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23rd August 2020
Bryce Canyon NP

High on the agenda
Hiking in national parks in Utah are high on our wish list. From all the pictures we have seen it seems to be a wonderful experience. /Ake
21st August 2020

Dalat school address?
Hey there. Really appreciate your blog. My parents were baptist missionaries living in Dalat in 1964-65. I went to Dalat school as an 8th grader in 64’. The school year they moved to Bangkok. I would really like to know the street address of the old dalat school. I Can find our home we lived in while there because we lived next to madam nhu’s residence. It use to be out in the middle nowhere but not anymore. Can you help me? Thanks.
21st August 2020

Dalat School Address
I tried to find the school on Google Maps, but Dalat has grown so much even since i visited there last in 2008, that I couldn't find it. I didn't meet you since I was on furlough in 1964-65.
17th August 2020

Glad you made the trip to attend the wedding
When things are upside down all over the world and we are learning/adjusting everyday to new normal, travels are almost non-existent, I cancelled my trip to Africa in May,- amid all these Topsy-tarvy I am glad that you and Linda made the trip. Wedding ceremony doesn't come everyday and you made it. Indeed it was a close call with Liam ...glad everything went alright. Stay well and safe Bob!
17th August 2020

Glad you made the trip...
Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry to hear that you also had to cancel a trip this year, but we hope for the best next year!
16th August 2020
Liam at the Woodland Aquatic Center

Woodland Aquatic Centre
I remember the vacant lot and your plans for the Aquatic Centre when we spent time at your home surrounded in snow in 2015. This is the first photo of the completed project I can recall seeing. Job well done Bob...your vision and determination to get it done...you must be thrilled it has not only reached fruition but is spectacular!
17th August 2020
Liam at the Woodland Aquatic Center

Woodland Aquatic Center...
Perhaps I have been remiss in not posting a blog of the completed aquatic center, perhaps because it didn't involve travel. However, it was a long difficult journey to reach this destination! Perhaps I will write a blog about it after all.
16th August 2020
Meet the newlyweds

Congrats from the Dancing Ones
We have met Will during your visit to Sydney some years ago and then when we spent time at your home in Colorado in 2015. How time flies. Congrats to Will & Mercy on their marriage and may their union be blessed and bring joy to the enlarged Carlsen family from your friends in Oz.
17th August 2020
Meet the newlyweds

Time together...
We remember with fondness the time we spent with you in Sydney and your time here, and on both occasions you got to know my son. Dave inspired him on the path to becoming a lawyer. I will pass on your congratulations to Will and Mercy.
16th August 2020

Time Well Spent
It was interesting to read about what you and your family have been doing over the past several months since my life has been very, very boring in comparison. Just goes to show that inertia will take over if you don't keep moving. Great photos by the way. I'm very sorry for the loss of your kitty, Lorne Doone.
17th August 2020

Time well spent...
I was afraid that inertia was taking over and had to hit the road. I hope you can find a corner of America that you would like to visit! And thanks for your words about our loss of Lorna Doone. She would always meet us at the door to welcome us home.
16th August 2020

Love Road Trips
I'm sorry to hear your route home was blocked and that right now you don't plan on doing a long trip again. We find the key to success is only driving about 5 ours a day so you have time to explore. We love road trips and hope you change your mind. You saw some wonderful things. I'm thrilled you were there for the wedding and hopefully will be there in May for the next ceremony. Send our best. We love the San Anselmo area. We lived in Marin for 18 months. You saw some lovely parts of California.
17th August 2020

I love road trips, too.
But very long days crossing emptiness (e.g., the Great Plains and Nevada) are not something I enjoy. That's why we shortened each day to arrive at our next hotel about 5 PM, taking three days each way. Our next road trip was to drive back east to PA to visit Linda's family and to CT to visit my daughter and her family in their new home. I'm thinking now that I will send Linda by air to both places and then fly to CT later, perhaps on my way to or from an overseas destination like I've done in the past. You were fortunate to live in such a lovely place. You both have the perfect jobs that allow you to see so many beautiful parts of America!
26th July 2020

Comforting and encouraging words, thank you Bob 😊 I agree, we should put everything in the Lord's hands. I'm well thanks, also spending more time with family, and travelling more locally.
26th July 2020

Family and Friends
I'm sorry to hear that you've had to postpone your Scotland trip Bob, but it looks as though you had an amazing 2019 of trips and visits. I am also missing the travelling very much right now, but have also come to appreciate much more I think the smaller things in life. How wonderful to be spending time with family and friends at this tricky time.
26th July 2020

Time for the little things...
is one good thing that has come out of the virus. I've reevaluated everything I do and have cut out everything that causes stress or does not contribute to the betterment of family relations or the larger community. So much should be put in the Lord's hands. I hope that you are doing well.
18th July 2020

A wonderful year of family
Bob, thanks for taking us along on your visits with family and friends. You've had some ups and downs but could not be happier about your health outcome. That is excellent news. Covid has forced all of us to slow down and its great for all of us to enjoy and appreciate our families. Thanks for sharing.
20th July 2020

Years of family...
This will be another year of the family as we can't travel overseas. We head to CA in 9 days! I can't wait to hit the road.
17th July 2020

Nice to Read of your travels
We also have Devon ancestors but it looks like it may be a while before we get back over there to check them out any further. We are also intending to travel but within Australia only for the time being. We had a big trip to the Middle East organised but cancelled when Covid19 kicked in.
17th July 2020

Let's hope that everything opens up by 2021. My Spring is booked with my son's wedding and my son-in-law's graduation from seminary in May. I'm rescheduling Scotland for September. Perhaps you will be able to visit the Middle East by then.
15th July 2020

Two Good News!
Yes Bob, first it's good to hear from you after a while. And two good news: First, your PSA dropped next to none...wonderful! Second, your son's liver is fine. Amid the disastrous news lately from all over the world, your two good news brought some peace of mind. And of course, the pictures from the reunions are priceless. Thank you and stay safe!
16th July 2020

Good news...
Thanks. It's good to hear from you.
13th June 2020

Great old photos...and great travels. I worked at Thammasat University until 2008 and loved South East Asia! My wife worked at Sarasas.
From Blog: The Beginning
13th June 2020

Thanks for your comment...
it's good to hear from someone else who lived and loved Thailand.
From Blog: The Beginning
25th May 2020

I have deferred my trip to Scotland until Sep 2021...
due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the meantime I continue planning, with updates to this blog about additional ancestors.

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