Jeff Croft


Jeff Croft

Allison & Jeff take a relaxing vacation in the Ozarks - dangerously near Branson!

North America » United States » Maryland » Sykesville May 13th 2012

Is 54 days before we leave too early to start a blog?... read more

North America » United States » Missouri August 9th 2008

We didn't do much today - went for a walk this morning here around the property. Then it started raining in the afternoon and didn't let up. We did some shopping, then had a nice dinner at Tony Z's Italian Restaurant. The food was great, but they were having problems with their liquor license, so no alcoholic beverages. Then we tried to go to a club that had live music, but they were catering to a private event and we couldn't get in - a fact they failed to mention when we called earlier in the evening to check on their hours. Oh well, we had a relaxing day. No pictures today, but I hope to get some tomorrow on our way back to the airport in Little Rock. ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri August 8th 2008

Really gorgeous day - we even spent some time on our porch for the first time since we've been here. We went to a nearby conservation center and took a little walk around. We think we saw a glade, which is a relatively tree-less area with lots of grasses and wildflowers. (Sounds like a clearing in the woods to me, but it's a 'glade') It was nice, and a great day for some walking around. On the way there, we noticed that there was about ten times more traffic in the area than there had been during the week. Besides the normal weekend visitors, this weekend there is a big classic auto event here that brings in even more people. On our way to our 8pm show, it took us 50 minutes for the same trip ... read more
More Nature
Green and Blue Nature

North America » United States » Missouri August 7th 2008

... this time to the Buffalo National River for a canoe trip. We drove south for a little over an hour through scenic rolling hills and woods. Of course, after 4 straight days of non-stop sun, today it was rainy! When we arrived at Buffalo River Outfitters, the rain had stopped and it was a little overcast. After we explained that we really, REALLY didn't know what we were doing, they sent us on our way for a six-mile trip. Our guide pointed out which way was downriver, for which we were thankful. (Apparently, a group of college kids went 12 miles the wrong way once - they thought 'since the river was low, it was flowing in the other direction ...') The river was low and slow in most places, and we got grounded a ... read more
Here's our canoe!
Scenes along the river
The River Pilot

North America » United States » Missouri August 6th 2008

Only around 90 degrees with much less humidity. We went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas today and had a great time. It's a very interesting little town - very artsy shops run by ex-hippies and artists. The buildings were mostly Victorian style from the late 19th century. Most of the city seems to be a historic district, and all of the homes and shops and grounds were beautifully maintained and painted. And everything is on a insanely steep hill - the next street over is really the next street up. Lots of pictures for you to see, plus a couple from around our resort. Tomorrow - the canoe trip. To prepare, today I got a T-shirt that reads "PADDLE FASTER - I think I hear banjo music ..." ... read more
Facade of a late 19th century hotel.
Sweet Spring
Landscaped area around Sweet Spring

North America » United States » Missouri August 5th 2008

... it ws 101. Heat index 111. Hot. We started out visiting nearby Table Rock Lake, a huge man-made lake created by damming up the White River which used to flood regularly. The rains this summer in the area caused the lake to get to 18 feet above normal level - now it is back to 5 feet over normal. We saw lots of 'woods' that had been underwater not that long ago. Then we took a ride on the Branson Scenic Railway, which took us about an hour south (back into dreaded Arkansas). The best thing I can say about this is it was air-conditioned. Most of the 'scenery' consisted of rock cliffs or trees about 3 feet away from the tracks, and you couldn't see much of anything past that. My picture is from ... read more
Table Rock Lake
The Station
A quick glimpse of actual scenery!

North America » United States » Missouri August 4th 2008

so we did 'inside' stuff. Allison found the Butterfly Palace. In this building they have recreated a tropical rainforest and imported hundreds of butterflies from around the world. You just walk around and they are everywhere, even landing on you occasionally. The entrance/exit is sort of an air lock to make sure you don't accidentally leave with a butterfly 'hitchhiking' on your body, thereby introducing a 'foreign' species into the US. Then we went to Talking Rocks Cavern - where it is always 62 degrees! (That felt good.) This was a BIG cavern and we went down a couple hundred feet. Some amazing limestone formations - the pictures don't do them justice. Tomorrow supposed to be the last very hot day, and then we hope to get some relief starting Wednesday to do some 'outside' stuff. ... read more
Very Blue Bird!

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock August 3rd 2008

Had a fine flight to Little Rock, Arkansas, otherwise known as the DEVIL'S OVEN! It was over 100 degrees, and it sure wasn't a dry heat. We had about a 4 hour drive to our destination in Reeds Springs, MO. Drove by or close to colorful little areas like Pickles Gap and Toad Suck Park (home of the Toad Suck Catfish Inn). After looking for over an hour for a 'local' restaurant along the way (they were all closed - Sunday?), we stopped at a Pizza Hut. This was the scariest Pizza Hut ever - inhabited by several people of various ages that were all related and were all barefoot! The idea of paying with a credit card threw them for a loop, so we paid cash to avoid a scene. As we ate, different members ... read more
Little Rock airport

North America » United States » Maryland » Sykesville July 29th 2008

Jeff & Allison head out to the Ozarks for a week - August 3 - 10, 2008. See some mountains and lakes, go on a canoe trip on the Buffalo River, see a show or two in Branson. A little more laid back than the three-week whirlwind tour of England last year.... read more

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