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15th July 2021

Indeed, I can't wait for that day either, Bob.
15th July 2021

I'm sorry to hear this news Bob, and I wish you and your family all the best at this time.
14th July 2021

Historic Buildings
Again, amazed at your research here Bob - all the names, dates and places. What also amazed me is the architecture of your old buildings and churches over there, and how similar they are to ours back here, yet with New World nuances such as the white features and open spaces. It is like your ancestors sought to create a home-from-home in their new-found lands.
15th July 2021

Home away om home...
Many of the towns and counties adopted English or Scottish names. Anyway, doing all this research kept me occupied during the Covid lockdown. I can't wait until they treat Covid the same as every other endemic virus.
14th July 2021

I'm always very impressed with your ancestor research Bob! And it must be very interesting to travel and see the places where they set foot in and lived. I'm so sorry to read that your Scotland trip is cancelled again 😔 I hope Plan B is just as exciting. I begin my travels in Scotland next Tuesday. I will think of you when I'm there. All the best.
15th July 2021

Plan B...
My initial plan was to drive north towards Canada. But then I got a call from my son and daughter-in-law telling us that their 22 week old baby in her womb has multiple chromosomal problems. So, we are driving to California tomorrow to be with them during this devastating time. I've stopped planning Plan B for awhile. I hope you have a great visit to Scotland. I look forward to reading your blogs...with a touch of jealousy!
31st May 2021

The Rewards of Travel
As Are pointed out having a purpose in mind enriches the travel experience. We went to the graveyard in N.C. of Dave's ancestors who arrived in the U.S. 1730 something. The world has changed a lot since then and they'd be fascinated to know we've checked on them. Keep up the stories. We are enjoying your exploration.
31st May 2021

Family roots and the rewards of travel...
Thanks for your comments. We are really looking forward to our ancestry visit to Scotland at the end of August. This is the most researched trip I have ever taken with planning started in 2019. And with the Covid lockdown I have had plenty of time to do the research. As I found family connections I started writing my blogs just to capture the historical information to decide where to draw the line on which to follow. I've written four blogs which now have to be amended to reflect our actual experiences. I may have to break these four down to even more as I don't like my blogs to get too long. After Scotland we are planning to visit Poland and Slovakia to search for Linda's remaining ancestors, with that tree only going back to her great great grandparents in the late 1800s. Although I visited where my Norwegian ancestors came from in Norway back in 1995, I've recently uncovered both Linda and my connections to ancestors in the Yngling Dynasty from over a thousand years ago, so may also tack on Norway and Sweden ago. So there is more coming, Lord willing, as I will need a kidney transplant in the next few years.
31st May 2021

Family roots provide understanding
Learning history as children it didn't have the same connection as when you trace the family roots to put things in perspective. I loved reading the progression of tracing both families. I have an aunt who traced ours decades ago and involved all of us in the process. She published a book for everyone to share. I'm glad you and Linda will be able to visit several of these places together.
29th May 2021
St. Gabriels Church, Douglasville PA

Travelling and exploring
Making travels and at the same time having some kind of goal or theme that takes you off the beaten track can be very rewarding. You get to see things and visit places that you normally wouldn't and we find that those places often are just as interesting as the ones you visit by following the recommendations in the guidebooks. Also it was interesting to hear about Old Sweden. One of very few colonies Sweden has ever had. One day we have to go there ourselves to have a look. /Ake
30th May 2021
St. Gabriels Church, Douglasville PA

Swedish colonies...
I hope you do have time to visit New Sweden! I'm so very lucky to have some interesting ancestors who have so many historical connections.
23rd May 2021

Thank for your story.
Although I am Dalat but I don't know about Dalat International School until now. Thank for sharing
21st May 2021

Love New England :)
I am from New England! I was born in Lowell Massachusetts, and even though I have zero ancestors there (all mine are in South America, and Europe) i still find the history there fascinating. As a child i took many field trips to Plymouth and other historical spots. I miss New England! Not the freezing cold weather though :)
21st May 2021

Nw England...
I also love the history one can discover there. Having family connections made the visit even more meaningful. But I discovered that I wouldn't want to live there. We still love living in the mountains of Colorado.
20th May 2021
Plymouth Plantation

Fascinating that you know so much about your ancestors
I can totally understand your fascination for your ancestors. Wonderful theme of your travels. I understand that there also are a few Swedes in your family tree. Do you know from where in Sweden they came?/Ake
20th May 2021
Plymouth Plantation

My Swedish Ancestors...
were members of the Yngling Dynasty from Uppsala. I hope to walk the short pilgrimage from Uppsala to their burial mounds someday soon.
17th May 2021

Myth or History...
Funny you should mention Lady Godiva whose real name was Godgifu, who was married to Leofric III, Earl of Mercia. She is my 28th great grandmother. Yes, her protest has entered the annals of myth or legend although she was a real person born in 990 and passing away on 10 Sep 1067 at Coventry, Warwickshire, England. The further back one goes the historical record can enter the realm of myth. Indeed, some of my ancestors names come down from the Yngling Saga written in Iceland in the 1200's. It provides the genealogy of the Norwegian and Swedish kings back to King Fjolnir born in 240 AD to the Norsk god Freyr and the giantess Gerd. Somewhere along that line history turns to myth.
16th May 2021

A wonderful and very successful trip indeed
You have done so well with your search of ancestors - I had started mine years ago but got to so many road blocks and then sailing started taking more of my time. You have gotten me into thinking I should get back into it again. Sounds like you were very successful in your search, confirmations as well as visits. Excellent!
16th May 2021

Sailing and Ancestors
I've enjoyed following your sailing the Tsamaya for years...before you crossed the Atlantic. I look forward to your next sailing season. As for ancestry, we started with Ancestry.com in 2002, but stopped until recently when the site became more useful with others' family trees, documents, and hints. I also use Wikipedia, Geni.com, Google Books, and other sources to include going to the Devon Heritage Center to search for original documents to confirm information, especially when the link is to famous people or aristocracy. I also hear from distant relatives who help fill in gaps. It is like detective work following clues. It has been fun especially during the Covid shutdown when I couldn't travel overseas. I hope you do pick it up again and take the opportunity to visit where your roots are.
15th May 2021

I'm not sure I know anyone who has been as successful at tracing their lineage as you! The information you've been able to gather and will be able to hand down to the younger generation of your families is priceless. Great work!
16th May 2021

This effort to find ancestors is intended to be a legacy for my children, as you said. It is also a very good theme for traveling. My previous, and continuing theme was pilgrimages, but I'm not so good at walking long distances anymore. Thanks for your comments.
14th May 2021

Myth or History?
Reading about the wild Quakers, I have to wonder if the story about the naked Quaker lady parading through town might be apocryphal, much as a the story of Lady Godiva is now thought to be more legend than fact. But hey, never let facts get in the way of a good story, especially if it makes history more colorful.
11th April 2021
Committee members on top of mountain across from Tromso

Hang gliding Tromsø
Hello. look at your blog from Tromsø 1984 pictures from the mountain lift in Tromsø. fun to recognize yourself in the picture as a young hang glider pilot where I fly from the mountain lift in Tromsø. Then I was a young boy who lived in Tromsø, now I am 63 years old and flying hang glider further south in Norway. Thanks for the blog and photos way back in time.
12th April 2021
Committee members on top of mountain across from Tromso

What an amazing coincidence that you were in the picture I took in 1984!

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