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27th January 2013

Aussie bum
Great to catch up on the news. F - just to let you know that the Aussies got whitewashed in the netball over here - 3-0! Sophie and I went to go and see the Masters snooker a couple of weeks ago and we ended up on the telly. Sophie liked the look of Neil Robertson\\\'s bum but later on in the tournament changed her allegiance to Mark Selby. She prefered his playing style - nothing to do with bottom quality allegedly. Selby prevailed in the end so the right choice. Just watching the Aussie open now. come on Murray! It\\\'s been fab reading the blogs - looking forward to the NZ stories.
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13th January 2013

Happy New You to you both!
Very short and sweet! lol have a safe journey to NZ and have more fun guys x
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12th January 2013

Very cool that you are in Sydney.. I live in Melbourne and was watching the fireworks on the TV, and to be honest this year they were pretty ordinary! Sorry that you didn't get to see a better set. :(
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11th January 2013

A quickie?
Guy's, if this is a quick contribution of your blog activities,would hate to see the extended version lol...just in jest! seriously,glad all is well and you are a safe distance from the bush fires....keep safe and no heroics ok!
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11th January 2013

Only me guys.. asusual a great blog even if it is short and sweet! Ive sent you an email fi fi.. M its for your eyes too lol speak soon. x
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1st January 2013

Happy New Year
Today is New Years Day. Have greatly enjoyed your blog, especially as Vanessa & I have visited some of the places and brought back memories. We have a photo just like the one of Fi at the Blue Mountains overlooking the three sisters. Have a great time in Sydney. Hope to see you this year!!!! Joan & Terry
29th December 2012

Another great blog guys, so pleased you are having so much fun!! Have a great time in Sydney and a very Happy New Year to you both x
29th December 2012

Thanks for the blogs Fiona and Mike, we've really enjoyed reading them. What a fantastic experience - how does it compare with America? Keep the blogs coming it's an educations for us! Take care xx
29th December 2012

Only me...
Great blog as always... Just up at this hour due to the windy conditions in England at mo... Nothing major xxxx
25th November 2012
The Rock up close

hey guys sounds like your still having fun and more great blogs well written M!!!! So wish i could come and share some of your adventures, alas i am going through a greivence procedure, so will stay put and see it out! lol But be safe and carry on having the time of your lives!! Cant wait for the next blog (hopefully it wont be too long though M ha ha ha) love ya guys xxx
25th October 2012
The Dust Devil

I am amazed that crazy Poms (my presumption) were quite happy to hitch a ride from Darwin to Cairns via Uluru...seemingly unfazed it was to be for 1,000s of kms!!! But what a ride. Forever South to Mt Connor, Uluru & Kata Tjuta to weave their magic on you...then you headed forever East to Atherton Tablelands to Cairns...guided by an accommodating guy who wanted company for the long, long drive. My sister married an ex Grenadier guard in Katherine N.T...hitched up their vehicles and crawled across the Top End to Ravenshoe in the Atherton Tablelands...so I have some appreciation of the distances! Gotta say its nice to hear of others who travel the distances of this vast land. In OZ they are often Grey Nomads criss-crossing the country in nomadic retirement...a definite on our bucket list.
24th October 2012
Litchfield Park

Hey guys obviously read the blog backwards... but great writing M great to hear the veiws and working life M something that Fi will never be able to climitise too.. nor experiance lol keep safe and speak/email soon xxx
24th October 2012

Hey guys, Fabulous pictures and a great blog M- very funny! Glad you enjoyed the rock.. i can feel the spiritual side just looking at the pictures! will read on as im sure there is more lol xxx
7th October 2012

How are you both? looks like thing are going well. all well here. keep in touch. cheers Dad
22nd October 2012

Hi Dad. Hope all is well with you? I'm not sure if you've got some of the emails & texts I've sent, but things are good here. Now in Cairns after a busy few weeks. Are you on Skype at all? M
3rd October 2012

Great stuff
Fiona, a great read again, keep it up. You two are loving it and good luck to you both. Wine, chocolate, coffee and sun, it's my idea of heaven. I have just taken redundancy at work and I'm looking forward to taking it easy and attacking my bucket list! Take care Alan xx
22nd September 2012

How are you?
Hi both. Sorry it's been a while since we've been in touch but there's been a lot going on. The Olympics and Paralympics were fantastic. Looking for other things to do now though. Got tickets for the velodrome, swimming and athletics for the Paralympics. Saw world records galore. And got to see a British gold as well in the pool. Sophie's new job is going well, so all good here. Hope you two are both well and look forward to the next instalment.
19th August 2012

Great pictures
Hey guys, great pictures and a good blog Fion!! glad to hear you are moving on though, blooming cheek of that lady about twisty the cat! well done you two. Lots of luck on your next place of adventure, Olympics were great though! just sat home and watched it really, but work got on the way for alot of it ;0( hope to skype you guys again soon, take care xx
13th August 2012

About Time
Thanks for this you seem to be still enjoying yourselves. Vanessa and I did a trip up the swan river to visit the wineries and I'm sure we went to Houghton. Just lie you we only went for the free wines. Joan
1st June 2012

Hi Michael and Fiona. Great to hear from you. Sounds like life is treating you well on your adventures. With all the wildlife photos perhaps you could do a spot on Springwatch. Another job suggestion Michael is to go on any remake of Baywatch (although you might need to ditch the snorkel). When you were in Bungarra did you go to any parties? If so did you see Silvio Berlusconi? Apparently he frequents there quite often. We're gearing up for the Jubilee weekend. Typically it's going to rain but shouldn't dampen everyone's spirits. Might even be some coverage down where you are. And then the Olympics - got some more tickets now so looking forward to that and of course there's the torch relay - excitement mounting in both Dorset and Basildon. Looking forward to hearing about the next stage of your travels. Keep well and speak soon.
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30th May 2012

Yo to you both- another great blog well done Fi... Loving the photos and of course reading your adventure.. glad your loving Oz. keep them coming :-)
From Blog: No dramas
23rd May 2012

Loving reading about your adventures, gotta admit I am a little green with envy. Sun, sea, coffee, great people and wildlife you have it all :) That big lizard looked amazing and the bustard. Continuing enjoying your adventures and telling us all about them. Alan xx
From Blog: No dramas
20th May 2012

Yet another great blog guys!! and fab pictures! mega jel!!! you guys are having so much fun and adventure. Theres a programme here about poms in paradise about brits in oz, and also stuff a mate of mine, Jamie is living over there, and its seems such an amazing life. Live, laugh and enjoy! Love you guys live the dream xx
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8th April 2012

Up to date at last!
As promised, we have finally got around to looking at the blog-in fact we've just spent almost two happy hours enjoying the tour. It was lovely to hear from you today and a very happy easter to you both:-) Very much looking forward to hearing your next adventures although I (Sophie!) get very squeamish at your tales of the Aussie insects! I just don't know if I could handle them although I have to admit that the views are probably worth it! Steve here. Happy Easter to you both. Great to catch up on the blog. Sounds like you're having a fab time. Watching the Masters. Westwood's in with a shout. Not normally into golf but my approach into the 18th (second time round on the local 9-hole course) makes me think that it might be me in a few years. Just having my first glass of wine after Lent. Sophie's had her sugar rush after a chocolate egg. We're both happy! And after cleaning the windows even more so (there is nothing less humdrum than cleaning the windows to the sound of local ornothological delights). Bonnet de douche and look forward to hearing the next instalment.
12th March 2012

Yo Dudes
hey hows you guys, great Blog, keep it up especially keep adding the bits about being you guys re: rows and general adhoc stuff it keeps it very real for us lot back home. kelly Dupreez had a baby girl 7lb... no name this was on Saturday 8.30pm after a hard days work is all Kelly texted. Ive got my cousin living with me at mo Paul- a week tomorrow just helping him out. Will be holding a meeting with him tonight to go through certain things we didnt in the inital set up- hopefully it wont be for too long... it's different having a kid live with you for a weekend though. Looking for a different job.. Loving the facy that your doing this and bloody wish i was with you guys xx Mo- so sorry about birthday wishes, happy belated xx stay safe and speak real soon - much love from Ace x

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