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Fiona and Michael

This is it (again)! Our way of keeping in touch whilst on our second big adventure, letting you know how skint/happy/sad/alive we are as we travel this time across Oz and NZ (via Dubai) during the continuing economic meltdown! Oh well, we'll do our best to enjoy our travels on what dosh we've still got...! xx

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 11th 2013

This is our last blog (for now)! The last time you heard from us we were basking in the glorious weather in Auckland, New Zealand. Today I am typing this back home at my desk, nestled comfortably near the heater as a winter storm rages outside. As the snow drifts against the window it is somewhat difficult to remember those days spent lazing in the sun. How quickly things can change. In Auckland we were woofing with another lovely lady as she sorted through her belongings for a move to a new home. She lived in a simply stunning little house that was surrounded by beautiful, lush greenery. Tucked behind rows of houses her garden was an oasis from the greyness of surburban life. I think she will find it hard to move, particularly since developers ... read more
The Singapore skyline
Hindu temple
Hindu religion is so colourful

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands February 18th 2013

Kia Ora! Friends & Family So we left Australia after 11 glorious months. Sydney was fantastic, a great place to spend the festive season plus it had a climate which I prefer to the ffffreezing UK. Equally it was great to spend almost 4 weeks there and not spend a cent on accommodation! New Zealand has been another place we'd long wished to visit and for F it was a hope to enjoy some cooler weather. Arriving in Christchurch it was soon raining & windy so she was happy. Since then though it has been glorious weather here in NZ. Christchurch is a sad city. It has suffered greatly from the recent earthquakes (2010 & 2011). Whilst many of those who remain are trying hard to rebuild, it certainly has lost the soul of the major ... read more
A memorial to those who died in the Earthquakes
Christchurch Museum
Christchurch Botanical Gardens

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 11th 2013

Happy 2013 everyone We hope you had a great Christmas & New Year. Just a quickie (I promise) to wish everyone a great 2013 and give a quick taste of what we got up to over the festive period. We were lucky enough to get a house and pet sit by Bondi beach over Chrimbo. A great location and we were tasked with looking after two bunnies & three guinea pigs. Not much hassle you would think but these bunnies didn't get on. They'd had several fights during 'bunny dating' and Lola had a damaged leg. This meant that we ended up giving her injections everyday and working with Ari (the vet) to change her bandages. We never thought bunnies were that violent but we woke one morning to find clumps of fur all over the ... read more
Sydney Harbour
Catching up with our friend Emma
Bondi on Christmas day

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne December 21st 2012

Hi one and all. Sorry it has been a while since the last blog but we have done so much and travelled a long way. We hope you enjoy this episode. Remember to check out all of the photos. Unfortunately some haven't uploaded that well but don't worry they'll only be of beautiful scenery that will just make you jealous, lol. Whilst you may be cold and wet in old Blighty, fear not, as we too are suffering here on Bondi Beach in Sydney. However our journey began in Cairns, the jumping off point for the Great Barrier Reef and we were ready to see the ocean again after doing some more woofing in Kuranda in the hills nearby. Our host Karen (pronounced the Scottish way though she had a northern accent) was friendly but also ... read more
F & her fellow divers before they hit the ocean
Hanging out at Cape Tribulation
Taking a stroll where the ocean meets the rainforest

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru October 21st 2012

Howdy Folks - we hope you enjoyed the first part of this update, now get your cocoa ready for the main presentation... At this time of year Darwin experiences what is called 'the build up'. Here the heat and humidity increases but it doesn't rain. Aircon usage goes through the roof and people just sweat when they cross the street. We decided that it was time to leave Darwin and hit the road again. We wanted to see Uluru (Ayers Rock) before it got too hot but also wanted to go to Queensland for the rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately they are in different directions and several thousand kilometres apart. How would this dilemma be resolved? Step forward Mr Bradley Drinkwater. Brad is a proud Queenslander who had travelled to Darwin to fish with a ... read more
Daly Waters Pub
Daly Waters Pub
Daly Waters Pub

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin October 15th 2012

So it came time to finally leave Perth. It is strange how time can fly - you put your feet up for a couple of weeks and seven months have flown by! We were glad to have visited Western Australia when so many other travellers pass it by. We were particularly glad to have met some great people. In particular Leeann (our Aussie Mum) and Georgia & Peter, who welcomed us into their homes/lives and made a faraway place seem like home. We truly are blessed. As you can imagine there were some emotional goodbyes and several 'last suppers' before we caught the flight to Darwin on a wet Perth morning. Darwin is some 4000km (sorry mum it's all metric here! - F) north east of Perth on this vast continent, which means not only were ... read more
Flight to Darwin
A night time visitor
The Darwin Museum

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth August 9th 2012

Howdy folks, it's been a while but we're back on the blogging scene at long last! Sorry for the delay, my fault entirely for various reasons: nothing too exciting to write about (yes we are STILL in Perth!), no internet access at times and, quite frankly, I've had more enticing things to do, such as reading, dog walking, drinking coffee, playing netball and now of course watching the Games! Since I moaned about not doing any blogs, M has foregone all responsibility and left it to me to entertain you. Will make sure he's back for the next one mind cos I don't add enough nuance apparently! It's been nearly three months since our last blog, and in that time we've had the Jubilee celebrations, the football, the tennis and now the Olympics. Bet most of ... read more
Another Oz icon ticked off the list!
Hangin' out with the crew
Who's a pretty boy then?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay May 14th 2012

G'day Bruces and Sheilas! M has finally allowed me to put pen to paper (or finger to touchscreen) and write about our latest adventures – about time I hear you say! Hope you're well and a special shout out to our friends Kel and Woody on the birth of their daughter Erica. When will we succomb to the joys of parenthood? Never at this rate – all our dosh is going on this travel malarkey, especially now as my tourist visa has been extended to a year, meaning M and I can stay in Oz til next February, though only M can work – sounds good to me! Also Happy Birthday to my sister Clare for Monday 21st May, this blog is your birthday treat! So we left our cosy caravan and relaxed lifestyle in Perth ... read more
Arty flower shot
Termite mound
We're on a road to nowhere!

Happy Easter to one and all I hope you’re not getting too stuffed on Easter eggs and DIY! Here is our latest blog, we hope you enjoy. Remember to look at all the photos as we often give a little bit more information about where we were on them (scroll right down to bottom of page). It is sometimes hard when you travel to keep perspective on things. Days roll into weeks and you lose a sense of time. One thing we often ask ourselves is: is this right? Is it right that we are thousands of miles away from family and friends? Is it right that we haven't settled down, got a career job, bought a house or started a family? Is it right we are having such a good time whilst others work to ... read more
Beautiful Margaret River
The Stunning Margaret River itself
Aussie Wildlife - Emus

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth Hills March 9th 2012

G'day guys and gals, here we are upside down and strewth is it hot out there! And where'd all these creepy crawlies come from?! Well our first month away has flown by but we've been filling our time well. The flight from Dubai to Perth was a long one, but gave us plenty of opportunity to catch up on films and stock up on 'free' booze & drinks. (Though if I'd fully appreciated how expensive booze was in Perth I would have downed a few more on the plane!). After Dubai I was longing for a $3 pint but alas such things do not exist here. In part due to the sheer geography of the country and part because the minimum wage here is around $20 dollars an hour! (£13). Clearly they are paying the border ... read more
F enjoying the entertainment in Perth!
Wildlife Shots - Rainbow parakeets
Crossing the Walkway in King's Park

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