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Motorhome News from North America 6 Wonderful Yosemite! Moss Landing, Monterey, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Laguna Seca and Hearst Castle From summer to winter to spring - all in March. March 7th - 16th 2006 How are you guys doin’ today? We have heard it so many times, from so many people, ‘If you only visit one place in California, it has to be Yosemite’. There is no escaping Yosemite National Park. It offers 1,200 square miles of spectacular natural landscape to explore and savour, though it’s not all accessible in winter; the higher passes are closed until late spring when the thaw brings water gushing forth from streams and falls. Earlier lessons of snowy conditions learned, we chose a ‘Kampgrounds of America’ (KOA) campsite outside the park and took the morning bus along the ... read more
Snow in Yosemite
Yosemite Falls

Motorhome News from North America 5 California - it’s cold and it’s damp! 25th February - 6th March 2006 Salton Sea, Mecca, Joshua Tree National Park, Twentynine Palms, Palm Springs, San Bernardino Mountains, Rim of the World, Kern, Pixley, Sequoia National Park - and the Snowy Mountains! The morning brought white pelicans to the still waters of Salton Sea, shallow and serene at its northerly end where we camped overnight. Fresh water flows into the lake from the Alamo and the New Rivers, but Salton is below sea level and there is no outlet to the sea. The rivers help to irrigate the flat plains where palm trees flourish alongside California vines, orange and lemon trees, artichokes and other things under plastic - so they learned something from Spain! The farms hereabouts are clearly prosperous, but ... read more
Joshua Tree
Amazing Boulder formations
Cottonwood trees

North America » United States » Arizona March 2nd 2006

Arizona Bird Report January-February 2006 The desert state of Arizona in sw USA can be a very exciting birding location in January and February. Dozens of State and National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Forest Parks and Wilderness Preserves offer sanctuaries for a wide variety of birds adapted to the varied terrain of desert basins and mountain ranges. The Sonoran Desert stretches across southern Arizona and is full of cacti such as giant saguaro, prickly pear and various cholla (pronounced choya). On walks here, phainopepla watch passers-by from bare bushes, greater roadrunners, with long tail and beady eyes, scurry across the sand, while gila woodpeckers and gilded flickers dart between the tree-like cacti. Cactus wrens, as big as blackbirds, are easily seen, in cafes and carparks as well as on cacti. Another unmistakable bird is the vibrant red ... read more
Road Runner
Cactus Wren
Say's Phoebe

Motorhome News from North America 4 Farewell to Arizona 16th February - 24th February 2006 In bright blue skies and a stiff freezing wind we left The Grand Canyon, heading east on Desert View Drive for farewell views, to implant a final image of this vast chasm; unable to resist the temptation to take yet more photographs - just to be sure. It was lunchtime before we arrived at the Cameron Trading Post, a Navajo retail spectacular with a fine restaurant where the Tacos were so big the doggie bag was brought to the table with the meal. Colourful Navajo rugs, beautifully crafted silver and precious stone jewellery, lovely sand paintings and other locally produced crafts are all sold here in opulent surroundings to rival Harrods; so unexpected, miles from nowhere and on the reservation. Sunset ... read more
Cottonwood trees
Great Horned Owl

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff February 16th 2006

Motorhome News from North America 3 Going around in circles - Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and back into Arizona Zyon National Park - and The Grand Canyon 4th - 15th February 2006 As the sun came above the mountains we retraced our steps, following the road from Bryce Canyon down through the beautiful valley of irrigated fields along the Virgin River, snaking its way like a sidewinder through Glendale and Orderville, where hundreds of old cars are laid to rest beside neglected houses - and a fine church stands proudly by the road, to Mount Carmel Junction. The persecuted Mormons made their way to this part of Utah 150 years ago and finally settled a short way to the north. They certainly struck lucky here, for the smart town of Springdale at the bottom of the canyon ... read more
Valley of Fire
Las Vegas
Las Vegas

North America February 7th 2006

Motorhome News from North America 2. More of Arizona plus Utah! 25th January - 3rd February 2006 ‘Hi! How are you folks doin’ today?’ There’s an Indian ‘Dream Catcher’ on the wall beside our bed, watching over our fortune. The spider’s web in the circle catches the bad dreams. Only good dreams work their way through a small hole in the centre and they evaporate to the Great Spirit with the morning sun. It’s there as a backup in case all else fails! Right now, we can’t believe our luck. ‘Pinch me - and I shall know it’s real.’ That’s the wonder around every corner of Arizona - and it’s all ours for the taking. _______________________________ Arizona is a desert wasteland, harsh and dramatic, with unimaginable extremes in climate and geology. Over a third of it ... read more
Roper Lake
Canyon de Chelly

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson January 26th 2006

Motorhome News from North America 1 Arizona - The Grand Canyon State 10th - 24th January 2006 Planning and preparation for this trip had taken weeks of research, through the internet, many books and countless brochures. Then came the frustration of settling domestic bills, selling Smiley (our beloved UK Autotrail motorhome) and our remaining car. Letting our little house and moving furniture into store left us weary on the day of departure. And then, the sad good-byes to family and friends. Our 747 finally left the Heathrow runway some 30minutes late, heading for Phoenix Arizona and with a smile and a high five the reality of our next adventure began. We were on our way at last, expecting to be away from home for a year or more, travelling some 40,000 miles clockwise right around the ... read more
Into the desert
Road Runner
Saguaro National park

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix January 5th 2006

A New Year - January 2006 David and Janice take to the road again, this time across the Atlantic to North America in search of culture, knowledge and the thrill of the unexpected. After touring across Europe for eighteen months in a 23ft motorhome, they have found it hard to settle down to a normal life and normal routine in a normal house. But, it’s not for long. Plans for the second phase of their tour to ‘places to know better’, are fast taking shape and they‘re off again, motorhoming on yet another Continent. With hopes of an awe inspiring 18 month stay in North America, (though initially tied to a six month US Visa restriction) the clockwise itinerary will take them northwards following the Pacific coast from Phoenix, Arizona, to Vancouver, Canada, journeying right across ... read more
The Grey Haired Nomad family

Europe » United Kingdom September 27th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 37. Scotland 21st September 2005 A Royal Welcome to The Highlands. The final leg of our journey through Europe. John O'Groats, Dunnett Head, The Castle of Mey, Lairg, Ullapool, Kinlochewe, Skye, Fort William and The English Lakes There is a strange fascination with mountain-tops, places of legend and mystery and various ends of the earth that us Britons find difficult to resist. One such extremity is John O’Groats. Having arrived back on the Scottish mainland by ferry from Orkney rather late in the evening, we chose to stop at the nearest and most convenient campsite, a mile or two from the ferry, and probably the worst campsite experienced since we left home on the 1st June. Welcome home to the British mainland! Contrary to popular belief - and mine too, John O’Groats ... read more
John O'Groats
Dunnet Head
The Castle of Mey

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Orkney Islands September 18th 2005

Motorhome News from Europe 36 Orkney 13th September Orkney - Isles of History The morning sun shone in greeting as we approached the grey exterior of Kirkwall, Orkney’s capital. But once inside the town we were stunned by an unexpected air of affluence. The red sandstone Cathedral of St Magnus stands proudly above Broad Street, bright with hanging baskets on smart Victorian buildings and elegant modern shops. Shrubs, trees and flowers adorn the town’s gardens and mature sycamores surround the ruins of the Earl’s Palace behind the Cathedral. The shops portray immediate evidence of Orkney’s successful craft tradition; it is famed for its jewellery, knitwear, glass, art and textiles. At first sight, the mainland of Orkney is a green continuation of the shining sea, with broad fertile pastures, cows and sheep and fields of barley rising ... read more
The Old Man of Hoy

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