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4th January 2009

Sounds Amazing!
Hi guys! Happy new year and I'm glad to read you had a fab xmas. Sorry I haven't commented earlier I only read my emails today ( I forgot I have two email addresses) so I have just checked out your blogs and its cheered me up immensly. I look forward to reading more keep safe. Love Josie
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26th December 2008

Hey guys, Just to say MERRY XMAS!!! and I'm so happy for you both. The USA is amazing, and your def seeing it the right way. Have a great time and I'm sure you got something brill planned for New Years Eve!! well have lots of fun, love Suzy xx
From Blog: Praise The Lord!
24th December 2008

Merry Crimble!
Hi you guys I'm loving the blogs ( I'm usually laughing so much that the first place I go is the loo! - no change there M ). We're all so pleased that you are both enjoying yourselves and are keeping well. All that fantastic scenery, different lifestyles and meeting some wonderful people along the way. Well who'd have thought it, you two going to a deep south Baptist church. I can see the halos shining from here (or is it just that the sun is shining over Basildon today). I've got to say it 'HALLELUJAH' (arms waving in the air). Have a great Christmas and New Year both of you. Love you both lots. Mum/Daphne and George xx
20th December 2008

Praise the Lord!
Fi and Michael: hads a great laugh at the latest blog - they really get into their religion in the US! Just as well they're up and dancing a lot otherwise there would be a lot of numb bums after 2½ hours. Seriously it sounds a great place, not what you were expecting when you first planned it, lots of new experiences. Have a great trip south and look forwad to further blogs. Love Mum
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17th December 2008

Hey guys, This sounds like a great place! all that gospel music - sister act springs to mind lol Congrats on your 2nd anniversary, what a great place to celebrate it! keep going kids, enjoy!
From Blog: Praise The Lord!
13th December 2008

Hey you guys!
Hey, well dont you worry about working here chick, there probably wont be anything, so just join the dole and we will shout you, we do with everyone else! lol Glad to hear its nice and quiet there, its bustly here with the christmas rush on - but im all done for a change! :0) keep safe and please dont be preaching!! ha ha Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year guys. XX
13th December 2008

Hey y'all!
Hello! Finally I'm back on hotmail and found the link to your blog... What a fantastic time you're having! Loved reading about your very varied exploits, keep em coming. I have definite wanderlust myself right now... this has fuelled the fire! Good for you guys, lots of love Anna xx
10th December 2008

Hello guys...
Seem you`re both getting into the rural/farming way of life..when you both return to Blighty,looking for a new occupation?...continue to enjoy,guys,things reasonably busy here,taking Victor to his first school panto,Friday.....If we/I don`t hear from between now and Xmas,then seasons greetings..
2nd December 2008

Sophie says "like brother like brother!". (in ref. to M washing hands)! Saw little Alex again a couple of weeks ago and he's growing fast - a healthy appetite but with Stuart as a dad you'd expect nothing less. Meeting up with them again on Sunday to celebrate Sarah's birthday. Done most of the Christmas shopping already, which is a first for me (not Sophie who is ultra organised and always gets cards about 6 months before they are needed). We've put up our Christmas tree here - a wooden one with some lights on. Looks a lot better than it sounds. At least we won't have to hoover up any needles. Started my new job now - all going well so far. Long may it continue! We're having people round to dinner now that we've got the space. You'll have to come round for a salad when you're back;-) One of my old bosses was asking after you today M. Sounds like you're having a great time. Keep it up. Not long before you reach the warmer climes. At least the hurricanes will have passed by the time you get there. Look forward to the next blog and take care.
30th November 2008

hiya babe i've now joined the 21st century hope all is well. amelia and myself are looking forward to xmas. she wants everything in sight.xx
28th November 2008

Hey guys
Loving the blogs so glad you guys are getting on well and enjoying your venture while the rest of us face credit cruch! lol Be safe, take care - love nic xx
28th November 2008

Hey you guy`s,glad you are still watching the waist lines with all that food,mind,not watching it that closely tee-hee!....seriously guys,glad you having a great experience I`m certainly getting envious of your travels...have a great time,and take care ....
20th November 2008

Hi there! Just read all the blogs in one go! I wasn't going to send you a message as my first thought was I couldn't possibly have anything interesting enough to say which compares with the amazing adventures you're having but Steve told me that was silly so here I am...Well, we have met our very cute new nephew who is amazingly quiet and content. I was feeling quite broody 'til Sarah was describing the birth, then I decided nannying is the much better option;-) Steve and I are enjoying newly married life and the peace and quiet after all the months of planning. Thanks for the post card, it's up on the wall for all to see! The blog is a great idea so keep it up. Safe and happy travelling. xxx
18th November 2008

Keep it up - Im really enjoying the bloggs
18th November 2008

Hope you got used to being able to do a right turn on a red light :P Keep up the blogs,
16th November 2008

Told you Mike before you embarked for the States..about the Dollar,looking dire at present,compared to Euro..should covered yourself,convert Sterling into Euro,then convert that later stage to,US Dollar-still live, and L/earn..I know bad joke!..Glad you guys are having agreat experience out there...keep up the Blogs!
From Blog: Just a quckie
14th November 2008

sounds alright;)
Well, it sounds like you guys are coping with this adventure quite well....and not obese yet, definitely an achievement!!!! The dollar is sucking at the moment though, i have been watching as the Argentinian peso pretty much tracks the dollar....i hope you guys changed up money in advance!!!! Is this blog thing easy to set up, as i might copy you for my trip:) Love Kel
From Blog: The Big A!
8th November 2008

Glad alls going well for you...
..guys,yes the elections,getting the feel of Groundhog day here,remember 11 years ago the reat hope and expectation-New labour-what happened there?-nothing! Im sure Obama,is a man of integrity,but like back home..the dirty laundry etc,he`ll end up like all the others or his adminstration well...but,thats me,Mike ,cynical but accurate...but any how guys,im glad its going well for you...how far west will you be going,Colorado? is so,visit a site near Rocky Mountains(Estes park)and a place called,Never summer range...thats if you get that far!...enjoying the Blogs,keep `em up! Peter wedlock,sends his best wishes Mike,and need you in May 2009 as our Lock-bitch on the canals...take care Fiona and Mike
From Blog: The Big A!
31st October 2008

Glad alls going well...
...guys.So,Mi driving and no crashes? wow!.this US trip is working wonders.Seriously folks,enjoying the blogs..also it must be said Mike,the picture of you washing ,you`re getting to look like Mr Bean every day(Only Joking!).Continue to enjoy and start looking for cheaper Hotels..
27th October 2008

Glad alls going well...
..guys.Just got back from germany(and Holland)and Irmy sends her best wishes.This saturday,took Victor Hugo to Legoland(Berks)he enjoyed it-(mind you so did I).Have fun you guys,Fiona,don`t let Mike drive to much unless your Health insurance is upto scratch.. Take care,enjoying the blogs. Andy
From Blog: Made it!
23rd October 2008

your on your way
Hi Fiona and Michael, Glad your having a great time, all enjoying the blogs good luck with the search for salad. love Bev.xxx
From Blog: Made it!
22nd October 2008

Hi Fi and Michael Glad to know you both arrived safely, especially as Michael did some of the driving!! I see you're picking up the vernacular Michael with the "you guys" comment. Look forward to seeing some pictures. We can do without the vainglorious (look it up!) comments about Spurs though. Rosie's missing Fiona, I'm sure. Love Mum
From Blog: Made it!
21st October 2008

only me.....
Hey guys lovin the updates- keep em coming! Your not missing much here to be honest, getting cold snaps... unlike you two im in the gym 4 times a week and started swimming twice a week- so yes Fi i will be skinnier than you by the time you get back especially with that diet lol hope your both getting great guns and hope you experience loads more- cant wait for pictures xxx
From Blog: Made it!
19th October 2008

Wow guys!!! you look like your having an "awesome" time :-) I especially LOVE the breakfast out there and pancakes with eggs was my favourite. I am enjoying reading your blogs, so keep em coming. Much love to you both, happy driving! Mike, don't let Miss Daisy drive for gawds sake lol. Take care xx
From Blog: Into the swing
17th October 2008

You are a uncle
Hi Michael and Fiona, Glad you have arrived ok. This is just to let you know that Sarah had a little boy on Thursday 16th Oct Stephens birthday Ha Ha. They are both well and his name is Alex James. Mum, Stephen and i have been trying to phoine you so i though i would leave you this message. Enjoy yourselves and keep in touch. Cheers for now. Dad

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