S.E. Asia 2010

Jamie and Yasmin

S.E. Asia 2010

S.E. Asia 2010

As you know, Yasmin and I will be travelling to South East Asia in July and this site is for friends and family to keep up to date with our progress, read what we've been up to and view our pictures! Below (in green) you can see our trips planned and also look at our latest entries which we will look to update regularly.

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S.E. Asia 2010

Our initial route through South East Asia, although we currently have three and a half weeks free between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

Asia » Indonesia » Bali September 1st 2010

So since I last wrote we had a day at the elephant sanctuary which was awesome fun! We were picked up around 9.30 by our driver and guide for the day, Rajah. He was a Sri-Lankan, Malaysian who was very brash, loud and arrogant and didn't leave us with the greatest first impression!!! We set off for the long 2 and a half hour journey to the elephant sanctuary...as the journey went on, although Rajah remained brash and loud he began to grow on us as his knowledge of Malaysia was extensive and any question you had about anything he had an answer to! He stopped a few times to show us some of the main exports of Malysia including rubber tree's and cocoa! We also had an early lunch at a small town which consisted ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur August 27th 2010

Hello! Since I last wrote Yasmin and I made a relatively comfortable 9 hour bus journey from Kuala Besut to Kulala Lumpur, arriving here at 6am yesterday morning somewhat bleary eyed! After finding our hotel, waking up the man on reception and dumping our bags we made our first foray into the city! We made it to the iconic Petronus towers for sunrise and took some great pictures of the worlds largest twin towers. After half an hour or so taking in the sheer scale of the buildings we made our way to the radio tower (the 4th highest telecommunications tower in the world!). We had been advised by a freind we'd met in Laos to go up this tower rather than the Petronus towers themselves to get a view of the city and also be ... read more

Asia » Malaysia August 25th 2010

Hello! Since I last wrote me and Yasmin have become certified divers! Allowing us to go diving anywhere in the world which is pretty cool! So on Saturday, the first day of the course we slept in and had a rushed breakfast before meeting our instructor at 9 at the dive centre next door to us. Having read the best part of 120 pages about diving the previous night we were pretty desperate to get out in the sea, however we were disapointed to find another few hours of theory awaited us. We watched 2 videos and learnt how to put together our kit before some lunch at our hotel. After lunch and a briefing (telling us numerous tasks that we'd need to cover in order to pass our course) we were finally able to put ... read more

Asia » Malaysia August 20th 2010

Sorry it's been so long since i last wrote but the internet is hard to come by when you're staying in paradise! So...much to get through...we left the beautiful Luang Probang last Saturday for a short internal flight to the Vientiene before catching an 8pm flight on to Kuala Lumpur. Both flights were short and absolutely fine, the problems started once we arrived at Kuala Lumpur and none of our 4 cards were working...after some frustrating phone calls, thousands of security questions, one Big Mac and a few hours we were finally with some money and could settle in for a night at the airport! To my suprise there were actually lots of people spending the night in the airport! Once comfortable we were able to get a few hours sleep amongst our bags on the ... read more

Asia » Laos » North August 12th 2010

After saying our goodbyes to Joe and Rhian on Tuesday night we got up early on Wednesday for our bike and Kayak tour! We set off at 9am on a minibus for just a few minutes before meeting our personal guide for the day and picking up our bikes. Sycon, our guide was great and spoke very good English, always a good start! We set off for around an hour long cycle which was tough in places, especially as i was unknowingly in the highest gear for the first 20 minutes! We arrived at the river around 11 and picked up our kayaks to take us to the waterfalls we'd been the day before. We weren't disappointed to be going back as it's so so beautiful there! After 45 mins messing around in the water we ... read more

Asia » Laos » North August 10th 2010

Hello, today was possibly one of the best days of our travels so far. We had a lie in to recover on some sleep we've missed over the last few days before meeting Joe and Rhian (guys we met again yesterday!) at 11 for a ham and egg roll with a coffee for breakfast! We then took a tuc tuc to some waterfalls about half an hour away. Once dropped off we had to get a long boat down the Mekong for about 5 minutes before a short walk to the waterfalls. On the way we saw 4 elephants being fed their lunch, so cool! Then we arrived at the waterfalls which were just incredible, like something straight out of a movie! Yasmins putting some pics up on facebook as i write if you'd like to ... read more

Asia » Laos » North August 9th 2010

Hello! Since i last wrote Yas and I went tubing down the mekong river! It was awesome, so much fun. Went with 3 people we'd met on journy to Vang Vien. We jumped on our tubes 5KM up stream and as we went down stopped off at make shift bars along the way! The first bar we went to had a swing rope into the river that both me and Yasmin tackled! Was so much fun, the second bar we went to we played volleyball in a mud bath and the third bar we were happy to sit and watch others make fools of themselves! After the third bar we floated down stream for 20 minutes in the most amazing scenery. Was so surreal to be floating in a rubber tube down the Mekong river with ... read more

Asia » Laos August 8th 2010

On Thursday after writing my last blog we got our sleeper train up through Thailand to the Thai/Lao border. The journey was fine and we slept most of the way before arriving at the border at 10AM Friday morning. A short train journey across the friendship river and we were in Lao and filling out forms for our visas into the country. While in the queue a British couple, our age, in front of us hadn't enough money for their Visas so were essentially stuck at the station, we stepped in and lent them the 10 Dollars needed and shared a taxi into town where they paid us back. We arranged to meet them for a drink later in the evening. After checking into our hotel which was really nice but a little out of the ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok August 5th 2010

Hello! Sorry for not writing this sooner but the internet at the hotel was expensive so waited till the end of our time in Bangkok to find an internet cafe near our hotel! So we landed in Bangkok on Sunday morning after a short flight from Hanoi. We were greeted by a flash black BMW that drove us to our hotel. Was strange to be driving at a fast pace compared to the sluggish speed of coaches in Vietnam and there were no hoards of motorbikes on the roads! We arrived at our hotel 30 minutes later and checked in. Our room was beautiful with it's own Kitchen and lounge, my belated Birthday present from Yasmin! Was great to be in a room where the air con worked properly, the sheets were definitely clean and the ... read more

Asia » Vietnam July 31st 2010

As we leave Vietnam in the morning below is an evaluation of the places we've visited! Ho Chi Minh - Great place to start and a nice welcome to Vietnam. The tunnels are well worth a trip as are the various museums and markets around the city. Avoid the Cyclos!!! They rip you off! Nha Trang - I wouldn't go back. Kind of like a greek party island...fun but little cultural things to do, boat trip was good fun though! Hoi An - Great place! Would have liked longer there to look around the shops and buy more tailor made clothes, 3 days would've been perfect so as to fit in a day at the beaches which we were told were idylic by friends. Hue - Good to go to for a day and definately good ... read more

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