
28th March 2013

This is powerful. Reading this reminded me of The Kite Runner! It is well-written. I do not think I have read this one before. It is ridiculous how they got arrested and everything. And I understand about holding on to the keys of their houses. My grandfather was taken away from his home in يافا and he lost all his official documents, his birth certificate and all that. So of course, we are going to hold on to our homeland and things that have been taken away from us against our will.
20th December 2012
My argeeleh and my girl :)

Awwww <3 You still gotta try that one! :)
14th November 2012

Oh, I forgot to put the link to the blog, in my last comment. Here it is. :)
13th November 2012

Here is the blog. The views in the photos should look familiar to you. :)
22nd October 2012

I am now back from my trip to Israel/Palestine. The political situation there is so much worse than I thought it is. I though, it would be a bit like northern Ireland has been for the last 60 years, but the types of situations that are happening in Israel/Palestine have not happened in Ireland for over 80 years. Being Irish I was very popular with the Palestinians who felt Irish people have solidarity with them. I am making a blog about the trip, but I take my time with my blogging, so it won't be ready for a while. :)
11th November 2012

I'm excited to hear about your trip! Please link me to the blog when you publish it :)
8th September 2012

A powerful blog drawn from an equally powerful experience. People debate the plight of refugees in clinical terms, but as you have so amply demonstrated, there are painful stories behind each so called "statistic". Thanks for enlightening the world with some of these stories.
25th August 2012

Very moving and very gripping!
19th August 2012

So Sad
Tears streamed down my face as I read your vivid account. I once watched two videos back to back. One was on the "camps" into which the Allies put displaced Jews in Europe after WWII until they could be relocated. I was shocked that "we" would do that. The second was on a Palestinian grandfather taking his grandson to see the village where he and his family had always lived until the Israelis gave them 24 hours to leave before they destroyed the village. I was so shocked that Jews, who had suffered from the hands of injustice, could then visit this injustice on others. You are doing powerful witness work; the world needs to see the truth and then act for justice. Bravo!
19th August 2012

Another powerful blog...I hope one day happiness & joviality can return to the troubled Holy fear is it will not be soon.
19th August 2012

very well written
you sound like an experienced journalist in this entry. very nat geo
19th August 2012

Thank you
thanks Harold! much appreciated MJ, thanks. Yes going through the refugee camp reminded me how fortunate i am and how others need our support
19th August 2012

Stay safe my friend.
A powerful blog. The world has a lot of unfairness and things wrong with it. As we wander the world we wish people could just be nice and get along. You've captured some interesting photos.
18th August 2012

Why? I know there might me many answers. Because humans are incredible, because they are stupid...
17th August 2012

languages and photos
I speak enough Spanish to have interesting conversations, but only one-on-one. I'm pretty lost in groups, so I couldn't have done what you did with Leila's family--good for you. I'm glad you like my photos--I love taking them.
16th August 2012

Great adventures!
Asalam alekom, Johnny. How fabulous that you speak some Arabic and can have chats and connections all over that interesting part of the world! Bizarre that all the bus station signs were only in Hebrew in Tel Aviv because I think there must be lots of foreign tourists there. Thanks for sharing your adventures.
16th August 2012

Thank you!
Arabic is a beautiful language! I see you're currently in South America, do you speak fluent Spanish? You take some amazing photos
16th August 2012
Watching the sunset over Tel Aviv

Oh My Heck
Wow, this photo is amazing. I enjoy the historic shots and scenic shots, but this picture makes me want to be there at the table.
15th August 2012

I love this!
I loved reading about the churches. Especially that part where you leave a prayer. The markets look busier than Suq Jara! The stories you heard from people are quite.. what's the word?.. I'll stick with interesting.. You know what I have to say about the occupation. But hopefully one day سنعود
16th August 2012

yea remember what i told you the prayer said? yea it was like one giant market and it was very busy!! yea :/ inshallah :) maybe next yearrr <3
15th August 2012

I hope I get to see it, one day..
I hope it gets easier for us to enter and visit our homes where our grandparents and great grandparents lived. Feel lucky you've been there! It is beautiful and I love the photos you take <3
16th August 2012

yea i really wanna take you one day! I do feel very lucky :) thanks baby! <3

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