Travel 2009 - 2010- 2011

Guy and Liffy

Travel 2009 - 2010- 2011

Guy & Liffy are going round the world and want to share the love.

Hi Everyone, We traveled with our good friend GP for 3 months while in India. During our time there GP took several pictures. To see what he has done with them check out this video.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel Peninsula November 8th 2010

Friends Reunited - Exploring the Coromandel Peninsula Arriving in Auckland after a long flight via KL was tiring enough for us seasoned travellers...what we weren't expecting was the two hour mission through security and passport control. We were scanned, searched, x-rayed til we nearly couldn't take anymore. They were checking for drugs, seeds, biohazards, including mud on your shoes, and probably the dirt under our finger nails too!!! Luckily, as arranged our good friend Perg was there to meet us,with his mate Libby, what a relief to see friendly faces after all the official nonsense we'd just gone through. We went to Libby's house for a much needed coffee and to collect 'BigHorn'..our home/transport for the next few weeks...Perg had organised everything, tents, stoves, pots and pans the works.Not wasting any time I jumped in behind ... read more
Perg & Liff
Auckland Skyline
Evening Fishing

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand November 3rd 2010

Good Bye Ton Sai Leaving Lanta was an extremely sad affair. Tears were shed, hugs were shared and gifts exchanged. Leaving the dedicated staff of Oasis sunset, many of whom we have worked along side over the last 3 months, was by far the most emotional on the trip so far. Graeme unfortunately had to make an unexpected trip to KL to renew his work visa. This unfortunately meant there would be little climbing done over the next few days....(Graeme - Hope its all sorted?) The ferries are now running between the Islands and this made our trip back to Tonsai an easy one. Mat drove us to to the Saladan Pier where we caught the 2 hour fast boat to Railay. Arriving in good time on a clear day we landed back on our beach ... read more
My Wife
Yes- The Monkeys like to Party too.

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta October 26th 2010

Back To Koh Lanta On our way back to Lanta, I got chatting to some South African ladies who were sharing our minibus, and were heading to lanta for just one night away from their travel buddies. We chatted about Oasis Sunset and suggested they come for a drink...which they did, and so our first night back on lanta saw us drinking cocktails with our new friends, and Graeme's mum Ann. It was soon to be the grand opening party, and once again we lent a hand with preparations for bands, fire shows, music etc Graeme made it back from his job on the oil rigs with only a day to spare...just enough time to help with the outside lighting. Ae's family turned up en mass from their village up north, and we enjoyed several very ... read more
Steve & Julia
Mat in Oasis - Fire Show
Oasis Sunset -Peeps

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand October 18th 2010

TonSai via Krabi Leaving Ko Lanta, Ae asked us for a little help with the final mass printing of the menus, business cards, advertising posters and even help with purchasing a cash register for Oasis Sunset. We spent the entire afternoon and well into next morning finalizing the design and layout, this meant staying overnight in in Krabi. We spent the evening eating various noodle soups from street vendors, that without Ae I don't think we would be able to order again. Pork balls, bits, spices, flat noodles, thin noodles, the tiny wooden cart had it all. Yummy. Guy, in an attempt to satisfy his craving for fast food had a KFC burger. Again this proved to be his undoing and he spent the night running backwards and forwards to the the toilet. He has vowed ... read more
Guy with Fire
Wild Gibbon
Long tail at Low tide

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta October 8th 2010

Ko Lanta - Via Bangkok Missing the beaches terribly, we decided to leave lovely Pai and head south, back to Lanta to swim, and more importantly to help Ae with last minute restaurant missions. It was a very very long journey! With Steve along for the ride too(the girls booked their own van), we first took a minibus from Pai to Chang Mai....having it all to ourselves was both a suprise and a pleasure... normally these little vans are chock a block full with farang and rucksacks. The three hour journey back through the winding hills was great!. Next a quick change in Chiang Mai, just enough time for a bite to eat before getting the overnight bus to Bangkok. We arrived at about 5.30am the next morning, and stumbled into Ko San road looking for ... read more
In full swing
Oh No!
Monks Bangkok - 5am

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai October 5th 2010

Pai - Hippy Hang Out Leaving Chang Mai by minibus was an easy and beautiful journey. Jungle and rubber plantations lined the winding route, and it was noticeably cooler the higher up we went. The route up to Pai took several hours and involved 261 hair pin bends. After the first 100 or so our fellow bus members were all feeling a little ropey and when asked if we wanted to stop for lunch there were no takers. Arriving in Pai a few days behind Julia and Simone, we had received word that we needed to stay by the river and it wasn't long before we had checked into a little rustic riverside bungalow. Once settled Steve and Guy set off for a few cold Chang's and returned to enjoy them while watching the setting sun ... read more
Bungalow Buddy
All done
safety first

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai October 1st 2010

Chiang Mai - City of Tigers, Giant Mekong Catfish & The Golden Triangle Liff exhausted, Steve and I set to exploring Chiang Mai to its fullest. In a single evening we managed to explore a massive night market, watch several Muay-Thai (Thai Kickboxing) matches, get an hour long Thai massage, explore a temple with chanting monks, and watch a baby elephant do a slow pub crawl at 2 am! Oh and we chatted to several lady boys trying to pull foreigners into their road side haunt. The Muay Thai boxing ended with a Dwarf knocking out a 12 year old boy in 3 rounds - Only in Thailand! Chiang Mai is larger than we expected and with loads to do we decided our time here needed to be spent playing with adult tigers and catching the ... read more
22kg Giant Mekong Catfish
22kg Giant Mekong Catfish
19kg Giant Mekong Catfish

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang September 29th 2010

Luang Prabang to Chiang Mai via Pak Beng & Huay-Xai Heading for the Golden Triangle We rose early to meet the Tuk-Tuk that whisked us off to the boat dock. Here we found our long boat. Clean and comfortable it seated around 30 people and was open on all sides so that we could truly absorb the beauty of the Mekong banks.Local people also used the boats regular, and ours was stuffed full of supplies bought in town, to be taken to smaller remote villages along the mekong. We passed the beautiful jungle clad hills for hours only occasionally would we see a village of straw huts. It was a peaceful mellow journey, where we all managed to relax and enjoy the view. Unfortunately we witnessed a few illegal loggers clearing the bark-covered gold from the ... read more
Liffs Scalfe comes in use again
Mekong House
Crossing into Thailand

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang September 25th 2010

Luang Prabang - From Craziness to culture Meeting Steve, Simone and Julia at the bus station (All in various states after days of late night mischief) we boarded the VIP bus to Luang Prabang. The 6 hour journey was by far the most beautiful and scenic in Laos so far. The jungle clad limestone mountains, rice fields, winding roads and deep gorges never seemed to end. We arrived in Luang Prabang a little tired and ratty and after exploring several Guest houses we settled on the first one we wondered into. A little more expensive than Vang Vieng but just as comfortable. Liff and I wondered into the Night Market which was a sensual overload with BBQ everything on the menu, eat as much as you can buffets and plenty of Beer-Lao on offer. Tiger Claws ... read more
Instructions to make Lao Lao (Whiskey)
Keeps your strong?
Tuk Tuk man

Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng September 16th 2010

Vang Vieng Happy to be on the move again, this time in a small minivan, we set the Ipod to mellow and watched the beautiful jungle scenery roll by, taking us to land of jungle bars and river fun. The only interruption to our otherwise relaxing ride was a small flooded section , where paddy and road were indistinguishable and we soaked some local boys on bikes...sorry. We arrived late afternoon and in the fading light managed to find one of our best rooms of the trip. Vang Vieng in a small town right on the banks of the river, having exhausted expensive, or noisy sleeping options we decided to push our exploration a little further afield.. Crossing a rather homemade wooden bridge we found ourselves on a small island right in the middle of the ... read more
Jay & Lay
Steve and Julia on race day
They paddled past our bungalo for 3 days

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