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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram March 16th 2010

Beach! Hurrah for the beach!!! With a massive park full of natural, and man-made rock temples to play in we spent many hours exploring and marveling at the skill and patience of the sculptors and carvers who created this amazing spectacle. With a long beach and so many rocks/ caves around its a good place to escape the crazy temple towns of Tami for awhile. Granite carvings seem to be specialist work here with temple deity's been crafted here for export to new temples around the globe. Stone mason chisels and drills run from sunrise to sunset. Rising at sunset we watched the fisherman retrieve their nets before finding the 5 Rathas/ temples carved from a single boulder. A popular traveler hang out it has been a great place to stock up on suppliers and prepare ... read more
And a little more
Love this one.

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Pondicherry March 14th 2010

The French have saved us Well what we thought was going to be one buss turned into 3, nice. We not only stepped back in time here, we seemed to have changed countries!!! Pondicherry was once governed by the French, and we stayed in the french quarter, with wide clean streets beautiful pastel coloured buildings...very colonial. We ambled through parks, and promenaded along the beach front, even found coq au vin on some menus!! Pasta, Guy ate so much pasta. There is no tax on Booze here so the beer is really cheap, even found a Carlsberg quart. There are many Ghandi statues around this part of India, not only is he a national hero, he also made significant decisions in and around here ( weaving alt m his own cotton, and the end of the ... read more
Great Head Gear
Blessing, we just love these guys!

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Thanjavur March 12th 2010

Thanjavur - Ancient Temple Town A few more hours on a bus took us to Thanjavur, with a completely different kind of temple. Brihadishvara Temple is made entirely of natural stone, laid out over large walled gardens, with two star attractions: a 217ft gopura (again with carved 'gargoyle' gods), and a 20ft 25 tonne granite cow (Nandi). Once again we visited twice it was so good, and on the second visit we were fortunate enough to witness the Nandi Ceremony. Washing the cow with gallons and gallons of milk, before drying, and dressing Nandi with garlands of pink and yellow flowers and a sari! (Nandi in this case is a 6m high Granite cow) It was absolutely amazing, practically the whole town had turned out for the occasion, families brought picnics and partied well into the ... read more
Bronze working
Bronze working
Thanjavur Temple 900ad

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruchirappalli March 11th 2010

Fort & Temple Town Gripped by temple fever we made our way by train this time to another of Tamil Naidu's great holy towns. However we managed to arrive in the middle of wedding season and all the accommodation was full, we spent the afternoon driving round like lunatics to settle on a decidedly average pink room, Liff loved it though. The streets where alive with bling for every aspect of a wedding. This time we found a rock temple...437 steps (hard work in 38') took us through and up a massive 'boulder' sitting like Ayers Rock, to the temples. Some were carved into the rock to create 'caves', some were built on the granite, and the views were stunning. Another beautiful temple elephant guarded the entrance, and devotees offered money, flowers and fruit in return ... read more
Trichy Fort at sunset
Were surrounded by them
Temple blessings

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Madurai March 9th 2010

Temple Town Tamil Naidu is famous for its many temples and temple towns, some as old as 2000yrs, most between 500-1000yrs old. Many of them still in use! We visited the huge temple of Sundareshvara (dedicated to the Hindu gods Parvati and Shiva) - Guys favorite In the middle of a dusty busy hot town, full of tailors and dressmakers, nothing could prepare us for the scale and beauty of this temple...12 gopuras (pyramids) decorated with 'gargoyles' of Hindu gods were the gates into the walled temple, some over 50m high! Inside were thousands of ornately carved stone pillars... no surface had been left untouched... painted ceilings, floors and even a temple elephant on hand to bless you with her trunk (for a small fee, naturally) We visited the temple twice it was so good to ... read more
Madurai Temple Complex - Gopuram
Temple Detail
Sunset in the temple

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kodai March 5th 2010

Hill Station Two more buses and more than a hint of travel sickness, and we arrive at another hill station. So much cooler and fresher up in the hills... Apple orchards and Gum trees replace the now familiar Tea. Rejecting noisy hotels in town, we found what felt like an old cow shed perched at the top of the hill...the views were absolutely breathtaking, and almost all to ourselves. Guy was awake at sunset everyday taking in the mountains. In the mornings the clouds covered the valleys so we were above them looking onto carpets of clouds, Kodaikanal, highly recommended. Here we were able to go exploring, taking very long walks around the hills. We found playful Monkeys, moody Bison, and many many panoramic views. Cheecky monkeys all over following you, never trust a monkey. ... read more
There she comes
Eagle from our balcony
Thats our room, converted cattle shed

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily March 3rd 2010

Kumily, Kumily, Kumily Traveling by rickety local bus, we headed into another valley, still mostly covered by sculptured tea plantations, but now with many pockets of natural vegetation:massive bamboos, mimosa trees, jakarandas, with coffee, pepper and cardamon growing in the shade. We stayed in a bamboo cottage overlooking the stunning Periyar Nature Reserve... perfect setting for sunrise and sunset. No tigers unfortunately, but deer, wild pigs, lizards, and plenty of birds to entertain us...felt a bit like David Attenborough in his hide!! We treated ourselves to a tour of a Tea Factory established 150yrs ago by non other than the Brits. Due to a complete lack of Health and Safety precautions we were able to wander around the factory, and see up close the various processes of withering, crushing, fermenting and roasting that turns little green ... read more
View from our Hide
Periar Game reserve from our room
Our hide

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar February 22nd 2010

The Mountains bring peace! With every mile the bus bumped and jolted along the air became clearer, cooler, calmer and refreshing. The 4 hr journey rewarded us with gum trees, cardamon, and tea fields as far as the eye could see. Valleys and mountains sliced through by silver waterfalls, Hurrah for Munnar!! We can hug without breaking into a profuse sweat. Result. We spent a week exploring the hills, both on foot and rickshaw...we discovered hidden villages, rivers, lakes, flowers spices, and elephants...all the while accompanied by swathes of green green tea. The tea fields, the highest in the world, are owned by the TATA corporation. They control the whole town, schools, utilities ect. Not bad in a communist ruled province. The spice plantations and virgin teak forests surround the tea. Views into neighboring Tamil Nidoo ... read more
Drying Pepper
Spraying at altitude
Pick on slope

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi February 19th 2010

Colonial Mix Back on shore, and we decide to head for a very old European trading port, once home to Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and English, each country leaving its mark on the architecture, food and language. The first thing to mention about Fort Kochin is the unbelievable heat.. simply just sitting seemed to leave us exhausted. People had a slow waddle like the walking dead. We developed the dawn and dusk technique ( only exploring in the twilight hours and hiding in the cool when the midday sauna struck) The entrance to the harbor at Fort Kochin is protected by the Chinese fishing nets, now reducing in numbers due to commercial fishing methods. A walk to Jew town revealed the spice markets (Mainly ginger and pepper) along with the synagogue and ancient paved narrow streets. We ... read more
Popodom Production
Ginger Markets (wholesale)
Night fishing 1

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey February 16th 2010

Floating on Our 'Dreams' Alleppey is a quiet, friendly town on the edge of the famous "backwaters", (India's version of Venice). We 'roosted' for the night in a bamboo hut nestled on the roof, high up in the tree canopy of a family home, we were surrounded by a multitude of bird calls well into the hot sticky night. Early next morning we boarded our much 'haggled-over' houseboat, "Dreams"..... a converted rice barge complete with two bedrooms, lounge, sundeck, and three very friendly indian crew (cook, driver & captain). We were welcomed with hot masala chai and ushered to the sun deck to lie on the chaise-lounge, kick back and watch the magical water world pass us by. Dreams came with all the tasty treats you would expect and free beer, amazing in India. We spent ... read more
Our 3rd floor Roof top Hut
We like it Spicy?
Never far away

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