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9th March 2012

Another great bog M, keep em coming!! Glad you are having a fab time, wish i was there ;0) xx
21st February 2012

Nice one!
Hey M, you sold it to me! Very well written I must say, perhaps your vocation could be a writer?? Sounds like a very nice way of easing into travelling mode, well done guys, and enjoy the next step x
9th February 2012

Lucky you
OOOOh how exciting enjoy every minute of it ! x
8th February 2012

Hi Fiona! While you were packing your swim suits I was turning out 20 years' worth of M&S receipts, tons of spare buttons from the M&S clothes and other stuff from my dressing table drawer. I found an Echo article from several years ago with your photo on. How weird! Thanks for including me on your blog news. I will look forward to reading about what you are doing. I'm off to Spain on the 18th. Not quite as exotic or warm but still better than this climate. Have a fantastic time Down Under. You won't want to come back! Have a good journey. Jane
8th February 2012

Good times ahead
I just wanted to say good luck and have a lovely time we will miss you both but we know you will have a good adventure lots of love Jel & Bev
15th May 2009

It's over
Great story telling over many months ... well done to you both. Hope you cope when you come back to earth (well, Essex), with a bump.
7th May 2009

Minami beach,beatifui.
Thankyou for introducing the beatiful place to me,it took me breath!
From Blog: The Dawn of 2009
30th April 2009

Lift Home
Hi you two, Looks as if you are both really enjoying yourselvs and all is going very well. We have all enjoyed reading your bloggs and looking at all, the photos. I can see that you may not want to come home but you must miss a lot of people even if you have made lots of new friends. I will be able to meet you at the airport if you have not got any other offers. looking forward to seeing you both very soon. Lots of love Dad X X
30th March 2009

I'm ready for my close-up Mr De Mille!
Hi you two winning gamblers (glad you didn't lose your shirts). You can now both say that you did Vegas and WON ! Those hotels are something else aren't they. Driving to Lake Arrowhead was dicey wasn't it (well done on the driving F). Good job you didn't find a motel in the fog though - run by Norman Bates (Psycho). That could have been scarey as Nicola and Fiona might have flipped leaving yet more toilets to unblock M! I'm only joking. It was great that Nicola was able to join both of you and that she really enjoyed herself. Spending time on the Preserve also sounds great - although hard work. Enjoy your time in California. Lots of luv Mum/Daphne xxx
28th March 2009

Here here maureen, too much info about the goings on in the loo! Sounds so cool and im so jealous you got to see a whale - dame it lol enjoy the rest of your trip guys, it was great to share some of it with you both, thanks for having me ;0) Nic xx
27th March 2009

News about loos!
Another great blog from you M (although perhaps a bit too much info about toilets!). I'm just glad I don't know half the things that happen when you're driving in bad weather. The descriptions of Vegas are something else and you all obviously had a great time there. Take care! Love Mum (Maureen)
25th March 2009

Your name for the Cathedral is in need of...
Hello and good day, I just wanted to share one correction with you regard's your pict'x of the "San Antonio Cathedral".... It's actually the San Fernando Catherdral and is the oldest operational cathedral in the U.S. Ciao, Ukwanni www.artofu.biz
From Blog: The Big Easy
8th March 2009

Oi Spielberg
Stick to the directing!What was that Russian accent, or was it Scottish?! Just been watching the Applicant again. Ah those memories. It's two years since Rich and I did that and Comic Relief is on Friday. Not doing anything specifically for that except eating Burmese-style (although not for charity). Stunning scenery in the photos. I know what you mean about the adventurous one. My adventurous one does exactly the same thing (except not in anything cold). Speaking of which, her neck is better now. Mum's having a bit if a knees up next week. Will be thinking of you both wherever you are. And thinking along the birthday lines, happy birthday M! I've given up fry-ups and chocloate for Lent, and what with the reduction in alcohol and drinking of benecol, have lost some weight. Cycling back into work as well has also helped to shed a few pounds (especially when getting passed by those bendy buses - ome on Boris get rid of them asap!) Mandelson got hit with a custard tart the other day. And since you've gone, you both now own massive stakes in banks, as do we all. Hope you're having a great day for your b'day M. Are you placing a bet in Vegas. Hope your numbers come up!
6th March 2009

John Wayne rides again - get off your horse and drink your milk!
Hi M and F what fantastic scenery you've both seen this time - breathtaking stuff. Glad to know that you have recovered from your illness M and are now feeling well again. The sight of that bald eagle must have made you jump for joy F - I know it would have done if it had been me. You've also seen the famous rocks that appear in so many westerns - did you keep looking to see if you were being chased by Indians as you crossed the plains? Well must sign off now but just want to wish you a very happy birthday for Sunday M - have a great time (don't forget to open your card). Lots of love to you both Mum/Daphne xxx
6th March 2009

i love all your travlogue! i am so glad u r going to all these parks and sites. we have been to most of the places where u have traveled and u r getting such a wonderful view of our "west". you've been to more place than most americans have. it is different every season of the year. you miss the incredible, awesome colors of the aspens in the fall, but to see these parks with snow is really neat. and much less crowds. i have heard of sharing peoples' couches and i'm glad it worked out...another way to experience america. curious to see what u think of vegas. 2 days and i've had enough and don't need to go back. hoover dam is worth visiting and there is a park about 30 min out of town that is ok. really have enjoyed your travels thru you commentary...can't wait to see what you think of the pacific coast. enjoy....angie guida (susan's mom)
1st March 2009

Still going great guns!Love the video...question,why the appalling Swedish accent,Mike? lol.....only joking,I know it was South African....keep well guys! Andy
18th February 2009

Am a bit confused - M - did you flatter your eyes at the young male officer of did F? I just have flashbacks to the Top Gear episode they did in the South of the US of A....
18th February 2009

Thank goodness you didn't get stranded in the snow. Not quite the cosy littl number as back here in London. All the buses ground to a halt - wouldn't have happened in Russia! We've started this restaurant club, where each month we go to a restaurant from a different country, with a different lettered country each month - it's B next month, so should be a bit further on by the time you get back. We tried Afghan the first month - lots of lamb and yoghurt based foods but was good. Some was very spicy though. Sounds as though you are keeping well - Sophie has had her neck hurt by the chiropractor she went to. It's recovering now but a slow process. Mum came round for lunch a cople of weeks ago. And we had vegetable lasagne - gorgeous it was. James and Viv have got engaged as well. Apparently Mandelson let rip into Starbucks today - sounds as though it could have been a bit like the Joe Kinnear rant after he joined Newcastle. Arsenal are still in the Cup (good win over Cardiff the other night). You probably know that though what with the internet and all. Unlike when I was in Russia, when the papers were delayed by a month. At least you wont come back thinking you've won the Premiership like I had (you're not having the best run there at the moment). Lost to the Welsh at the rugger - good game though. Roger and Colette are well happy though. In terms of sports - will you try to get to see anice hocey game? Anyway, enough of this gabbling. Have a safe time and look forward to the next blog.
15th February 2009

ouray hot springs
hi guys; glad you're having fun. angie and i soaked in the hot springs at ouray and the water turned my beard green! fortunately the color came out with shampoo. good luck in utah. jim jim
3rd February 2009

Gators, crocs and all that Jazz!
Hi you two what a great time you're both having! The Everglades sounds so exciting with all the wonderful wildlife (gators,crocs and beautiful birds - enough to make Crocodile Dundee envious). NO was certainly an experience especially hearing all that live music in the hometown of Jazz! So glad you caught up with F's family in Texas, sounds as though it was great fun. Can't wait for next blog. Take care. Luv you lots. Mum/Daphne xx
From Blog: The Big Easy
28th January 2009

Bet those RSPB boys are envious!
Hi Fi and M - the latest blog - about time too! What a great one though, it was so interesting; it was almost exhausting to read how much you had done. Look forward to the next episode. Everything fine here. Mum
28th January 2009

a good read
Super account, brings it all to life. Keep it up! Chris
27th January 2009

Wish I were there!! ........have fun guys, what an experience :-) xx
26th January 2009

Are you OK?
Hi both. We're beginning to wonder what's happened to you both?! Three weeks and no news. Hopefully the gators haven't got you. Looking forward to some news soon and where you've been. US must have been Obama mad recently. Went to go and see some dance on Saturday. Some of it was fanastic, even some of the hiphop stuff. There was some acrobatics that had to be seen to be believed. Met up with Nan a couple of weeks ago which was good as hadn't seen her for ages. Little Alex is growing up quickly. Hope you're not going to put any naked pictures of yourself onto the blog - the sight of Michael with his shirt off was enough to turn my stomach. Whatever will Mum say. But suppose it's better to do that sort of thing over there that on a freezing day in the north east. Hope all is well.
From Blog: The Dawn of 2009
4th January 2009

ha ha
Happy New Year to you both! ha ha what a funny blogg you guys!! keep em coming and be careful in the everglades!
From Blog: The Dawn of 2009

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