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16th January 2023

Cross-country skiing
Thanks for sharing these very diverse and exciting trips. I am very impressed by your cross-country skiing, wow!
23rd December 2022

Ron passed away on 8/9/21. Covid curtailed our traveling in 2020 and then his health deteriorated in 2121. I miss him terribly. I have just started to travel again with friends. It’s enjoyable, but not the same. Thanks for asking about him. Pam
24th December 2022

Ron's passing...
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. You had a great retirement traveling the world together in many of my favorite places. I am pleased that you will be traveling with friends, but it is not the same.
9th October 2022

I loved reading this Bob, especially the bit with the fates of the Viking kings and noblemen - goodness, what ends these people met with. I learned similar stories from the sagas of the Faroe Islands and Iceland. The Vikings were fascinating people, and I'm certainly going to look up the series "Norsemen". I recognise the burial mounds, the Odinsborg Restaurant where I also had lunch, and the Stockholm City Hall, from my own visit there a few years ago. So nice to connect the dots in our travels. I imagine you're well into researching your East European ancestral history now, it must be exciting to be planning another trip again. Glad you arrived home safely, and had an amazing journey it seems. Thank you for letting me follow along with you in your blogs 😊
8th October 2022

Castles and Fine Days
I continue to be impressed by the amount of castles you visited on this Scotland trip Bob! I didn't realise Scotland had so many. Dunbar Castle looks familiar from my own visit there last year. I think I'm even more impressed that you had 11 days in a row in Scotland without rain! That's quite something, lol!
2nd October 2022

Scottish Castles
Wow, so many Scottish castles. They are really beautiful, so dark and brooding, with many tales to tell within their walls I'm sure. I'm sorry to read about your second mishap on this journey, and I imagine driving with a clutch must have been difficult. I hope your doctor back home has been able to look into it. I'm so pleased to read you made it to Iona! What a beautiful and holy place! 😊
2nd October 2022

Scottish Castles
I saw my doctor and nothing in all the tests indicate any problem. Thus far no symptoms upon returning home. Must have been the cramped flight! I really enjoyed seeing all the castles and also walking to the Iona Abbey. I've also enjoyed following you as you progress around Scandinavia.
27th September 2022

You seem to be
More Swedish than me, and my mum is Swedish ;)
27th September 2022

More Swedish...
My Swedish ancestors are many generations back so I'm only 4% Swedish. I'm sure you are more Swedish than me! Thanks for reading my blog.
25th September 2022

Horse Trials Judge
Maybe a white fib, but I think I may have done similar in your position. You needed better access due to your reduced mobility from the hotel incident, and some of these jobsworths' rules and bureaucracy are just ridiculous.
24th September 2022

Wow, great photos Bob, what a beautiful part of Scotland! And what a bloody past too - so many skirmishes and battles there. I love that you became a "Horse Trials judge" for the day, well done you! Great that you got to see some Highland Games! And also that you were at Dunottar Castle - I remember your comment on my blog when I also visited the place last year. I also didn't walk the steep slope down and up again, but enjoyed the view from I think the same bench you were also sitting on!
24th September 2022

Horse Trial Judge
Was I telling a lie when repeating what he told me to say? I still wonder. Perhaps a very white fib.
23rd September 2022

Tracing the Ancestors
I'm glad you added extra time to your trip to save miles. The fun and knowledge you gained was well worth it. We are enjoying your adventures.
23rd September 2022

It was worth it to be able to visit the Viking Burial Mounds...
If I had another day I would have flown to Gdansk to see the city gate with another Scottish ancestor's coat of arms displayed there. Perhaps if and when we visit Poland we will start in Gdansk and end in Krakow. I also enjoyed reading your blogs about the Canadian Maritime provinces.
19th September 2022

Impressive Family History
The amount of history you recount here and the family connections involved are stunning! The number of sights you were able to see was impressive too. I visited Sterling Castle many, many years ago but only saw its exterior. Was also briefly in Perth and Pitlochry -- seems like I remember Pitlochry was known as being a wool center??
20th September 2022

Finding ancestors over the last three years of research was like finding buried treasure. I think Sterling was my favorite castle; for one thing it was open! I hope you can visit it again. My first visit to Pitlochry was in 1980, and at that time it was very much a wool center. Now there isn't much to recommend it. Thanks for reading my blogs!
18th September 2022

12,500 ancestors!! Wow, you must have been busy with your research! I imagine you very much enjoyed the practical side of being on the road again here, sort of like a field study trip! And I love the Churchill quote! So sorry to read of your fall in the accommodation, but so great to read that you were still able to carry on and see so many places!
18th September 2022

I enjoyed following your adventures in the Nordic countries!
18th September 2022
Linlithgow Palace

Castles of Stockholm
It's nice to read your blogs. I guess you very much focused on castels and palaces on this trip. If so, I totally understand the point of doing that. I could do the same thing, and I would love it. We have written a few what we call theme blogs over the years. One of those was about palaces and castles in and around Stockholm. We published that in 2013 in case you wanty to hunt it down and have a look. /Ake
18th September 2022
Linlithgow Palace

I will read those blogs!
17th September 2022
Viking Burial Mounds in Gamla Uppsala

Uppsala - A possible future blog from us
I've been thinking about going to Uppsala for a few days and explore the city myself. I have been there a few times but I haven't seen very much. I might write a blog myself then if I find enough to write about. /Ake

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